PC game ‘Aftergrinder’ to launch July 18

From GraveDanger Games comes Aftergrinder, a new PC game coming July 18.

Aftergrinder drops players head first into a current day Romeo & Juliet tale. From the suburbs to the big city, two thrashin’ gangs battle for supremacy. When one gang member (“The Dude”) falls in love his rival’s sister (“The Lady”), the suburbs are no longer safe. Now the Lady must skate her way to the big city while grinding rails and dodging death to save her Dude.

The game features three characters/difficulty settings and gravity-defying action by grinding through cities right-side up or upside-down. There are 90 levels for players to grind through, but only a limited number of continues.

Aftergrinder will release onto Steam on Tuesday, July 18 , exclusively for Windows PC.

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