Top 10 PC Games 2017 | The best upcoming PC games of 2017

Presenting the most anticipated PC video games coming soon this 2017; these are the most-hyped and promising Microsoft Windows games scheduled for release in the coming months.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins
October 2017
The Assassin’s Creed franchise travels to the lands of the Ancient Pharaohs in Assassin’s Creed:

Origins, a game that promises to perform some major overhauls on concepts held dear by this popular, long-running franchise. Players will have more freedom than before, with a whole country to explore and many more options for completing missions. But things will be a lot tougher this time around, as Origins looks to up the ante in the difficulty stakes while it explores the origins of the mysterious brotherhood of noble Assassins…

Call of Duty: World War II
November 2017
The decision to return the Call of Duty franchise to its World War II roots was made more than two years ago, and it looks like it might just pay off. Gone are the impersonal, high tech weapons; in this game, players will get down in the mud and blood as they sweep across Europe in single player, or do multiplayer battle in a variety of arenas. This game looks set to up the ante in the long rivalry between Call of Duty and Battlefield (which was conspicuously absent from E3)…

Crackdown 3
November 2017
Perhaps Scalebound frightened Microsoft, but they didn’t seem keen on giving out release dates for the handful of exclusives that were on offer at E3 2017. That included Crackdown 3, the next
instalment in the Xbox exclusive action series. While there isn’t a lot of information out about the game yet, it is safe to assume that it will be full of over-the-top action, crazy antics and, of course, orb gathering. At least, that’s what the previous two games had in store, and if the formula isn’t broken, why would the developers change anything?

Dishonored: Death of an Outsider 
September 2017
Spin-offs… they can be great, particularly when their source material is excellent. This is a new on the role of Billie Lurk, a killer-for-hire tasked with killing the god-like Outsider… should be fun! standalone adventure in the Dishonored universe, apart from the main plot line. The player will take

Destiny 2
September 2017
With tons of fans extremely excited and a movedup release date (they can do that in the video game industry?) things are looking really good for Destiny 2. This time around, the Guardians will befighting a new foe after the last safe city on earth has fallen. It looks like exciting stuff, full of the MMO style game play that made the first Destiny game so much fun. And, of course, along with the new story line will be a host of new weapons, new settings and new enemies to take on. It’s not long to wait now for the next instalment in Bungie’s exciting new franchise.

September 2017
Another year, another FIFA… EA’s football powerhouse has Cristiano Ronaldo on the cover this year, and is certain to bring all those tweaks and improvements that we expect to one of the world’s best-loved video game franchises. We’re excited to see what EA have cooked up for this new instalment.

Forza Motorsport 7
October 2017
700 cars seems like an unachievable feat for any racing game, but it is what Forza Motorsport 7 promises will be available to drive and collect when the next instalment of the Microsoft exclusive racer arrives in September. Forza 7 will also feature numerous exciting modes and the biggest track list ever in a Forza game. And thanks to the new Xbox One hardware that is incoming, it will all be available in glorious 4K resolution. Forza has often set the mark for modern, accessible racing simulations, and we have no doubt that Forza 7 will do the same.

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite 
Septemper 2017
New characters will be joining the fight in this outing, with names like Ultron, Hulk, Thor, RocketRacoon, Chun Li and Chris Redfield joining the battle. This action-packed universe mash-up will deliver tons for fighting fans, with a host of recognisable characters to do battle with.

Project Cars 2
September 2017
Project CARS brought the gaming community together through collaborative creation efforts. In this second instalment, professionals have added their input… Project CARS 2 promises to bring even more racing authenticity to the table, from tracks to cars and physics. Nuts and bolts for dinner,  anyone?

the Evil Within 2
October 2017
While most survival horror games force the player into certain routes, The Evil Within 2 will allow a number of different game play approaches – stealthy sneaking, all out action, or running like hell. Set in a twisted world filled with truly horrific enemies and ideas, The Evil Within 2 is almost sure to be a great psychological thriller.

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