AirConsole: The Glorious Return of the Browser Game?

If you count all the major and minor games released by professional studios since the beginning of the PC era, you’ll get a number that’s not even close to the number of web browser games ever created. Kongregate, one of the best-known browser gaming portal, currently lists over 110,000 of them, and there are many other portals like that, with many other games, plus social networks, and the casino games available at Royal Vegas and other similar gaming venues that usually don’t show up in any statistics – but there are thousands of them available online. The Royal Vegas alone contributes with more than 400 titles to this total. The spread of the smartphone has, in turn, had a negative influence on the world of browser gaming. On one hand, it contributed a lot to the downfall of Flash, the go-to development platform for browser games. On the other, it has become a widespread and preferred gaming device, making its presence felt by all other gaming platforms today. But it still has a chance to shine, thanks to the innovative approach of Swedish start-up N-Dream, and its product called AirConsole.

What is AirConsole

In short, AirConsole is a browser-based gaming console using a smartphone as a controller. It is a platform that redefines local multiplayer by offering its users the possibility to choose one of their more than 40 (and counting) games and play them with up to 32 simultaneous players completely free of charge. The service is available for running in a web browser, as a Chrome app or on Android TV, and can use Android, iOS, and Windows Phone powered devices as controllers.

How to use

Using AirConsole is as simple as 1-2-3:

1. Navigate to on your PC
2. Navigate to on your smartphone (or install the AirConsole app)
3. Pair the two devices by entering the code shown on the screen into the appropriate field on your smartphone.

That’s it – you’re ready to rumble.

Part of the charm of AirConsole is that it doesn’t require any hardware aside from what its users already own – a computer and a smartphone. Each player can connect to the same session and can join the game anytime, anywhere – no matter if it’s a projector in class or a laptop in the park.

While AirConsole works great through a mobile browser, it’s worth downloading and installing on a smartphone. This offers users better connectivity and far better full-screen experience (especially on older smartphone models). Besides, players can also subscribe to the AirConsole Hero experience through the apps, that offers an ad-free experience, exclusive in-game content, and early access to new games. And what’s best: only one player per session needs to have a Hero subscription ($2.99 a month) for all players to benefit of these goodies.


AirConsole currently has over 40 titles covering every genre from sports and arcade games to turn-based shooters and racing games. N-Dream also offers an API for developers to make their games available through the service. AirConsole supports Construct, Unity, and HTML5.

Is this the future of browser-based gaming or what?

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