Assassins Creed Origins Trainer Download (cheats) and Review

Rating: 87/100

Review: First things first, this isn’t your usual Ubisoft collectathon, and I have to applaud them for taking a step in the right direction. Recent Ubisoft games were filled with boring repetitive side-objectives and stuff to collect without any context. That gave games a little bit of extra padding and added length. But that doesn’t mean there’s not a lot to do here. There’s still a ton of stuff to do here but it all feels meaningful, a little bit like the Witcher 3. Apart from that, ancient Egypt is really stunning and exploring this beautiful world is actually rewarding. Combat is the best in the series and leveling up, whatever the game, is always fun and addicting.

Overall, it’s a great game, the developers were really passionate about making this, and the game reflects their passion and commitment.

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Numpad 1: God Mode
Numpad 2: Super Stealth
Numpad 3: Super Damage
Numpad 4: Instant Special Attack
Numpad 5: Unlimited Special Attack Duration
Numpad 6: Set Gold
Numpad 8: Add XP
Numpad 9: Set Ability Points
Numpad 7: Unlimited Arrows/Ammo
Numpad 0: Easy Craft

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