PC gamers don’t care about DRM – Raji: An Ancient Epic Game Dev

“PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One versions aside, PC gamers don’t have the option of a DRM-free version of the game. In an age where a vocal base of gamers deride and often boycott games based on the kind of DRM – looking at you, Denuvo – Nodding Heads is firmly sticking to its guns […]

Video Game Releases – December 2017

List of the all PC and Console games launching in December 2017. December 1, 2017 Video Game Releases: Doom VFR (PlayStation 4 and HTC Vive) Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Switch) All Contact Lost (Steam) The Breeding: The Fog (Steam) Cassandra’s Fabulous Foray (Steam) Cattails: Become a Cat! (Steam) Death Rings of Jupiter (Steam) DEATHPIT 3000 (Steam) […]

World of Final Fantasy Trainer Download (World of Final Fantasy PC Cheats)

CAPTURE, CUSTOMISE AND EVOLVE! Embark on a magical journey with siblings Reynn and Lann as they explore the vast land of Grymoire to rediscover their past and save the future. With charming and stylised visuals, players will capture, customise and evolve iconic creatures by stacking them to form adorable yet strategic monster towers. The memorable […]

EA Is Now Ironically Stuck With $60 ‘Battlefront 2’ And No Good Way To Re-Monetize It

When DICE and EA announced that they were temporarily turning off microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront 2 as a response to the great loot box backlash, fans celebrated, but cautiously. Right there in the initial statement it was made clear that microtransactions would return, in some form, at some point. Read full story

Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 Trainer Download (Civilization 6 PC Cheats)

Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 trainer for free download and without registration on Googledrive. Game version: 313929 Number of functions: 16 Creation date: 25.11.2017 Download Trainer Functions: Numpad 1: Reset Trainer Numpad 2: Infinite Gold Numpad 3: Infinite Faith Numpad 4: Infinite Influence Numpad 5: Faster Build Unit Numpad 6: Faster Build Building Numpad 7: […]

Creative Assembly’s Alien Isolation Team Are Working On A New Multiplatform IP

Creative Assembly are hiring for a new project described as “the biggest multiformat project Creative Assembly has ever undertaken”, a brand new IP coming from the same team that created Alien Isolation and also worked on Halo Wars 2. Read full story

Windjammers Game Review (PS4 and Vita)

Rating: 80/100 / Platforms: PS4 and Vita / Genre: Sports What happens when you mix Street Fighter and Pong? You get Windjammers! Pick your favourite character and try to throw your frisbee into the opponent’s goal. Each character has their own epic special moves to take you to the top! Download full game, fastest torrent, […]