Corsair Void Pro RGB Wireless 7.1 Headset Review

Rating: 80/100

+ Comfortable Excellent Clarity Wireless   

–  Serious Sound Leakage

When you first pull it out of the box, the Void Pro headset feels pretty heavy, and the padding on the headband seems entirely inadequate for the job of making the headset sit comfortably on your head.

You couldn’t be more wrong. The fit of the Void Pro is excellent, with the weight distributed comfortably across the front of the head and the well-padded earcups sitting flush over your ears. Each of the earcups hosts a big, clear 50mm neodymium driver capable of pumping out some serious
volume with excellent clarity in stereo. The Void Pro also boasts Dolby Headphone 7.1, and the
results are pleasantly surprising. The headset offers some good spatial sound with identifiable directionality. The quality of sound is impacted a little by the switch to 7.1, with the bass and treble not being quite as defined as they are in stereo, but other than that it’s some pretty impressive virtual 7.1. Wireless connection is a breeze, with the headset automatically connecting to the dongle when
you press the power button. Two buttons and a clickable toggle on the left earcup control power, mic
muting, volume, EQ presets and switching virtual 7.1 on and off. For the most part the controls
work quite well, but the fact that the toggle must be clicked in for up to .5 seconds to switch EQ and
.6 seconds or more for 7.1 can lead to some problems. The fit, while comfortable, doesn’t offer a
good clamp, so there is quite a fair bit of sound leakage.

Verdict: An excellent headset with great sound quality if you don’t mind the excessive leakage

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