New Technology allows us to Bet on Anything at Anytime

We are all living increasingly mobile lives whether we like it or not, and that fast paced living does not seem to be slowing anytime soon.

Luckily though there are a multitude of handy apps that allow us to carry out daily tasks when and where we choose, whether that is doing some banking whilst waiting for a train or sourcing the latest movie on a lunch break, this trend to all things mobile also includes the option of having a bet or wager on your favourite sport or game.

Luckily for those that do enjoy a bet on the outcome of a football match or fancy a wager whilst playing online roulette can do so with no hassle as gambling has lost its once shady persona and is now widely accepted as simply another source of entertainment.

The gambling industry has always been on the mark spotting and then embracing new technology with sites like listing the latest ideas, then delivering what customers want, and now the worldwide revenue from sports betting alone in nearing the $1 trillion mark even though gambling is still illegal in parts of the world including the United States.

But it really is in online gambling where there are more innovations taking place than ever before with better solutions meeting the new requirements that consumers are demanding from software developers.

Currently on trend is ‘social gaming’ where social media and bingo are merging to provide users with apps and Facebook games that also include the added excitement of a gambling element. These bingo games have cash prizes or rewards within them, making them that little more entertaining.

Today there are new sites which actually allow two people to bet against each other on the outcomes of anything you can think of. Want to bet whether you will pass your final exams with straight A’s ?– it can be done, or want to be whether you will lose a stone before your holiday in six weeks’ time? – no problem. You can even place a bet on how many times a celebrity uses their catchphrase in a single show!

It doesn’t really matter what anyone’s views are when discussing gambling as the simple fact is we are a race of gamblers, we have gambled throughout history, from Roman soldiers on the spin of a shield to children chasing raindrops down a windowpane. Having the option to place a bet, and making it a personal choice, is far more civilized than being told what is right or wrong.

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