Ode for PC Critic Reviews

Rating: 75/100 – Based on 4 Critics

game info: Control and transform Joy, a fallen star who lands in a beautiful land of light and sound. Navigate this mesmerising musical garden in this unique experience completely at your own pace. Bring the world around you to life and return fallen stars to the sky.

Critic Reviews:

IGN Italia: Ode is a good mix of music, platform and poetry.
Rating: 80/100 Read full review

IGN Spain: An oniric and awesome experience based on music, images and sensations. We become a little star inside a ball that makes evolve the all elements on screen. A great product to get relaxed and enjoy. No plot, no problems. Just music.
Rating: 78/100 Read full review

3DJuegos: Ode is a great musical experience with the flavor of a good platform game.
Rating: 75/100 Read full review

Vandal: Ode is original, unique and interesting. It’s short but it’s also cheap, so if you’re looking for something experimental, this can be your choice.
Rating: 70/100 Read full review

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