Sky Force Reloaded – Critic Reviews

Rating: 77/100 – Based on 5 Critics

gameinfo: Sky Force Reloaded is a classic shoot ‘em up experience packed in gorgeous visuals and excellent gameplay. Enjoy flashy explosions, beautiful scenery and massive bosses in single player or local cooperative modes.

Genre: Action, Indie, Shooter
Developer: Infinite Dreams
Publisher: Infinite Dreams
Release Date: 30 Nov, 2017

Critic Reviews:

The Xbox Hub: “I didn’t play the original Sky Force. I did however jump feet first into the Anniversary Edition which arrived on Xbox One back in 2016.
For the most part I absolutely adored what had been created and aside from the massive grind which was required in order to really see Sky Force at its best, Anniversary is still to this day one of my all-time favourite indie titles available on Xbox One.
Now though the teams at Infinite Dreams and Crunching Koalas are back and this time they are bringing a full-on revamped and re-imagined version of Sky Force; one which utilises the power of the latest consoles beneath it. But does Reloaded have the same draw and pull of the previous Sky Force games?”
Rating: 100/100 – Read full review

The Games Machine: Despite a lot of insane grinding, Sky Force Reloaded is a great porting from mobile to console. If you love shoot ’em ups, you should not miss this game for any reason.
Rating: 80/100 – Read full review

CriticalHit: A vertical shoot-em-up that does its best to modernise the genre with an upgrade and progression system. It successfully captures the spirit of older games of its ilk, but the perpetual grind may dissuade many players.
Rating: 70/100 – Read full review

PushSquare: With a solid progression system that means no defeat has to be too punishing and every attempt gets you a little further, Sky Force Reloaded is a ‘one more try’ shooter. Building up your ship from a pathetic husk to a monstrous killing machine is satisfying and fun, but it’s a slight shame that the game is let down at times by bland environments and all too familiar enemy types.
Rating: 70/100 – Read full review

Video Chums: When you boot up a sequel to a shoot ’em up, you expect some kind of innovative gameplay mechanics. Although Reloaded feels pretty much the same as last year’s Sky Force Anniversary, does it offer enough new content to be a worthy sequel?
Rating: 69/100 – Read full review

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