Five most anticipated games of 2018 Year

News on these computer games came out a long time ago, so there are reasons to believe that we can really play in them in 2018. We offer to familiarize you with the TOP 5 most anticipated games of 2018, which we could only dream about up to now.

Red Dead Redemption 2

The developer of this game is the company Rockstar, so we can safely expect from it something unusual. Until now, the world could not come to its senses after the release of GTA 5, despite the fact that the appearance of additions to it is not even discussed in the press. For the developers in the new year presented the release of a new computer game Red Dead Redemption, which is the continuation of the same Western, which we played in 2010 on consoles.

To play the version of this game on a computer we could not, for that we will enjoy the continuation. If you have not played console games yet, try and learn the touching story of John Marston, who wanted to “lay low”, but the more he tried to become a “good guy”, the more he became a villain.

The second part is a prequel, in which the player is to learn about the gang of Van Der Linde, in which John Marston was. The developers claim that the game built in multiplayer, which will give the opportunity to play the game together with friends.

The Last of Us 2

The plot of the second part of The Last of Us is still a big secret. It is known only that the main heroine of this computer game will be 19 years old, and the sequel will be much grimmer than the previous series. According to one of the versions, the reason for this will be that in the first part Joel deceived her. Also, the developers claim that in this part they decided to implement one of the brilliant ideas that they wanted to embody in the first part.

God of War

This will be both a continuation of the previous game, and a computer game with a new storyline. Kratos killed almost all the Greek gods and began to live in Scandinavia, where he grew a beard and began to raise his son, making him a warrior. The training program included super-tricks and hunting for real monsters. The main hero lost the swords of Chaos, for which they were replaced by a large number of other weapons.

In the future game in the battles will be involved not only the protagonist, but his son as an assistant, which can be called at any time. According to the developers, this game will begin a new era in the series, and, perhaps, it will be possible to expect several continuations.

Days Gone

It’s a game about zombies, but its developers could really surprise computer players. For example, in this game there will be an open world in which zombies are part of a global ecosystem. They hunt in packs and crowds attack the main character. If they eat something, they may not even notice the player, but if you draw their attention to the enemy, you can expect them to bite him if they do not eat.

In the game there will be battles with real armed people, but with some of them you can agree and join the union. Also in the game there will be a lot of transport and the opportunity to be a marauder.


The game Biomutant won the players after watching the trailer. Open world, action, post-apocalypse subjects, where a small animal with the mind of a man tries to survive among enemies and make as many friends as possible. The most attractive in this computer game is the opportunity to choose between good and evil, on their own initiative building relationships with each leader of one of the six tribes. It depends on you whether you sow good in the world or defeat all, remaining the last warrior.

Now you know which games are the most anticipated in 2018. We are waiting for them with you and will play with pleasure in each of them after their release.

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