5 most amazing racing games on PC, which we are waiting for in 2018

Racing games are always attracted by their unusual design, interesting features and drive. Introducing for you the 5 most amazing computer games about the race, which can be played on PC in 2018. FutureGrind Today, not so many racing games on bikes are known, so the FutureGrind computer game for gamers-bikers will become a real […]

5 most anticipated racing games on the computer in 2018

Developers in 2018 are pleased not only with shooters, strategies and arcades  fans of racing games can breathe freely, because for them there are gifts. We present to your attention the 5 most anticipated racing games on the computer in 2018, which are definitely worth playing. Sparkour Sparkour casual race from the developer of Reeline […]

We were waiting for them! New Games of 2018

In 2018, many products of domestic and foreign developers worthy of public attention will see the light. Gamers can enjoy impeccable gameplay, an endless game world and the effect of a full immersion in virtual reality. Next, we present for you the top five of the most interesting products that will be released this year. […]

5 games in which we will play in the summer of 2018

In the summer heat, it’s time to arrange a siesta and relax a little before the monitor screen. For you, we present several interesting releases, which are expected to be released in the summer of 2018. Surviving Mars In the summer of 2018, meet the incredible cost-saving strategy Surviving Mars, which is planned for the […]