5 computer games 2018, which will blow up the world of gaming

The current year gave the world many original products, including in the world of computer games. In a new selection of TOP 5, we offer you to familiarize yourself with some of the most anticipated games that will completely change the world of gaming.

Shenmue III

Shenmue III – this sequel is worthy of attention of everyone who appreciates realism in the game world. In this game in the genre Action, you can not only wander around the world, solve puzzles and fight with enemies, but also love, communicate with the outside world, grow up and simply lead the life of an ordinary person, living it as you see fit. Previous versions easily and quickly scored 10 of 10 points by the number of votes of gamers, coming out in all sorts of TOPs almost immediately after the appearance on the market, and although little is known about the passage of the new toy, we know for sure that she will also please with her interesting content. The release date also remains a secret, but the latest news says that at the end of 2018 we will be able to enjoy the new game. On PS4 and home computers.

State of Decay 2

Another zombie shooter is going to blow up the world of the gaming industry sometime in 2018. In the new part, you again have to survive in a world full of walking dead, teaming up with the same surviving poor fellows like you. In order not to surrender to the mercy of the new population of the planet, you have to build a base, collect resources and create your own impregnable fortress, in which, along with other people, you will be able to survive and defeat the Zombie Virus. The release of the game is planned on the platforms XONE and PC.


In 2018, the PS4 plans to release a new Spider-Man, for the development of which took the Insomniac Games, which already says that there will be something incredible to wait for. Unlike other similar games of other developers, here you do not have to wait when your hero ripens, but you can play for a hard fighter against crime, which has defended his native city for 8 years already. The developers promise not only excellent gameplay, but also an interesting story with unexpected twists and several variants of the development of events.

Beyond Good & Evil 2

The development of this game began in the distant 2008, and, finally, the work on its creation is almost over. Then the players promised a banal continuation of the previous version of the computer game, and now the developers are reporting about the cardinal changes. The new game will become a prequel, telling about the events that will occur before the birth of the main character of the first part of Jade. The prospect of the new game adds that one of its creators was Michel Ancel, which in itself is a guarantee that the product should wait to play on PS4, XONE and possibly PC.

Devil May Cry V

If you still do not have a PS4 – it’s time to buy, because in 2018, one more continuation of the popular franchise is expected – Devil May Cry V. As long as the new product is known only that it will be the continuation of the fourth part and that the work on its development are conducted from 2016, but looking at the previous parts, we can say that the new toy will be no less popular than the previous ones.

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