5 most amazing racing games on PC, which we are waiting for in 2018

Racing games are always attracted by their unusual design, interesting features and drive. Introducing for you the 5 most amazing computer games about the race, which can be played on PC in 2018.


Today, not so many racing games on bikes are known, so the FutureGrind computer game for gamers-bikers will become a real find. In this game you are waiting for tricks and high speed. With the help of your amazing motorcycle you can make dangerous combos on the tracks from the soaring rails. In the game, you can even build a career and be able to play in multiplayer mode, competing with other players for the attention of sponsors and ahead of all. The release date is planned for 2018.

Drift 19

Drift 19 – drift simulator, in which you can feel like a real street racer. Here you will find all the most favorite for racers on trendy cars – stunning cars, engine noise and drift. Set up your car as you like, develop your own skills, take part in international competitions and defeat other players. The release date for the game is October 2018.

Desert Child

Desert Child is both a race and a shooter, in which you have to survive with your car in a world where apocalypse rules. Sit down on your old bike and earn money to get a ticket to the Red Planet, where you can take part in the most prestigious races around the world. In the process of the game you will not only drive along the routes, but also deliver pizza, collect weapons, find bonuses and explore colorful cities, where you are expected to update your bike, rest and coziness. So that you do not get bored, the developers have provided an opportunity to compete with gangsters, bounty hunters and many other unpleasant characters, which will in every possible way interfere with the achievement of your cherished goal. A computer game is expected to be released in mid-2018, so we are looking forward to playing it.

The Karters

The Karters is an arcade race on maps with excellent gameplay, dynamics and impeccable design. Choose a typewriter, weapons and play a single player or multiplayer mode to survive in a world where every machine wants to destroy you. An interesting feature of the game is a large game world and the ability to search for hidden routes in order to outwit rivals. We are waiting for this computer game together with you in early summer of 2018.


Trailblazers is an arcade race with a unique process of passing the track, in which you are waiting for high-speed and vivid entertainment. Here you can’t just participate in races, but also decorate the track during the driving process, creating dynamic racing lines for acceleration. Accelerate to infinity with the color of the team and defeat your rivals, earn experience points for your skills. You can play both locally and in multiplayer mode.

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