5 most anticipated arcades of 2018

Games in the genre of action every year please its connoisseurs from around the world, and in 2018 developers have prepared something really incredible. In the new compilation we present to you the TOP 5 most interesting and anticipated arcades of 2018, which you should definitely play.

Concrete Genie

This game is both a simulator of a street artist and is positioned as a product in the genre action/adventure. Already very soon, in the summer of 2018, players will be able to play it on the PlayStation 4 platform, and after a while the developers plan to release the product on the PC. In this game you can not only draw incredibly beautiful graffiti, but also revitalize them. The player’s task will be to add colors to the gray streets of the fishing town of Denska. In this case, you do not need to be able to draw to create masterpieces – an easy-to-use graffiti editor will allow you to show your creativity, even if you have never held ink cartridges.

Darksiders III

In the emergence of this action, which will be released in the summer of 2018, no one believed. Conceived yet by Vigil Games, the authors of the two parts Darksiders, she, along with the rights to the entire series became the property of Nordic Games, which replaced in 2016 a name for THQ Nordic. And now the third horseman of the Apocalypse – Rage, is ready to join his brothers. The game takes place in parallel with the events of the second Darksiders game, and the main heroine’s task is to find and destroy the Seven Deadly Sins released to Earth. The main weapon of the red-haired goddess is whip and magic. Will we meet in the process of wandering through the Earth and Heaven heroes of previous games, is still unknown, but the creators promise that it’s impossible to simply break away from the product.

Kingdom Hearts III

A series of crossover action/RPG Kingdom Hearts, which first appeared in the release in 2002 and united the characters of Final Fantasy and Disney cartoons, has a huge number of games, including spin-offs and compilations. Kingdom Hearts III – the long-awaited full-fledged continuation of your favorite series of action games with old characters and new characters from the earlier unrequited Disney cartoons, for example, Toy Story, as well as numerous attractions from Disneyland. The game uses will be released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and, possibly, will appear on the PC.

The Last of Us Part II

And although there is no certainty that The Last of Us Part II will be released all the same in the summer of 2018, it is simply impossible to ignore this project. Perhaps, just for the sake of this game you can buy PlayStation 4 or at least borrow from a friend, because this is one of the most amazing projects in the history of the gaming industry, with great graphics and an amazing storyline. In the sequel, we will again see the protagonists of Ellie and Joel, who are voiced by stars Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker. In this release, gamers will play for an already grown girl, the heroine of the previous game.


Already at the end of spring we can see Agony on the shelves of stores and enjoy this amazing game in the genre of action / horror from the developer Madmind Studio. You can play it on the engine of Unreal Engine 4, but if you wait a little, there is every chance that it will be released on the PC. This horror with a first-person view will allow you to get into the skin of a sinful soul that has turned out to be in this Hell, having lost all memories of the past and connection with the world in which she lived before. The player gets the ability to settle in other people and even take control of the lower demons, which will give additional chances to survive in a hostile world, dealing with other tormented souls.

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