5 most anticipated racing games on the computer in 2018

Developers in 2018 are pleased not only with shooters, strategies and arcades  fans of racing games can breathe freely, because for them there are gifts. We present to your attention the 5 most anticipated racing games on the computer in 2018, which are definitely worth playing.


Sparkour casual race from the developer of Reeline Studios, which strikes its color and unusual design. The game comes from the first person and is suitable for four players, in which you and your comrades will need to show all their virtual driving skills to get past rivals and come to the finish line first. Compete against bots, your friends and other players on the network. Use against the opponents traps, exploding weapons and much more to prevent them from getting around you. The game will be available for sale in 2018.

Mini Wheels

Mini Wheels – arcade racing from the developer Enigma Studios. Gamers will appreciate it for the opportunity to ride on small cars with an interesting story, the ability to play both independently and with other online players, a lot of interesting bonuses and game modes. The game even has its own uncomplicated plot: Pipo is Mickey’s favorite racing toy, falls into the trap in the basement of a country house and tries to find a way back to his master. To escape, he will have to challenge other characters who run different parts of the house, visit unknown places, and meet many new friends and enemies. Play it, according to the plans of developers, it will be possible at the end of 2018.


Switchblade – a dynamic futuristic racing free-to-play game from the developer Lucid Games. In it you have to take part in competitions with five other riders, choosing several variants of cars, between which you can switch at any time to pursue rivals. The main feature of the game is its essence, which consists not only in the fact that you need to come first to the finish line, but also completely destroy the enemy base. When this wonderful computer game appears on the market, it is not known, but we look forward to it in 2018.

V-Rally 4

V-Rally 4 from the developer Kylotonn Games is a classic racing computer game in which you have to fight with the strongest racers off-road. Intrigue adds that it is one of the parts of the acclaimed racing game Need for Speed. The choice is given to more than 50 rally cars and various races. A hostile environment with the possibility of open interaction will give the gamer a sea of adrenaline and will allow you to get the most out of the game. The release is planned for September 2018.


Antigraviator from the developer Cybernetic Walrus will give the opportunity to enjoy racing in a futuristic style with dynamic gameplay, made in the style of Wipeout. Managing anti-gravity cars, you will get twice as much pleasure from the trails and speed. Participate in an exciting race of the same name, on incredible trails, where you will face unknown dangers and adventures. Three game modes will not let you be bored, and four different worlds will bring to full delight because of their color. The plot of the game is not less exciting – you will be transferred to the year 2210, when the race improved to an unthinkable level and became antigravitational.

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