Shadow of the Tomb Raider Review

Shadow of the Tomb Raider marks the ending of the Tomb Raider reboot series started in 2013. The thing that makes this particular game great is that it’s set to be an end, which means it will show how Lara becomes the valiant adventurer we know and love.

During this game, Lara will go to Peru and Mexico in order to stop an apocalyptic event. But the thing to note here is that she ends up setting the event into motion herself. He kills a lot of innocent people by mistake, and obviously this brings in front a lot of guilt on her side.

Unlike the other games, Shadow of the Tomb Raider is not about Lara surviving. Instead she is trying to learn from the mistakes she made and the consequences that she had to deal with. Her entire focus is on making the world a better place, all while trying to fully understand how to change her life in meaningful ways.

Trinity is coming back as well, and Lara wats to continue her quest towards eliminating the organization that killed her father. That’s where she ends up dealing with Dr Dominguez, one of the Trinity leaders that she needs to take down during the game.

But what about the gameplay? You will have a bow, pistol, shotgun and a rifle that you can use in the game. The game also has wallruns and grapple usage. You will also be able to opt for stealth if you want to, something that can end up helping you a lot as you play the game. You will also find enemies in water, which can be attacked as you’re swimming. Melee combat is expanded upon too, as Lara has a machete and a climbing axe too.

The challenge tombs are back too, and these are deadlier than ever. You still have the unique crafting methods from the previous games, which were also expanded upon to offer a much more interesting and comprehensive experience. According to the announcement, the game will have one of the largest hub areas in the series. Some fans actually believe that the game will have an open world.

Graphics will be improved too, although Shadow of the Tomb Raider seems to have a much darker tone at least from the first few trailers. One thing is certain, these Tomb Raider games are always trying to bring in some new ideas to the table, so exploring jungles and accessing some new regions really is something that you may enjoy quite a bit.

While the game does arrive in September, we will most likely get a lot of gameplay and some other information at E3 next month. But in the end, what really matters is that we finally get an ending for the Reboot series, and we get to see how Lara transforms into such a powerful adventurer. It’s a really nice approach to have, and hopefully one that will be extremely fun and enjoyable too!

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