Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World we are called in the editorial ” damn game.”

The first author to whom it fell into the hands, shamelessly failed all possible embargoes and deadlines, long delayed the change, and then completely changed his mind to finish the review. The following handled it much faster, but the text we rejected ourselves and have decided that it is better to fail in time, but will ensure that the review was sensible. Third it took to write Ksenia Atasheva… but she did not have time to the desired date, falling with temperature.

And now, a month and a half after the release, the review is finally ready!

Yes, all decent terms of publication have long passed-but we are just glad that this epic is finally over.

The fact that Monster Hunter: World will be successful at home, there was no doubt: the new part of the game series with a fourteen-year history, comics and anime based on simply could not go unnoticed. And on advertising in February Capcom not stingy — in Tokyo Monster Hunter: World was everywhere. Videos from the game played on TV in electronics stores, advertising posters were hung with all the shops of games and hobby products. Even vitamins on TV advertised not vigorous office workers, and hunters beating with a dragon.

But the fact that the transition to a modern home platform will allow the series to finally get out of the ghetto for the strange Japanese games and become an international hit, was hard to believe. And in vain: Capcom managed to dispel prejudices and create a game that is interesting to players of all sexes, ages and nationalities.

In Monster Hunter, the player tries on the role of a hunter who tracks down and kills monsters, and then makes them fangs, claws, skins and other parts of weapons and equipment to be able to fight even more fierce creatures. The cycle is repeated many times until the game runs out of new monsters, and the player does not collect raw materials to create all the necessary things.

This will have more than once or twice to go for the same trophy: one skin to get dressed from head to toe, of course, is not enough. And no luck here can not do: as in a multiplayer RPG, falling out of monsters raw materials have a different degree of rarity, so special items must be knocked out for a long time. The game, of course, has a through story, served in the form of a series of pathos rollers. But let’s be honest: any turn in the end leads to another battle with the monster.

This endless grind does not turn into a mortal boredom only due to the fact that every monster, except for the little things that are confused underfoot, is a special boss. Any huge creature must have several types of attacks, from which you need to learn to Dodge, and weaknesses, where it is worth aiming, and some parts of the body (most often — the tail) can be cut off to get an additional reward.

Many monsters in addition beat a current, spit poison and burn the hunter therefore at the first meeting it is necessary to be especially accurate, and at the subsequent — not to be lazy to change into the armor blocking a damage from a certain element. Encounters with monsters are like boss battles in Dark Souls, God Eater and other adventure and role-playing games where the hero has to dance around a huge enemy.

There is where to turn

However, the battles in Monster Hunter: World also has its own highlight. If most of these games (and in the last part of the series) boss fights take place in small arenas, here the battlefield is a vast location where you can find both useful for hunting devices and unnecessary trouble. Monsters do not stand still: having received significant damage, they run away to later give the hunter a rebuff in the open area, or, on the contrary, hide in the lair, where the hunter is more difficult to avoid meeting with their teeth and claws. Monsters are smart enough to use the environment to their advantage: they can climb a hill and jump on the hunter from above or, for example, to roll in the mud to their thick skin was harder to break.

Hunter such tricks are also not alien. The monster can be brought to the thickets of vines, in which he gets confused, or to the shaky stones that fall and temporarily immobilize him. The Firefly is able to blind enemies, toad-paralyze, and from the cut plant will flow a puddle of poison, poison anyone who comes into it. Giving a monster a fight in a clearing full of medicinal herbs and insects is also a good idea: they heal faster and more effectively than potions. You can use home-made traps, but you can do to pit the two monsters to each other and to sit quietly in the bushes. Monster Hunter: World encourages observation and ingenuity, and it’s great variety of gameplay.

Young naturalist

The interactivity of the environment plunges into the atmosphere of the game: majestic forests, mountains and coasts are perceived not as a background, but as real ecosystems, where in addition to giant monsters full of all living creatures, vegetation, secret paths and mysterious messages.

At first glance, it seems that their realism they owe only to the schedule. The picture here is really amazing: artists and programmers Capcom with all responsibility approached to development and managed to create at the same time plausible, bright and original world. The Monster Hunter series has always had an unusual design, combining primitive and fantasy motifs, and now it can finally be seen in all its glory on the big screen.

Bizarre monsters like dinosaurs and dragons are extremely convincing thanks to the gorgeous animation: the threat coming from them is felt in every movement, every look. Impressive and attention to detail: the corners of the dark caves flickering glowing moss, on the branches of trees in the woods sitting beetles, trunks grow mushrooms and herbs, insects scurrying in the air, from under the feet sprinkle all sorts of newts, lizards and protein-like rodents. Day changes night, and the view of the dawn in the mountains or evening twilight in the jungle is breathtaking.

What is especially nice, most of this splendor-not the scenery, and resources to create potions, traps, shells and other useful things. The game tries not to leave the hunter idle for a minute: in addition to the next subject task which will somehow lead to collision with the monster, it is always ready to offer a heap of side. Quests range from killing or capturing one or more monsters to gathering resources: mushrooms, for example, or skins of small animals. It’s nice sometimes to take a break from the battles and just wander through the picturesque places — as well as to visit with a new outfit in the lair of a recently seemed dangerous monster and literally sweep the floor with it.

And today I will play bagpipes!

Although Monster Hunter: World refer to role-playing games, the characteristics of the character here can not be affected. The levels in the game replace the hunter’s rank, which increases as the story progresses, and the abilities are completely dependent on the equipment. It consists of five parts — each is created separately, has its own indicators of protection from different elements and a special skill.

Skills are very different: they can, for example, increase the strength or speed of the attack, increase the damage from the elements, block attacks, increase the probability of loss of raw materials after the murder. The power of these boosts can be increased if you wear things with the same or related skills at the same time. And that I have not mentioned about amulets and capes, which can be created or received as a reward for completing tasks. In General, the imagination of the player is limited only by the presence of his free time and the desire to repeatedly beat out of the monsters materials.

Classes in the game, too. But there are fourteen types of weapons for every taste, each — several options for improvement. So, twin swords allow you to hit fast designed komboudary, but not allowed to defend themselves and are forced to stay close to the monster. The spear is slow, but it can be applied powerful strikes from a distance, Glaive allows you to attack the enemy in the air, and bow — fire at him from afar.

Some weapons are better suited for single player, others-for the team, and some are so tricky combo that they will require a lot of concentration and practice. But here the game does not think anyone limit: all types of weapons are available from the beginning, with each you can practice, having studied all the nuances. And to go on a mission with other weapons, too, at any time. Only, as it is easy to guess, poking a simple piece of iron in a strong monster is not very effective — and therefore have to go again and collect resources for improvement.

Oh, it’s hard

Although Monster Hunter: World looks like a modern international game, some still classify it as a strange and complex creations of the Japanese IGROPROM. The position is controversial, but, admittedly, not groundless. The gameplay itself can not be called difficult: the blows, as well as evasion of attacks, do not require a second and millimeter accuracy, and the open nature of the locations allows you to escape from the monster and calmly recover. Gathering resources for endless improvements of weapons and armor can be called a chore — but it’s the whole essence of the game. And it again is not so rare: in multiplayer role-playing games farm and grindit have constantly, and team shooters like Warframe often sin. In Monster Hunter World, at least, all players are equal: there are no microtransactions and luchboxes, all produced exclusively by honest labor.

Eastern roots, as well as a considerable age of the series, are easily guessed only by the bulky menu. From multi-level tabs, even the veteran role-playing eyes twitch — what can we say about beginners. Capcom tried to make an interface familiar to longtime fans but friendly to newcomers — and failed. Tasks, subtasks, and mission resource orders are recorded in different sections. To improve the weapons of iron and bone should go to the menu in different ways. The way skills will be summed up from wearing armor, too, is not obvious… all these little things, but they are great annoying and also take time.



The authors of Agony, the developers of Madmind Studio, have found a third way — to make the game with the most challenging and provocative visuals. The first screenshots and trailers have caused quite a mixed feeling: something like disgust and morbid curiosity. Blood, meat, pieces of bodies, half-naked (and completely naked) people writhing in pain, unknown and aggressive creatures… Whatever it was, to attract the attention of the developers turned out — the campaign on Kickstarter allowed to collect donations almost three times more than originally requested (66 666 dollars — estimate the amount).

It’s a small matter — to make an interesting game. Got it? Let’s see.

Welcome to Hell


As we all know, hell is a very inhospitable place and it is better not to get there. It turns out not at all-the main character of Agony that did not work. Who is he, what sins were in hell — no one to explain not in a hurry. There are no memories of his former life. What to do next, too, is unclear-the game is very reluctant to reveal the plot, doing it with the help of small notes scattered on the locations (and they do not clarify much), and short conversations with other inhabitants of this cursed place.


Ruled by a Certain red Goddess, which is rumored to give salvation to someone who can get to her and make a proper impression. It is not easy to do this — in hell it is easy to get lost and on the way to fall into the clutches of many local residents who are just waiting for the opportunity to get a new victim.


The main character has a little more chances to cope with this task thanks to one feature that distinguishes him from the rest of the same poor, doomed to eternal torment — after death (Yes, even in hell, you can die again — which everyone is very afraid), the soul of our unfortunate sinner for some time can move freely around the neighborhood. If on the way there is the same bag of bones, you will have a chance to take a new body shell. Further — more, over time, control can be taken not only of the defenseless and weak people, but strong and agile demons, which will allow you to reach those places where ordinary people it was impossible to enter.

Damn beautiful.


Leave out the question about where the developers (especially designers) Adapatable inspiration, but hell they did that is necessary. There are levels of a more or less traditional kind-like ice caves or fire desert. But there are also more exotic options that are not easy to describe in words. Sometimes locations created from something living or once living. In order of things, a tunnel in the form of giant jaws or a cave entrance, similar to… well, similar.


In General, every kind of sexually colored subtext in the game is enough-Rust and Conan Exiles (physics of individual parts of the body in Agony is not worse than in “Conan”) is not dreamed of. Demons and demons like to flaunt naked (and they have something to show), scraps of clothing of ordinary people practically do not hide anything, and the love of designers of locations to naturalism and “nudity” is worthy of a separate article — in a medical magazine.


Hell would not be hell if it were not for the constant torment of sinners. With this, there is also a complete order — at every corner someone is impaled on a stake, cut into pieces, set on fire, tear apart and scoff at the victims of dozens of other, no less interesting ways. Everywhere parts of half-decayed bodies and fresh, still oozing blood limbs. The sound corresponds to-the cries of the tortured do not stop for a minute, heard strange sounds, catching up with horror, and even the manner of communication of those few who wish to talk with the main character, vividly remind stories about patients of mental hospitals.


But, oddly enough, the game does not scare very. Whether the authors set themselves a goal — a typical cheap tricks, like jumping right in the face of terrible creature, almost did not find — that if not managed properly can create stress. Perhaps the reason banal the abundance of all the wealth of the horrors of the underworld. It is disgusting only the first minutes, then you get used to, but it does not become scary at all, although at first you are looking forward to when you have already begun to scare.

From point A to point B at the same time came the succubus and sinner…


Yes, and the gameplay, unfortunately, quite a strong hit on immersion in the atmosphere of the underworld. Before us is not a slasher, not a fighter, and dull (as soon as you get used to the blood, meat and other nasty things) simulator walk, interspersed with small puzzles from the series “How do I open the door?” As a rule, there are only two ways to solve it — either to find the parts of the body (heart, hands, legs or skull) and place them on the altar, or to draw a special symbol on the door (which one-will be prompted by the pictures nearby).

Level design leaves much to be desired — often do not understand where to go and what to do, even though there is a special pointer. Often it turns out that the passage of the location is almost random — especially if you run away from all sorts of bad creatures. By the way, escape is the best strategy in almost any situation. While in the guise of an ordinary person, the protagonist is almost helpless, so a kind of “speedrun” through the whole level is justified. Of course, it is tempting to take control of the demon, moving into his body, but in this case will not work to interact with the environment (for example, open the door or activate the save point), and the migration is limited in time.

The save system, which is especially annoying during the final level, is worth a separate mention. It is made very stupid. Control points that the player activates (and during this action you can kill any demon), are very rare. But after the death of progress is not reset — open doors remain open, and destroyed enemies do not respawn. Sometimes it helps a little, because most often the main problem will not be the enemies, but the actual level — through the intricate mazes to find a way out is not immediately possible. Remember where you ran five minutes earlier, given the extraordinary design-that’s still a problem.


It is noticeable that the developers wanted to increase the variability of the passage — locations branched, you can pass them in different ways. But in practice, this leads to the fact that the player does not understand whether he is moving there. The study of the world? Well, if the information about this world is not limited to obscure notes and conversations with five or six laconic interlocutors (the whole story!) then it would make sense. But there are a few endings.


After completion of the campaign mode opens the succubus that adds the ability to play nice for a demoness with sharp fangs and claws. The idea of the gameplay should change-now we are no longer a defenseless piece of meat, but a fully capable subject who feels quite comfortable in hell. Unfortunately, the essence remains the same-running from one “checkpoint” to another and simple puzzles. Unless the opportunity to visit previously inaccessible places is added.


Another mode, “Agony”, is open at once. It is necessary to perform tasks in a procedurally generated environment. Statistics and global rating are present, but such fun much more suitable full-fledged cooperative, which is not brought. Alone wander through hell quickly bored, especially that nothing radically new to pamper here will not.

Agony managed to cause a reaction from the public – the game predicted the glory of the most disgusting and most challenging project of the year. There was a well-founded fear that this scandal will stop. In fact, even this did not happen — all these bloody Tits do not shock at all. Yeah, too bad the scene was cut before release, but Agony does not look better. Discarding all the bloody tinsel, we get a banal “Walker” with a bunch of bugs and flaws.


Games-they are still about the gameplay, action, sometimes-about a beautiful picture and an interesting story. In “Agony” we are dealing only with naked shock at the mediocre performance of everything else. Suitable for a maximum of a line in the portfolio of authors of the crazy visual style.



Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The day before yesterday, square Enix publishing house held the so — called presentation event in the heart of London-a large-scale event dedicated to Shadow of the Tomb Raider. A huge crowd of journalists and bloggers from around the world allowed forty minutes to play in the new issue of the restarted adventure series about the most charming tomb raider. And since I was among them, it’s time to share my impressions of the new portion of the adventures of miss Croft. The most important thing to understand-this is not a new game. Fresh ideas and gameplay elements reviewers in it, it seems, will have to look under a microscope, and it is not a fact that there are. The canadian Studio Eidos Montreal acted as such apprentice (for Tomb Raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider, I will remind, responsible Crystal Dynamics) and decided not to invent the wheel. However, perhaps the chosen strategy is reasonable, because the franchise and so recently restarted.. Canadians took the developments of the past parts and on their basis create another fascinating story about the noble tomb raider — with a bunch of puzzles, mandatory archery and brand crawling on steep walls with ice axes. From the point of view of the production in the game, everything is still changed only the scenery: this time it is Mexico. On city streets (of course, through the corridor, what the fork?) noisy colorful celebration of death. It was at this time, Lara decides to find the ancient and, importantly, the underground Mayan pyramid, to unravel the tangle of secrets — the Eclipse, the resurrection of otherworldly forces, the onset of Eternal Darkness and further on the list.

Prevent the main character contracted well known to us in the last part and the recent film organization “Trinity”, the leaders of which also want to get to the sacred place within their villainous interests. And the developers casually mentioned that a little screen time will take a couple of old friends miss Croft-Sam and Reyes.

Lara will have to remember everything she was taught two games in a row.

Bend the fingers. Crawling through trenches and sneaking up from the back, stabbing enemies? Got it! For a long time to hold your breath and swim under water, overcoming the long underground tunnels of ancient tombs? Where without it! To walk on steep walls is not worse than another Prince, to swing on a rope and waving through bottomless abyss? Ask!

To stick ice picks in the spongy areas of rocks? You didn’t even have to mention it! Shoot straight from the bow (by the way, the position of the camera in these moments, a bit corrected)? Yes, without a quiver of arrows, Lara is on street a foot! The demo shuffled all these familiar elements together, changing the scenes from careful walks around the city to performing acrobatic sketches among the tropics.

At the tactile level, it feels exactly the same as before. Almost took the leap — hammering on QTE-button the girl managed to cling to the ledge. Not enough swung the rope-happily jumped into the abyss. You want to climb the steep slope faster? Is to move short spurts up, not melancholy to move the axes one after the other.

And the old mechanics of removing obstacles on the spot: buried in a log barrier, wrapped in ropes-one shot from a bow with a special arrow with a rope, and Lara powerful jerk break the log.

If you’ve been through it all, the game can painlessly “to speedrun this game” on the machine: to analyze my actions at all to anything. The spinal cord and muscle memory work.

As for the above-mentioned top-secret underground pyramid-temple, there is a long time to suffer, too, did not have to. Puzzle with suspended from the ceiling bells in wooden boxes and pushing the cart-weights solved elementary – I want to believe that the players are waiting for more complex tasks ahead, tied to the physics of the surrounding elements. The main thing that I have

Dark Souls: Remastered

The Dark Souls series has finally completed its own cycle and invited players to return to where it all began — to the story of Lord Gwynn and The chosen dead. If there was no adventure in Druglike and Latrice, dark and crazy streets Arnama like it was all just a vision of a possible future. And for this future to come, we need to re-light the fire. My relationship with this series, frankly, quite strange. It’s now I’m crazy about her and love all the parts, when the first Dark Souls just came out, I could not play it. Literally: spent the evening to understand the mechanics and understand that it is necessary to go not to the cemetery to the skeletons, but it did not help me much. However, the game From Software so easy to give up did not. In the spring of 2012, someone created a petition to transfer the game to the PC, and for fun I signed it, though I did not believe that someone reads these petitions. It turned out that they read — at least the PC-version was announced in the end. I decided to give the game (and myself) another chance to rehabilitate myself for giving up too quickly last time. The game came out in August — I bought it, put it, run and … gone. On the first passage — without Artorias of the Abyss — I have took 70 hours. Blind, without a guide — I went through the game, reaching gwin. There I had a hard drive, burying the fruits of my game. And I started again, because by that time already imbued and understood, for what Dark Souls so loved.

The second passage turned out to be no less interesting. That’s when I decided to break up with the shield. Began carefully to collect build character and not to download everything. And it was on the second passage I adopted the rules of local PvP-and very quickly got involved in it, even despite the disgusting quality of the connection.

The remaster of Dark Souls and so valuable — he again offers to take the lands Larkana where you have once traveled, only this time the rules of the game you will be familiar. You do not shy away from every shadow, you know where you can get the right weapons and do not wander around the locations in an attempt to find a saving fire. You relax for a second, you’re dead stupid. And then again. And more. The game achieves its-you will cease to take it lightly and again take the case seriously, as many years ago.

At the same time fans of Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne, who in the first part of the series did not play, waiting for shock. At least because Dark Souls is much slower than its followers. In Bloodborne, if you’re dealt three or four blows over conventional unit of time, will cause one or two. If in Dark Souls 3 you with a scope hammered opponents in a floor a huge hammer in a second, here you will spend five, and not the fact still that attack will not interrupt.

If you don’t know what Dark Souls is, I’ll explain. Your character – the chosen dead, who will travel through the great fantasy world of Lordran. It is divided into a dozen locations, and each inhabited by vile creatures, rare (sometimes also vile) NPC and evil bosses. And for each location, character or boss here lies its own story. The plot in Dark Souls is not served by means of cut scenes and diaries, but through the study of the world, the description of objects and vague phrases of characters.

Killing enemies, the main character gets souls. This currency and means of pumping at the same time. The key feature of the game is that after death you lose all souls. Not forever, however: you can try to run to the place of death and return them, although on the road you can die again, and then have to say goodbye to the accumulated souls forever.

At the same time in the game a lot of nuances that make Dark Souls… well, the same Dark Souls. In your world can at any time invade other players and cut you into pieces. You will go to explore a remote location and eventually find yourself nowhere, without the slightest idea how to get out. You can spend hours testing different types of weapons, deciding what is best suited.

I would not be surprised if someone says that the first part is outdated, and it is better to skip, but this, to put it mildly, is not so. In other parts of the series of gameplay mechanics is exactly the same (except that Bloodborne stands out) — and differ only in the overall pace and individual details.

However, some elements really look archaic. For example, you can teleport between the fires only after passing the bosses of Anor Londo — the executioner of Smoog and the dragon fighter of Ornstein, whom all players seem to hate. Redistribute the characteristics of the hero and does not. And the gestures all the same it is impossible to break that can put you under attack in PvP.

Even the graphics have changed slightly — so at least it seems for the first time after starting the game. Yes, tightened the texture, added details to the armor and characters and a little bit played with the lighting. It, by the way, many abused — say, in the trailers the game looked too bright. However, the authors of the remaster managed to improve a number of old locations, making them even more beautiful and atmospheric than before. As for the fact that” it became lighter ” I will say this: I used to run through the Tomb of giants to the first fire without any light sources, and this time I had to get to the surface and run to the Dawn of Olachil to buy her spell of light-so in the Crypt is now dark. The rules of the game have not changed at all. Dark Souls is still as honest as possible with the player. It does not try to cheat and suddenly complicate the player’s life. If you did something wrong and died, then it was likely your mistake. Exception two: if you died due to a bug, and if you killed another player. In the first part, the intruders could not drink estus to be treated, and at some point inside the community there was a kind of code of battles. Unspoken, of course, and observed by far not all, but many players still stick to it. The rules are generally simple: bow or wave to the enemy before the fight and not whip estus buckets. And don’t attack one in a crowd. In the remaster, the restriction on the estus was removed, as a result of the game there are many players who invade you, catch three or four strokes and start running around the location, trying to heal. And no, I’m not complaining: players who follow the unwritten code, still missing, just annoying to get these would-be intruders from another full of enemies the room, where they ran into trying to set on you mobs.

Another small but nice change in the remaster is support for more players online (now up to six) and dedicated servers. The original suffered greatly from the P2P connection, because the network mode worked very crookedly. Here everything works perfectly.

The Covenant system is also not gone. Especially pleased that again you can join the Lords of the graves-analogues of this Covenant in the rest of the series have not come up. The rest are quite familiar – here and sanbro, helping with pumping, and red intruders, and the blue “judge” — all in place and ready for battle again.

For those who like to pass Dark Souls in co-op, added the ability to search for characters of comrades with a password, as in Dark Souls 3 or Bloodborne. For fans of the series Dark Souls: Remastered will be a return to his home. This house may seem to someone too dark and old, someone will complain that there is too much creak the floorboards, and from the closet grins someone’s skull. However, less dear and loved this house becomes. A person can change an apartment, move to another city, but he will still remember with warmth the place where his journey began. The fact that the game is easily time-tested, says not only a huge army of fans, but also the number of theories that players are trying to tie together all the last five games From Software. What if the world of Dark Souls was “born” from the demonic fog of Boletaria, and Yarnam is a picture painted by a girl from Ashes of Ariandel? Or is the action of all the games set in one world, just on different continents and in different time period? We will never know the answer, so we just have to build a theory.

Detroit: Become Human

Are robots able to feel? Empathize? To create? Despite the years of research, scientists do not give clear answers. And where science is powerless, art fiction comes to the forefront. Last year, with the help of NieR: Automata, Truth tried to get to the bottom of Taro Yoko. Now his view on the problems of artificial intelligence decided to introduce David Cage – the author of interactive thrillers Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. Well, guys, soap?

By the blade

The near future. The technologies have made another leap, and the developments of Boston Dynamics are in the past: androids are already among us, their kind and behavior hardly distinguishable from ordinary people. Irreplaceable helpers and cheap slaves in one person, the “children” of CyberLife for years perform the most ungrateful work, carrying the humiliation of the all-powerful hosts. But nothing lasts forever: suddenly in Detroit, deviants begin to appear one by one – cars that have acquired self-consciousness.

In just a few months, humanity is on the verge of war with its greatest creation. Now, in the darkest hour, the fate of the world depends on the actions of not people, but ordinary robots. Marcus, the butler of the old artist, is on the street as a result of an accident. Connor, a policeman, hunts “broken” brethren and tries to find out the cause of their madness. Kara, a housekeeper, escapes with her master’s daughter when he raises his hand to his own child. Heroes are waiting for incredible adventures, and their ways will intersect more than once. And who knows what will end their amazing story?

Light, camera, shame

Video games have long been done with an eye on Hollywood. Game designers are watching the directors at receptions, screen savers from year to year more and traditional gameplay is regularly substituted by spectacular QTE. It seems that the developers want to “shoot” films, and not to mold conveyor blockbusters. Only few people have the courage to say this openly. Very few people, except for David Cage and his studio Quantic Dream.

Unlike other eminent teams, the French company has long ceased to disguise itself: since 2005, it has been engaged exclusively in interactive cinema, where there is no place for either shootings with terrorists, neither bosses, nor other distracting narrative nonsense. Cage’s logic is impeccable: the industry is already full of shooters like Call of Duty, why not do something original? But to create such masterpieces you need skill. Talent. And here after all an ill luck: anything another, except naked enthusiasm, at the Frenchman also is not present.

Omikron: The Nomad Soul, Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls … Each of his opuses is a story about how a bad idea was ruined by bad performance. No matter what the game, a beautiful pacifier – captivating at first, and then, closer to the finale, falling to pieces. So from Detroit: Become Human (with its banal origin) it was difficult to wait for something good. And yet old Cage found something to surprise.

Detroit – an accentuated cinematic adventure, narrating about the fate of several characters at once. As before, the player needs relatively little: walk around in locations, collect or view garbage, talk a lot, go through sophisticated QTE and survive. Yes, unlike many of your fellow genres, in Become Human (as well as in the ever-memorable Heavy Rain), heroes can die, and the plot will quietly move on – albeit in the direction of a bad ending. Here you are not peaceful quests LucasArts.

Already with the introductory chapters, the novelty is perceived as one big work on mistakes – as if all these years the authors were studying reviews of their creations, throwing out unsuccessful elements and keeping working. At the output turned out such a collection of “the best of”. Put a tick: the futuristic world of a la Omikron (alas, without David Bowie), the intriguing entry of Fahrenheit with dozens of scenarios, investigation episodes, the death of protagonists and elements of the Heavy Rain interface, Hollywood actors just like in Beyond. Even the main menu reminds the beginning of The Nomad Soul – only instead of a low-poly model, the fourth wall is broken by a beautiful girl. Try not to blush.

And like everything is familiar, familiar, but there’s nothing to swear: from the point of view of game design the game is made wisely. Even the usual genre flaws here, in a new context, look not so scary and critical. Are the robots expressing themselves unnaturally, not humanly? Invisible walls interfere with the study of locations? Of course, the program does not allow you to deviate from a given course! Bullets do not kill or even slow down characters during action scenes, and wounds heal too fast? Machines, what to take from them.

However, these are rather pleasant little things – really impressive in Detroit: Become Human is different. Here (in contrast to the series of some Telltale), the decisions made by the gamer in the course of the “film” really affect the situation – they change the history very noticeably. Linear at first the narrative ramifies with time: unique mini-episodes are opened, even the fleeting dialogues and individual chapters vary. And the endings are determined not by the choice of a particular scene in the finale, but by a number of not always obvious moments. How carefully did Connor study the crime scenes? Did Kara manage to escape from her master? And How?

Conceptually, the mechanics resemble the “butterfly effect” of Until Dawn (or the earlier Blade Runner from Westwood): did something or said – prepare for the consequences, the authors will not let down. Unless in the horror of Supermassive Games there were far fewer variations in the development of events: in this sense, the chamber horror is difficult to compete with the cyberpunk epic. Quantic Dream employees did a lot of work, and they do not hesitate to demonstrate this, drawing in the final of each chapter gigantic schemes, similar to the intricate chronology of some Metal Gear Solid. A good way to disguise boot screens!

In other words, from the point of view of the gameplay the novelty indeed worked out. Taking the best of their previous creations and borrowing a couple of other inventions, the authors finally fulfilled the promise: they released a real interactive movie. Hooray? Hooray. But, unfortunately, Detroit is still a game of David “Need more emotions” Cage. With all the ensuing.

Be human

Alas, in the five years that have passed since the premiere of Beyond, the head of Quantic Dream has never learned to write good scripts. Even with the help of new assistants and editors, all that he managed to compose is at best a mediocre melodrama about racism, where the roles of the oppressed blacks were taken away from the soulless androids. Quite metaphors and clumsy references to real historical events (right up to the Nazi concentration camps!) Are attached.

To admit, it’s very amusing to observe so obvious and unsophisticated nonsense in 2018. There are no bright new ideas, unseen science fiction concepts, or a unique view of AI problems. Instead, it is a continuous repetition of the high-sounding words studied with a bunch of high-pitched vulgarity and the obligatory tears on the artificial eyes. Heroes are all compiled according to the textbook of archetypes and communicate with such double banalities that at times the game borders on a self-parody. Sometimes it even seems, just around the corner will be Lieutenant Frank Drebin from the “Naked Pistol” – and everything will fall into place. But that would be too subtle. Well at least there was no delirium in the spirit of Heavy Rain, that is, attempts to hit and turn things upside down, somehow. Here everything fits into the fragile logic of the fabulous cyberpunk universe where robotry can be bought for a miserable 899 bucks, and Canada is a futuristic Wonderland.

However, not everything is so sad. There are also good scenes in Detroit – yes such that it’s not even a shame to watch! They are concentrated mainly in the story line of Connor (who has to play out baddy-moovi in ​​the spirit of the series “Almost a Man”). There is humor, and “chemistry” between two unlike companions, and quite a sensible dialogue with almost no stupid “snot”, from which it’s time to roll your eyes. Looking at the amazing adventures of the android and grumpy detective Anderson, now and then you ask yourself: “Why the hell is this game two other protagonists?”

And everything is simple. Marcus – for annoying moralizing. Kara – for cheap emotions, which for many years now continues to cry from the rostrum of a sentimental creator named Kage. Well, let – unlike all the same Heavy Rain, in novelty each of the characters has a couple of really good moments. And in extreme cases, androids can be safely put into consumption. It’s okay – they are not people!



Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the giddy best of everything Nintendo

Despite the fact that it is one of the largest franchises of Nintendo for the last two decades, I have some kind of conflict with Super Smash Bros. After the 2001 Fatal Memory Card Wipe destroyed more than 200 hours of playing time on Super Smash Bros. Game Me, is a senseless tragedy in which every character and trophy that could be unlocked could not bring himself to play one more record for so long. Good news: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the switch can just make me nice and nice and take everyone else out with the full enjoyment of the best that is in Smash. The newest release in the series of crossovers, dominated by the presentation of the N3 for the E3 2018, corresponds to its name, in every game character that has ever appeared in the game Smash, plus several new ones – Inklings from Splatoon and Ridley, an evil cosmic pirate from the Metroid series . Being the newest additions to the series, and with my own skills in the game, atrophied because of many years of disgust, they seemed to be ideal to try out first during sessions on E3. Nothing is comparable to this game. Ridley proves that he is an absolute beast, perhaps the biggest character in the game and is able to limit the flight if you repeatedly press the jump buttons (X or Y). In the game, where you win, choosing enemies, flying from the screen or from the platform. You can switch between Inkling Boy or Inkling Girl, and each of them has four color options. Although they are of average size and strength for the Smash fighter, their fighting style and attributes that they bring with them from Splatoon make them feel quite complex characters, better suited for more experienced players. You can throw ink on all arenas, as in their home game, which has an additional bonus of temporary capture of other fighters. Inklings can also move between forms of humanoids and squid, for an additional range and mobility. However, most of their attacks require ink, the tricky use of a standard shield, the transition to squid form and the refilling of your reserves from the ink pools in which you have already splashed.

While Ridley and Inklings are the only brand new characters in which Ultimate introduces “Echo Fighters”. These are warriors who used to be just alternative costumes for other characters – for example, Princess Daisy as a recolored Princess Peach, but now they are different fighters. It is exactly how they differ, yet to be seen, but hard fans, no doubt, will be able to master each character and their differences. Ultimate is also going to new stages, and Moray Towers is another addition from Splatoon, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is represented by the tower of the Great Plateau. Others can be added before the release of the game on December 7, but for the E3 build it was the only add-on. Of these, Moray Towers offers the most unexpected surprises. It has some good verticality to it, with several ramps zigzagging from top to bottom, which are ideal for pouring out in ink stopping the enemy, but there is no destructibility for it, and it remains constant during the match. Conversely, the Tower of the Great Plateau offers a more dynamic arena, starting with a protected dome, which then collapses during the battle, opening the field for greater freedom of movement. This is exactly what I expect from the Smash Bros. stage, keeping the players on their feet, as the conditions of the battle around them. For all newcomers, the system of basic attacks on A + B, each of which is modified when pressed in combination with the direction, and surprisingly powerful screen that can deliver short moments of invulnerability, if it is activated at the right time, is easily selected

Of course, being a multiplayer game on the Nintendo switch, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate uses the advantages of Joy-Cons to provide a multi-user mode. The whole control scheme is perfectly combined with one Joy-Con ,. However, despite the massive focus that Nintendo provided to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on this E3 this year, there were no signs of other game modes other than regular battles. I hope we will see more about this soon. Perhaps in Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, in August, fortunately, the battles are as fast and insane as before, with an amazing level of tactics that underlie what might seem a frightening game at first glance. Hardcore players will no doubt want to separate the game in order to master the various settings that were implemented for the new game, but until now it seems that Nintendo has again mastered the secret balance between the complexity and affordability that Super Smash Bros makes. so special


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey makes good on its risky RPG gamble


In the world of video games, it’s not new to mix franchises and long series of games. It’s also unusual for the series to experiment with new genres in spinoffs, thinks Mario + Rabbids, who surprised by combining his two character families in turn-based strategy. Ubisoft with Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey tries to plunge us into another world saturated with more vivid elements of an exciting game

The upcoming 11th main stage of Assassin’s Creed – and the 20th overall in the series – was first developed in history as an “epic RPG.” In the series, often there are elements of role-playing games, ranging from leveling up to increasing statistics and ending with search engines.

This RPG is more in the form of The Witcher III than Final Fantasythough. He keeps vast open worlds. Chris Assassin’s Creed became famous, but fills it with numerous quests, the sum of the mini subsystem is distracted from the main game screen. A significant part of this work was laid last year by Assassin’s Creed: Origins, which itself pushed things such as the progression system towards the end of the RPG spectrum, but by engaging in the game in E3 2018, it is clear that Odyssey is gaining momentum in the game world.

In ancient Greece, you play either as Alexios or Cassandra, choosing one of the two main characters at the beginning of the game and following their lives. There is no difference in skills, so it’s purely a player’s taste. Both of them are fully and unequivocally voiced, and the main setting of the story does not change – in any case, you are a child of Sparta and a descendant of Leonidas I, who was expelled and converted into a mercenary. Strangely enough, most people chose Cassandra’s role at the forum. Now much more attention is paid to the storyline and interaction with the characters in the world, which often create other game moments. The main line of the quest included an uprising against a cruel dictator, but part of a wider history set during the Peloponnesian War, between Athens and Sparta. As a mercenary, you can choose an ally with any faction, even switch between them as the game process changes. Now the choice plays a big role. For example, a conversation with the philosopher Socrates – Ubisoft went with more accurate spelling of the names that we produced in English and leads to the fact that you can kill the captured thief. Your decision in any case may change and, like The Witcher III, often there are no clear right or wrong options.

And how the world of Odysseus is incomparably beautiful, even more than its immediate predecessor. Ubisoft recreated the historical splendor of ancient Greece, ignoring the widespread misconception of white marble, as the eye can see in favor of colorful buildings, green hills, complex fabrics, colors of any color and shining oceans abounding in marine life. It is also a phenomenally large world – only two islands were available on the E3, but a wider map shows practically the entire Aegean Sea for exploration. Hopefully, next to the Discovery Tour there will also be a companion release, as this is a world in which you could just walk without a fight to distract you.

This fight, like most of Odyssey’s mechanics, is still very similar to Origins, albeit with several updates. While still a combination of light and heavy attacks, you can now unleash special moves. Using this, they include the ability to tear shields from guarded enemies and the classic “Sparta Kick” to pull out enemies if you are overwhelmed. This also has the effect of dropping, allowing you to immediately knock over several opponents. Cassandra / Alexios also carries a mythical weapon, Staff

Walking dead video game review

It was hard not to guess that after the end of the fourth episode that the final of the game would be so devastating. If the previous series were filled with actions of fierce and fighting, then No Time Left – it’s calm and quiet. ” He is sometimes interrupted by some kind of harsh action when you are offered to cut off your own hand or two people who are already relatives are killed by your stupidity. Having lost the whole family, the sick person walks along the path, paying no attention to anything, just brushing aside the zombies, only for the sake of it, there appeared only one ray of light that is a little girl with a short haircut …

There is almost no music and no sounds, there are no complicated solutions to problems that were sometimes encountered before, only long conversations and a premonition of the end. Significant and important dialogues reveal the characters and explain a lot. And now a person who does not love, is ready to give his life, not even for a man, but for the fact that it was not painful … If we talk about the season as a whole, it could have been done better. The developers could come up with more interesting, really serious tasks: they might not so frankly draw some episodes to the scenario-planned effect: why do we need to talk long and not shoot at the enemy and hide, and then die yourself?

Unfortunately, during the game you will not be able to make a decision. We have influenced only sometimes and only on some local phenomena. And the ending was prepared in advance. Maybe, our decisions, at least somehow, will affect the events of the second season, which the finale hints at, but it’s not a fact either.

In fact, the developers managed in just six months to do the following: they acquainted us with the hero, given the opportunity to love him and then unfortunately destroyed him. It is this finale that seems to be the only true, strong and right. Everything fades before him. I do not want to murmur, grumble, explain how it was possible to do better, say that Lee could well survive, and they, holding hands, would go to meet the pink sunset, and a fresh wind would stroke their hair … No, would not have gone. And you perfectly understand this. Criticize there is no desire. And I want, first, to bow low at the writers’ feet. In the finals, they tied together the genre of Everett’s relationship with his past and little Clementina, and then invented an equally brilliant ending that they urgently needed to replace the authors of the same TV series. The last, at least in the second season, is very far from what created Telltale Games in the video game. And, secondly, I very much want to see in the inevitable continuation of a little girl who never grows long hair and always wears a walkie-talkie on her side – in the hope that one day she will wake up, realize that it was just a nightmare, and again will hear a familiar voice: “Clem, Clem, do you hear me? This is Lee. I found your baseball cap! “

Extinction for all platform’s Reviews

The developers prepared a whole series consisting of seven chapters, during which not only set but also spontaneous tasks are performed for the game. The missions in Extinction are very similar. You will always fight in a virtually enclosed space, destroyed by the giants in a few minutes.

The story line lasts for two scenarios: character dialogs, as well as pleasant animated videos. The process of saving the world, unfortunately does not give a complete picture that captures the spirit. In a word, you can characterize this game with the words: Avil will save the whole world!

But fortunately with this game is not so bad. But it’s too early to rejoice. The essence of almost every battle is to keep or destroy huge monsters, to save townspeople or towers. The population of cities is always milled by crystal-portals, waiting for salvation. Aville can easily activate these stones and move people there from where they will not get monsters. In this case, when Avil reaches the portals is amusing and funny as a heap of monsters runs to attack him. But since he must activate them, he raises his hand up and utters special words. At this time, the population is dying from the attack of monsters on the city. As it becomes uncomfortable with such a plot and sometimes boring.

His blade acts in two types of attacks: the first – sighting, with a jerk and slowing down time, the second – the usual mahi, folding into endless combinations. You can also avoid the opponent. At the beginning of the game everything looks very much cheerful and alive. The hero easily copes with opponents, killing one after another. Here you will not find a large number of small opponents because the game process is aimed to fight against the giants and not with trivialities.

Avoiding battle with small enemies is to discover the skill of acceleration. In the corner of the screen, the percentage of “health” of the city is falling. When the indicator reaches zero, there will be no one to fall. Therefore, we must act quickly. What could be better? The process of chopping out bald monsters’ skulls only looks really simple. When a hero jumps on the head of a monster, he needs to apply a special hangman skill. To charge the sword, you must fill a special scale. Kill small monsters, save townspeople and break the armor of the future headless here is the way of victory. And finally we got to the most interesting. Destroying the equipment of hefty ogres is the most colorful thing that Extinction has. The developer studio tried its best. No kidding. Raiveni are subdivided by type, each with its own coloring and armor. Some wear wooden shields and knee pads, others do not abhor special metals, thorns or even bone armor with magic. One life and endless enemies. The more expensive the opponents will be sold to life – the higher the score. Every day in Extinction, missions will appear that do not fundamentally differ from those that are in the campaign. It’s still fun. What do you think was the last regime? Fight! And what in it it is necessary to do? Correctly! Fight on, forgive me, Lord, the pre-generated levels, which are divided by the numbers of the ciders. That’s the kind of love for a great random. Only one mode is created in advance – a test of rapid salvation. Shining his heels, Amill for a time saves people. Difficult, boring, tired of the campaign.

In general, aside all this madness, let’s take a local presentation. Graphics cause associations with Orcs Must Die. It is laconic with a bias in cartoonishness. By the standards of the platform it looks not rich, but in our age of boundless love for the old school and pixels, many will prefer such a visual series, not retro. Sounds and music can not be scolded or praised at all. They are and do not cause any negative or positive emotions, unlike most other aspects of the game.

Biomutant the game seems as frivolous as possible

Biomutant The game seems as frivolous as possible. A strange raccoon beats the sword of other incomprehensible raccoons and shoots them with a pistol while doing a somersault back. However, everything does not look like that. A large-scale and deep game with a huge world, a dynamic player development system and a kind of endings. From myself I will say that I was pleasantly surprised by the dynamics of the development of the game and this left a lot of impressions. So about the character. This animal can be made high or low, thin or thick, this will add to it the strength and endurance affecting the speed of movement. By the way, our character is not a raccoon.

– In general, this is a huge variety of different animals .. A hero can be anyone, and the player in turn chooses who to play by himself. Weapons, for example, the player will collect himself from different parts as it affects the course of the game. And of course, you will have to change not only physically, but also mentally – you can learn telekinesis or launch lightning from your hands. Finally, there are many types of near-range or ranged attacks that can be combined. There are six different tribes in the game, and each has a leader – with a good relationship with the character, he can teach him different kung fu schools, which immediately distinguishes the style of battle in the game.

The player often will have to choose between good evil. A big role in the plot is played by the balance. Namely: the ending of the game, accessible quests and even dialogues with characters.

 The world in which the character gets is 16 square kilometers. It is not a desert area but a territory filled with heroes. Karma defines here the main role in the relationship between them. If you decide to help a good tribe, the ending will change depending on whether you are good or bad yourself. Game solutions have a role for the end game. The hero can be cured or destroyed – this decision will also greatly affect the ending. In a word, a lot of factors are taken into account here. If we talk about the length of the game, it’s about 10 hours. But if you really want to recognize and explore this beautiful world, you will have to spend a hundred times more time. The game caused a lot of excitement and interest. In any case, the game will not leave you without attention and will become that tempting attraction in the game world.