Assassin’s Creed Odyssey makes good on its risky RPG gamble


In the world of video games, it’s not new to mix franchises and long series of games. It’s also unusual for the series to experiment with new genres in spinoffs, thinks Mario + Rabbids, who surprised by combining his two character families in turn-based strategy. Ubisoft with Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey tries to plunge us into another world saturated with more vivid elements of an exciting game

The upcoming 11th main stage of Assassin’s Creed – and the 20th overall in the series – was first developed in history as an “epic RPG.” In the series, often there are elements of role-playing games, ranging from leveling up to increasing statistics and ending with search engines.

This RPG is more in the form of The Witcher III than Final Fantasythough. He keeps vast open worlds. Chris Assassin’s Creed became famous, but fills it with numerous quests, the sum of the mini subsystem is distracted from the main game screen. A significant part of this work was laid last year by Assassin’s Creed: Origins, which itself pushed things such as the progression system towards the end of the RPG spectrum, but by engaging in the game in E3 2018, it is clear that Odyssey is gaining momentum in the game world.

In ancient Greece, you play either as Alexios or Cassandra, choosing one of the two main characters at the beginning of the game and following their lives. There is no difference in skills, so it’s purely a player’s taste. Both of them are fully and unequivocally voiced, and the main setting of the story does not change – in any case, you are a child of Sparta and a descendant of Leonidas I, who was expelled and converted into a mercenary. Strangely enough, most people chose Cassandra’s role at the forum. Now much more attention is paid to the storyline and interaction with the characters in the world, which often create other game moments. The main line of the quest included an uprising against a cruel dictator, but part of a wider history set during the Peloponnesian War, between Athens and Sparta. As a mercenary, you can choose an ally with any faction, even switch between them as the game process changes. Now the choice plays a big role. For example, a conversation with the philosopher Socrates – Ubisoft went with more accurate spelling of the names that we produced in English and leads to the fact that you can kill the captured thief. Your decision in any case may change and, like The Witcher III, often there are no clear right or wrong options.

And how the world of Odysseus is incomparably beautiful, even more than its immediate predecessor. Ubisoft recreated the historical splendor of ancient Greece, ignoring the widespread misconception of white marble, as the eye can see in favor of colorful buildings, green hills, complex fabrics, colors of any color and shining oceans abounding in marine life. It is also a phenomenally large world – only two islands were available on the E3, but a wider map shows practically the entire Aegean Sea for exploration. Hopefully, next to the Discovery Tour there will also be a companion release, as this is a world in which you could just walk without a fight to distract you.

This fight, like most of Odyssey’s mechanics, is still very similar to Origins, albeit with several updates. While still a combination of light and heavy attacks, you can now unleash special moves. Using this, they include the ability to tear shields from guarded enemies and the classic “Sparta Kick” to pull out enemies if you are overwhelmed. This also has the effect of dropping, allowing you to immediately knock over several opponents. Cassandra / Alexios also carries a mythical weapon, Staff

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