Biomutant the game seems as frivolous as possible

Biomutant The game seems as frivolous as possible. A strange raccoon beats the sword of other incomprehensible raccoons and shoots them with a pistol while doing a somersault back. However, everything does not look like that. A large-scale and deep game with a huge world, a dynamic player development system and a kind of endings. From myself I will say that I was pleasantly surprised by the dynamics of the development of the game and this left a lot of impressions. So about the character. This animal can be made high or low, thin or thick, this will add to it the strength and endurance affecting the speed of movement. By the way, our character is not a raccoon.

– In general, this is a huge variety of different animals .. A hero can be anyone, and the player in turn chooses who to play by himself. Weapons, for example, the player will collect himself from different parts as it affects the course of the game. And of course, you will have to change not only physically, but also mentally – you can learn telekinesis or launch lightning from your hands. Finally, there are many types of near-range or ranged attacks that can be combined. There are six different tribes in the game, and each has a leader – with a good relationship with the character, he can teach him different kung fu schools, which immediately distinguishes the style of battle in the game.

The player often will have to choose between good evil. A big role in the plot is played by the balance. Namely: the ending of the game, accessible quests and even dialogues with characters.

 The world in which the character gets is 16 square kilometers. It is not a desert area but a territory filled with heroes. Karma defines here the main role in the relationship between them. If you decide to help a good tribe, the ending will change depending on whether you are good or bad yourself. Game solutions have a role for the end game. The hero can be cured or destroyed – this decision will also greatly affect the ending. In a word, a lot of factors are taken into account here. If we talk about the length of the game, it’s about 10 hours. But if you really want to recognize and explore this beautiful world, you will have to spend a hundred times more time. The game caused a lot of excitement and interest. In any case, the game will not leave you without attention and will become that tempting attraction in the game world.

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