The Crew arcade that came out in late 2014

The Crew arcade that came out in late 2014. It differed from other racing arcades with an immense map of the USA and a variety of game both to one and over the network beautiful and picturesque landscapes, rich in “customization” and other pleasant elements. From the minus one can note awkward physics, and the requirements of constant connection to the Internet and the same tasks. Continue to make a negative is not necessary – we think that the memories of many readers are still fresh.

This game became very popular and gave its developer and inventor a good income from the output of the arcade, but let’s not forget that this game is arrogant. So a short review of this game.

In The Crew 2 Ubisoft brought America, crazy in racing sports. In this open world, the world of fast driving, they only think about competitions. So we are presented with several options in which you can participate – it’s: pros, street racing, freestylers and motocross. Everyone has their own settings. You can buy and customize the vehicle.

A conditional map of the terrain over five thousand square kilometers. Recognizable sights, beautiful cities and landscapes. The appearance of megacities is a training ground. Accelerating at a tremendous speed on the idea of ​​designers, you can zaprygivat on the roofs of houses. According to the developers, their work is directed to make the arcade more interesting and accessible.

The main idea in the opinion of developers is to instill a great hope for American motorcycling. So the authors supplemented the transport park with motorcycles, boats and airplanes.

Interesting and fresh gameplay from the company when by pressing a button from the car you are already in the boat. You can enjoy a drift match, among the boats. Aircraft unfortunately we can only observe one type. The vehicle can be assigned to the chosen ones – it is in his chair that a jet jump will be carried out, which is mentioned just above.

 In high-speed swim in the boats there is an important thing, in addition to the presented buoys and “slides” – waves from opponents. Once on the wave, for a while you lose control, but you can not avoid overturning the boat. If our sensations do not lie, then physics is improved – a positive moment, is not it?

A cool option is to scale the map: when you approach the camera while exploring the terrain from a large schematic squeeze from the US atlas, at a certain moment there is a change to a look like Google Earth, that is, real paths, objects and the like are in the palm of your hand. The developer feared that the world was recreated believably and with respect to detail.

Surprisingly, the effect of a vague space shown in the trailer is actually applied in the game. In the “demo” it can be observed – in the production episode when going from car to boat. Probably, this is purely a design discovery that does not carry gameplay meaning. And yet The Crew 2 is causing, although not genuine, but certainly cautious interest. On the progress in the game affects every trick and feint, about multiplayer and internal money system, we hope that the developers will take care with greater care than last time. The name Ivory Tower still inspires confidence – after all, the studio was founded by ex-specialists Eden Games, responsible for Test Drive Unlimited. Apply for participation in the “beta” you are free here. And by the way, about the schedule – for the two currently available trailers, many have already complained about the angularity of the machines, but in a press release Ubisoft promises to plug up the holes in the visual picture with bundles of money – in particular, to make the clouds truly voluminous, to rework the display of water and fog and grow realistic grass in virtual meadows.

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