Dark Souls: Remastered

The Dark Souls series has finally completed its own cycle and invited players to return to where it all began — to the story of Lord Gwynn and The chosen dead. If there was no adventure in Druglike and Latrice, dark and crazy streets Arnama like it was all just a vision of a possible future. And for this future to come, we need to re-light the fire. My relationship with this series, frankly, quite strange. It’s now I’m crazy about her and love all the parts, when the first Dark Souls just came out, I could not play it. Literally: spent the evening to understand the mechanics and understand that it is necessary to go not to the cemetery to the skeletons, but it did not help me much. However, the game From Software so easy to give up did not. In the spring of 2012, someone created a petition to transfer the game to the PC, and for fun I signed it, though I did not believe that someone reads these petitions. It turned out that they read — at least the PC-version was announced in the end. I decided to give the game (and myself) another chance to rehabilitate myself for giving up too quickly last time. The game came out in August — I bought it, put it, run and … gone. On the first passage — without Artorias of the Abyss — I have took 70 hours. Blind, without a guide — I went through the game, reaching gwin. There I had a hard drive, burying the fruits of my game. And I started again, because by that time already imbued and understood, for what Dark Souls so loved.

The second passage turned out to be no less interesting. That’s when I decided to break up with the shield. Began carefully to collect build character and not to download everything. And it was on the second passage I adopted the rules of local PvP-and very quickly got involved in it, even despite the disgusting quality of the connection.

The remaster of Dark Souls and so valuable — he again offers to take the lands Larkana where you have once traveled, only this time the rules of the game you will be familiar. You do not shy away from every shadow, you know where you can get the right weapons and do not wander around the locations in an attempt to find a saving fire. You relax for a second, you’re dead stupid. And then again. And more. The game achieves its-you will cease to take it lightly and again take the case seriously, as many years ago.

At the same time fans of Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne, who in the first part of the series did not play, waiting for shock. At least because Dark Souls is much slower than its followers. In Bloodborne, if you’re dealt three or four blows over conventional unit of time, will cause one or two. If in Dark Souls 3 you with a scope hammered opponents in a floor a huge hammer in a second, here you will spend five, and not the fact still that attack will not interrupt.

If you don’t know what Dark Souls is, I’ll explain. Your character – the chosen dead, who will travel through the great fantasy world of Lordran. It is divided into a dozen locations, and each inhabited by vile creatures, rare (sometimes also vile) NPC and evil bosses. And for each location, character or boss here lies its own story. The plot in Dark Souls is not served by means of cut scenes and diaries, but through the study of the world, the description of objects and vague phrases of characters.

Killing enemies, the main character gets souls. This currency and means of pumping at the same time. The key feature of the game is that after death you lose all souls. Not forever, however: you can try to run to the place of death and return them, although on the road you can die again, and then have to say goodbye to the accumulated souls forever.

At the same time in the game a lot of nuances that make Dark Souls… well, the same Dark Souls. In your world can at any time invade other players and cut you into pieces. You will go to explore a remote location and eventually find yourself nowhere, without the slightest idea how to get out. You can spend hours testing different types of weapons, deciding what is best suited.

I would not be surprised if someone says that the first part is outdated, and it is better to skip, but this, to put it mildly, is not so. In other parts of the series of gameplay mechanics is exactly the same (except that Bloodborne stands out) — and differ only in the overall pace and individual details.

However, some elements really look archaic. For example, you can teleport between the fires only after passing the bosses of Anor Londo — the executioner of Smoog and the dragon fighter of Ornstein, whom all players seem to hate. Redistribute the characteristics of the hero and does not. And the gestures all the same it is impossible to break that can put you under attack in PvP.

Even the graphics have changed slightly — so at least it seems for the first time after starting the game. Yes, tightened the texture, added details to the armor and characters and a little bit played with the lighting. It, by the way, many abused — say, in the trailers the game looked too bright. However, the authors of the remaster managed to improve a number of old locations, making them even more beautiful and atmospheric than before. As for the fact that” it became lighter ” I will say this: I used to run through the Tomb of giants to the first fire without any light sources, and this time I had to get to the surface and run to the Dawn of Olachil to buy her spell of light-so in the Crypt is now dark. The rules of the game have not changed at all. Dark Souls is still as honest as possible with the player. It does not try to cheat and suddenly complicate the player’s life. If you did something wrong and died, then it was likely your mistake. Exception two: if you died due to a bug, and if you killed another player. In the first part, the intruders could not drink estus to be treated, and at some point inside the community there was a kind of code of battles. Unspoken, of course, and observed by far not all, but many players still stick to it. The rules are generally simple: bow or wave to the enemy before the fight and not whip estus buckets. And don’t attack one in a crowd. In the remaster, the restriction on the estus was removed, as a result of the game there are many players who invade you, catch three or four strokes and start running around the location, trying to heal. And no, I’m not complaining: players who follow the unwritten code, still missing, just annoying to get these would-be intruders from another full of enemies the room, where they ran into trying to set on you mobs.

Another small but nice change in the remaster is support for more players online (now up to six) and dedicated servers. The original suffered greatly from the P2P connection, because the network mode worked very crookedly. Here everything works perfectly.

The Covenant system is also not gone. Especially pleased that again you can join the Lords of the graves-analogues of this Covenant in the rest of the series have not come up. The rest are quite familiar – here and sanbro, helping with pumping, and red intruders, and the blue “judge” — all in place and ready for battle again.

For those who like to pass Dark Souls in co-op, added the ability to search for characters of comrades with a password, as in Dark Souls 3 or Bloodborne. For fans of the series Dark Souls: Remastered will be a return to his home. This house may seem to someone too dark and old, someone will complain that there is too much creak the floorboards, and from the closet grins someone’s skull. However, less dear and loved this house becomes. A person can change an apartment, move to another city, but he will still remember with warmth the place where his journey began. The fact that the game is easily time-tested, says not only a huge army of fans, but also the number of theories that players are trying to tie together all the last five games From Software. What if the world of Dark Souls was “born” from the demonic fog of Boletaria, and Yarnam is a picture painted by a girl from Ashes of Ariandel? Or is the action of all the games set in one world, just on different continents and in different time period? We will never know the answer, so we just have to build a theory.

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