Extinction for all platform’s Reviews

The developers prepared a whole series consisting of seven chapters, during which not only set but also spontaneous tasks are performed for the game. The missions in Extinction are very similar. You will always fight in a virtually enclosed space, destroyed by the giants in a few minutes.

The story line lasts for two scenarios: character dialogs, as well as pleasant animated videos. The process of saving the world, unfortunately does not give a complete picture that captures the spirit. In a word, you can characterize this game with the words: Avil will save the whole world!

But fortunately with this game is not so bad. But it’s too early to rejoice. The essence of almost every battle is to keep or destroy huge monsters, to save townspeople or towers. The population of cities is always milled by crystal-portals, waiting for salvation. Aville can easily activate these stones and move people there from where they will not get monsters. In this case, when Avil reaches the portals is amusing and funny as a heap of monsters runs to attack him. But since he must activate them, he raises his hand up and utters special words. At this time, the population is dying from the attack of monsters on the city. As it becomes uncomfortable with such a plot and sometimes boring.

His blade acts in two types of attacks: the first – sighting, with a jerk and slowing down time, the second – the usual mahi, folding into endless combinations. You can also avoid the opponent. At the beginning of the game everything looks very much cheerful and alive. The hero easily copes with opponents, killing one after another. Here you will not find a large number of small opponents because the game process is aimed to fight against the giants and not with trivialities.

Avoiding battle with small enemies is to discover the skill of acceleration. In the corner of the screen, the percentage of “health” of the city is falling. When the indicator reaches zero, there will be no one to fall. Therefore, we must act quickly. What could be better? The process of chopping out bald monsters’ skulls only looks really simple. When a hero jumps on the head of a monster, he needs to apply a special hangman skill. To charge the sword, you must fill a special scale. Kill small monsters, save townspeople and break the armor of the future headless here is the way of victory. And finally we got to the most interesting. Destroying the equipment of hefty ogres is the most colorful thing that Extinction has. The developer studio tried its best. No kidding. Raiveni are subdivided by type, each with its own coloring and armor. Some wear wooden shields and knee pads, others do not abhor special metals, thorns or even bone armor with magic. One life and endless enemies. The more expensive the opponents will be sold to life – the higher the score. Every day in Extinction, missions will appear that do not fundamentally differ from those that are in the campaign. It’s still fun. What do you think was the last regime? Fight! And what in it it is necessary to do? Correctly! Fight on, forgive me, Lord, the pre-generated levels, which are divided by the numbers of the ciders. That’s the kind of love for a great random. Only one mode is created in advance – a test of rapid salvation. Shining his heels, Amill for a time saves people. Difficult, boring, tired of the campaign.

In general, aside all this madness, let’s take a local presentation. Graphics cause associations with Orcs Must Die. It is laconic with a bias in cartoonishness. By the standards of the platform it looks not rich, but in our age of boundless love for the old school and pixels, many will prefer such a visual series, not retro. Sounds and music can not be scolded or praised at all. They are and do not cause any negative or positive emotions, unlike most other aspects of the game.

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