Hitman Absolution an ineradicable part is to consider the cold-blooded killer

An ineradicable part is to consider the cold-blooded killer and his indifference to the fate of another person. Before you hit the season Hitman Absolute. Thin murders, artful disguise, his ability to kill secretly and beautifully. Here are all the qualities of this incredible shooter from the company IO Interactive. When 47 is surrounded by a multitude of mercenary killers, you can enjoy an innovation called Slow Motion Keel. Pinch with cnhk select the opponent and shoot exactly to the head success 100 percent.

Hitman Absolution definitely differs from previous games of the Hitman series. We are used to seeing 47 as a cold-blooded, noiseless killer, if he has a contract for you to write a will. You will never escape from him!

 But it is in this part of the game that he leads his “game” and no longer submits to the agency.

The storyline begins with a contract of 47 for a former agent. Her last request before her death will be to save the girl Victoria, which is needed by the agency. The scenario in Hitman: Absolution on “Oscar” certainly does not pretend, but it is quite intriguing to itself, in places even keeps in suspense and regularly supplies us with colorful moral monsters and bright scenes: what is it worth only running through the hippy brothel with hide and seek in the cannabis bushes, diversion in a strip club or deadly fireworks in Chinatown. Even within the limits of those linear levels where Hitman is engaged, by and large, not his own business, he can act like a real Forty-Seven: for example, not just slip by the guards, and arrange a deadly trap for them or divert attention by including a film projector. At the same time, those locations where the authors include true Hitman are made for a long time: as always, IO Interactive, there is a very rich environment, full of all details, funny or witty dialogues, which often contain important information. This is what does not allow Hitman: Absolution to fall below a certain level, making you rack your brains over the verdict: like, after all, the game is good, in places it’s just gorgeous, but something is wrong with it. More linear levels, smaller card sizes, obvious and repetitive the methods of murder, to which the game often itself unequivocally pushes, the system of shelters – reading about it, you might think that the game became easier and “casual.” And that would be quite logical, considering everything that we mentioned above about modern trends, a new audience. So in fact, no. On the contrary, in places Hitman: Absolution is played much harder than previous games of the series. And this is just about the main problem, the evidence that the developers have lost their ground, without really deciding on who the game is actually designed for.

Forty-Seventh now can also look through the walls, highlighting important items, tracing the guards themselves and even the routes of their movement. For this, the resource “instinct” is responsible, which is accumulated as we perform tasks, quietly cut down enemies and hide them.

It seems to be convenient and good. But on the other hand, the authors clearly overdid the system of camouflage. It has become more realistic: if you get dressed in an electrician’s suit, the cops or bandits will not suspect anything, but other electricians will quickly understand that it’s not Petrovich, but some bald, suspicious man in his overalls. But, firstly, why such a “realizm” in the game, where such convenient for storing corpses boxes, cabinets and chest of drawers are scattered at every step and even stand in the toilet of a fashionable hotel, and the enemies searching for you will never guess to look behind the curtain?

Let’s sum up some result. In general, the game turned out well. Good graphics, interesting plot, colorful characters and delicious gameplay – all these are components of the game Hitman: Absolution, but there are not any disadvantages here, although they are insignificant. The result is one: play all the fans of the series and try to enjoy the players previously unacquainted with this bald guy with a barcode on the back of his head.

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