Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World we are called in the editorial ” damn game.”

The first author to whom it fell into the hands, shamelessly failed all possible embargoes and deadlines, long delayed the change, and then completely changed his mind to finish the review. The following handled it much faster, but the text we rejected ourselves and have decided that it is better to fail in time, but will ensure that the review was sensible. Third it took to write Ksenia Atasheva… but she did not have time to the desired date, falling with temperature.

And now, a month and a half after the release, the review is finally ready!

Yes, all decent terms of publication have long passed-but we are just glad that this epic is finally over.

The fact that Monster Hunter: World will be successful at home, there was no doubt: the new part of the game series with a fourteen-year history, comics and anime based on simply could not go unnoticed. And on advertising in February Capcom not stingy — in Tokyo Monster Hunter: World was everywhere. Videos from the game played on TV in electronics stores, advertising posters were hung with all the shops of games and hobby products. Even vitamins on TV advertised not vigorous office workers, and hunters beating with a dragon.

But the fact that the transition to a modern home platform will allow the series to finally get out of the ghetto for the strange Japanese games and become an international hit, was hard to believe. And in vain: Capcom managed to dispel prejudices and create a game that is interesting to players of all sexes, ages and nationalities.

In Monster Hunter, the player tries on the role of a hunter who tracks down and kills monsters, and then makes them fangs, claws, skins and other parts of weapons and equipment to be able to fight even more fierce creatures. The cycle is repeated many times until the game runs out of new monsters, and the player does not collect raw materials to create all the necessary things.

This will have more than once or twice to go for the same trophy: one skin to get dressed from head to toe, of course, is not enough. And no luck here can not do: as in a multiplayer RPG, falling out of monsters raw materials have a different degree of rarity, so special items must be knocked out for a long time. The game, of course, has a through story, served in the form of a series of pathos rollers. But let’s be honest: any turn in the end leads to another battle with the monster.

This endless grind does not turn into a mortal boredom only due to the fact that every monster, except for the little things that are confused underfoot, is a special boss. Any huge creature must have several types of attacks, from which you need to learn to Dodge, and weaknesses, where it is worth aiming, and some parts of the body (most often — the tail) can be cut off to get an additional reward.

Many monsters in addition beat a current, spit poison and burn the hunter therefore at the first meeting it is necessary to be especially accurate, and at the subsequent — not to be lazy to change into the armor blocking a damage from a certain element. Encounters with monsters are like boss battles in Dark Souls, God Eater and other adventure and role-playing games where the hero has to dance around a huge enemy.

There is where to turn

However, the battles in Monster Hunter: World also has its own highlight. If most of these games (and in the last part of the series) boss fights take place in small arenas, here the battlefield is a vast location where you can find both useful for hunting devices and unnecessary trouble. Monsters do not stand still: having received significant damage, they run away to later give the hunter a rebuff in the open area, or, on the contrary, hide in the lair, where the hunter is more difficult to avoid meeting with their teeth and claws. Monsters are smart enough to use the environment to their advantage: they can climb a hill and jump on the hunter from above or, for example, to roll in the mud to their thick skin was harder to break.

Hunter such tricks are also not alien. The monster can be brought to the thickets of vines, in which he gets confused, or to the shaky stones that fall and temporarily immobilize him. The Firefly is able to blind enemies, toad-paralyze, and from the cut plant will flow a puddle of poison, poison anyone who comes into it. Giving a monster a fight in a clearing full of medicinal herbs and insects is also a good idea: they heal faster and more effectively than potions. You can use home-made traps, but you can do to pit the two monsters to each other and to sit quietly in the bushes. Monster Hunter: World encourages observation and ingenuity, and it’s great variety of gameplay.

Young naturalist

The interactivity of the environment plunges into the atmosphere of the game: majestic forests, mountains and coasts are perceived not as a background, but as real ecosystems, where in addition to giant monsters full of all living creatures, vegetation, secret paths and mysterious messages.

At first glance, it seems that their realism they owe only to the schedule. The picture here is really amazing: artists and programmers Capcom with all responsibility approached to development and managed to create at the same time plausible, bright and original world. The Monster Hunter series has always had an unusual design, combining primitive and fantasy motifs, and now it can finally be seen in all its glory on the big screen.

Bizarre monsters like dinosaurs and dragons are extremely convincing thanks to the gorgeous animation: the threat coming from them is felt in every movement, every look. Impressive and attention to detail: the corners of the dark caves flickering glowing moss, on the branches of trees in the woods sitting beetles, trunks grow mushrooms and herbs, insects scurrying in the air, from under the feet sprinkle all sorts of newts, lizards and protein-like rodents. Day changes night, and the view of the dawn in the mountains or evening twilight in the jungle is breathtaking.

What is especially nice, most of this splendor-not the scenery, and resources to create potions, traps, shells and other useful things. The game tries not to leave the hunter idle for a minute: in addition to the next subject task which will somehow lead to collision with the monster, it is always ready to offer a heap of side. Quests range from killing or capturing one or more monsters to gathering resources: mushrooms, for example, or skins of small animals. It’s nice sometimes to take a break from the battles and just wander through the picturesque places — as well as to visit with a new outfit in the lair of a recently seemed dangerous monster and literally sweep the floor with it.

And today I will play bagpipes!

Although Monster Hunter: World refer to role-playing games, the characteristics of the character here can not be affected. The levels in the game replace the hunter’s rank, which increases as the story progresses, and the abilities are completely dependent on the equipment. It consists of five parts — each is created separately, has its own indicators of protection from different elements and a special skill.

Skills are very different: they can, for example, increase the strength or speed of the attack, increase the damage from the elements, block attacks, increase the probability of loss of raw materials after the murder. The power of these boosts can be increased if you wear things with the same or related skills at the same time. And that I have not mentioned about amulets and capes, which can be created or received as a reward for completing tasks. In General, the imagination of the player is limited only by the presence of his free time and the desire to repeatedly beat out of the monsters materials.

Classes in the game, too. But there are fourteen types of weapons for every taste, each — several options for improvement. So, twin swords allow you to hit fast designed komboudary, but not allowed to defend themselves and are forced to stay close to the monster. The spear is slow, but it can be applied powerful strikes from a distance, Glaive allows you to attack the enemy in the air, and bow — fire at him from afar.

Some weapons are better suited for single player, others-for the team, and some are so tricky combo that they will require a lot of concentration and practice. But here the game does not think anyone limit: all types of weapons are available from the beginning, with each you can practice, having studied all the nuances. And to go on a mission with other weapons, too, at any time. Only, as it is easy to guess, poking a simple piece of iron in a strong monster is not very effective — and therefore have to go again and collect resources for improvement.

Oh, it’s hard

Although Monster Hunter: World looks like a modern international game, some still classify it as a strange and complex creations of the Japanese IGROPROM. The position is controversial, but, admittedly, not groundless. The gameplay itself can not be called difficult: the blows, as well as evasion of attacks, do not require a second and millimeter accuracy, and the open nature of the locations allows you to escape from the monster and calmly recover. Gathering resources for endless improvements of weapons and armor can be called a chore — but it’s the whole essence of the game. And it again is not so rare: in multiplayer role-playing games farm and grindit have constantly, and team shooters like Warframe often sin. In Monster Hunter World, at least, all players are equal: there are no microtransactions and luchboxes, all produced exclusively by honest labor.

Eastern roots, as well as a considerable age of the series, are easily guessed only by the bulky menu. From multi-level tabs, even the veteran role-playing eyes twitch — what can we say about beginners. Capcom tried to make an interface familiar to longtime fans but friendly to newcomers — and failed. Tasks, subtasks, and mission resource orders are recorded in different sections. To improve the weapons of iron and bone should go to the menu in different ways. The way skills will be summed up from wearing armor, too, is not obvious… all these little things, but they are great annoying and also take time.

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