Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The day before yesterday, square Enix publishing house held the so — called presentation event in the heart of London-a large-scale event dedicated to Shadow of the Tomb Raider. A huge crowd of journalists and bloggers from around the world allowed forty minutes to play in the new issue of the restarted adventure series about the most charming tomb raider. And since I was among them, it’s time to share my impressions of the new portion of the adventures of miss Croft. The most important thing to understand-this is not a new game. Fresh ideas and gameplay elements reviewers in it, it seems, will have to look under a microscope, and it is not a fact that there are. The canadian Studio Eidos Montreal acted as such apprentice (for Tomb Raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider, I will remind, responsible Crystal Dynamics) and decided not to invent the wheel. However, perhaps the chosen strategy is reasonable, because the franchise and so recently restarted.. Canadians took the developments of the past parts and on their basis create another fascinating story about the noble tomb raider — with a bunch of puzzles, mandatory archery and brand crawling on steep walls with ice axes. From the point of view of the production in the game, everything is still changed only the scenery: this time it is Mexico. On city streets (of course, through the corridor, what the fork?) noisy colorful celebration of death. It was at this time, Lara decides to find the ancient and, importantly, the underground Mayan pyramid, to unravel the tangle of secrets — the Eclipse, the resurrection of otherworldly forces, the onset of Eternal Darkness and further on the list.

Prevent the main character contracted well known to us in the last part and the recent film organization “Trinity”, the leaders of which also want to get to the sacred place within their villainous interests. And the developers casually mentioned that a little screen time will take a couple of old friends miss Croft-Sam and Reyes.

Lara will have to remember everything she was taught two games in a row.

Bend the fingers. Crawling through trenches and sneaking up from the back, stabbing enemies? Got it! For a long time to hold your breath and swim under water, overcoming the long underground tunnels of ancient tombs? Where without it! To walk on steep walls is not worse than another Prince, to swing on a rope and waving through bottomless abyss? Ask!

To stick ice picks in the spongy areas of rocks? You didn’t even have to mention it! Shoot straight from the bow (by the way, the position of the camera in these moments, a bit corrected)? Yes, without a quiver of arrows, Lara is on street a foot! The demo shuffled all these familiar elements together, changing the scenes from careful walks around the city to performing acrobatic sketches among the tropics.

At the tactile level, it feels exactly the same as before. Almost took the leap — hammering on QTE-button the girl managed to cling to the ledge. Not enough swung the rope-happily jumped into the abyss. You want to climb the steep slope faster? Is to move short spurts up, not melancholy to move the axes one after the other.

And the old mechanics of removing obstacles on the spot: buried in a log barrier, wrapped in ropes-one shot from a bow with a special arrow with a rope, and Lara powerful jerk break the log.

If you’ve been through it all, the game can painlessly “to speedrun this game” on the machine: to analyze my actions at all to anything. The spinal cord and muscle memory work.

As for the above-mentioned top-secret underground pyramid-temple, there is a long time to suffer, too, did not have to. Puzzle with suspended from the ceiling bells in wooden boxes and pushing the cart-weights solved elementary – I want to believe that the players are waiting for more complex tasks ahead, tied to the physics of the surrounding elements. The main thing that I have

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