Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the giddy best of everything Nintendo

Despite the fact that it is one of the largest franchises of Nintendo for the last two decades, I have some kind of conflict with Super Smash Bros. After the 2001 Fatal Memory Card Wipe destroyed more than 200 hours of playing time on Super Smash Bros. Game Me, is a senseless tragedy in which every character and trophy that could be unlocked could not bring himself to play one more record for so long. Good news: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the switch can just make me nice and nice and take everyone else out with the full enjoyment of the best that is in Smash. The newest release in the series of crossovers, dominated by the presentation of the N3 for the E3 2018, corresponds to its name, in every game character that has ever appeared in the game Smash, plus several new ones – Inklings from Splatoon and Ridley, an evil cosmic pirate from the Metroid series . Being the newest additions to the series, and with my own skills in the game, atrophied because of many years of disgust, they seemed to be ideal to try out first during sessions on E3. Nothing is comparable to this game. Ridley proves that he is an absolute beast, perhaps the biggest character in the game and is able to limit the flight if you repeatedly press the jump buttons (X or Y). In the game, where you win, choosing enemies, flying from the screen or from the platform. You can switch between Inkling Boy or Inkling Girl, and each of them has four color options. Although they are of average size and strength for the Smash fighter, their fighting style and attributes that they bring with them from Splatoon make them feel quite complex characters, better suited for more experienced players. You can throw ink on all arenas, as in their home game, which has an additional bonus of temporary capture of other fighters. Inklings can also move between forms of humanoids and squid, for an additional range and mobility. However, most of their attacks require ink, the tricky use of a standard shield, the transition to squid form and the refilling of your reserves from the ink pools in which you have already splashed.

While Ridley and Inklings are the only brand new characters in which Ultimate introduces “Echo Fighters”. These are warriors who used to be just alternative costumes for other characters – for example, Princess Daisy as a recolored Princess Peach, but now they are different fighters. It is exactly how they differ, yet to be seen, but hard fans, no doubt, will be able to master each character and their differences. Ultimate is also going to new stages, and Moray Towers is another addition from Splatoon, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is represented by the tower of the Great Plateau. Others can be added before the release of the game on December 7, but for the E3 build it was the only add-on. Of these, Moray Towers offers the most unexpected surprises. It has some good verticality to it, with several ramps zigzagging from top to bottom, which are ideal for pouring out in ink stopping the enemy, but there is no destructibility for it, and it remains constant during the match. Conversely, the Tower of the Great Plateau offers a more dynamic arena, starting with a protected dome, which then collapses during the battle, opening the field for greater freedom of movement. This is exactly what I expect from the Smash Bros. stage, keeping the players on their feet, as the conditions of the battle around them. For all newcomers, the system of basic attacks on A + B, each of which is modified when pressed in combination with the direction, and surprisingly powerful screen that can deliver short moments of invulnerability, if it is activated at the right time, is easily selected

Of course, being a multiplayer game on the Nintendo switch, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate uses the advantages of Joy-Cons to provide a multi-user mode. The whole control scheme is perfectly combined with one Joy-Con ,. However, despite the massive focus that Nintendo provided to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on this E3 this year, there were no signs of other game modes other than regular battles. I hope we will see more about this soon. Perhaps in Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, in August, fortunately, the battles are as fast and insane as before, with an amazing level of tactics that underlie what might seem a frightening game at first glance. Hardcore players will no doubt want to separate the game in order to master the various settings that were implemented for the new game, but until now it seems that Nintendo has again mastered the secret balance between the complexity and affordability that Super Smash Bros makes. so special


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