The Last of Us 2 using the new technology of facial animation

Using the new technology of facial animation by the creators of the game in The Last of Us 2 significantly influenced the fact that earlier because of the imperfection of the cameras they often had to redo the facial animation of the heroes of the original part. In the second part of this problem will not be, and the facial expressions of the characters completely change and become much steeper level. Naughty Dog also uses the latest technology of facial animation for the game, the newest technology that uses and SONY.

The game developers confirmed that they use the “upgraded engine” to work on the sequel. Most likely, this is a home engine from Naughty Dog, but no details about it are unknown – it can be both an improved version of the old engine of the studio, and a completely new technology. In any case, with engines Naughty Dog never failed – the original The Last of Us squeezed from the PlayStation 3 to the last drop, giving a stunning picture.

In August 2017 one of the users of Reddit was able to calculate the city in which to unfold the events of the sequel. For this, he carefully studied the preview trailer and the whole essence of the game in search of at least some tips and recognizable landscapes, and he found them.

In the trailer, he spotted familiar streets and ATMs, whose appearance is familiar to all residents of the American city of Seattle. The theory that the plot of The Last of Us: Part 2 will unfold in Seattle has also been confirmed by official concept artifacts: one of them clearly reveals a rather unusual building with, and on the other a public parking lot with a recognizable sign – and both of these buildings he managed to find in Seattle.

In the course of the redditor launched even less convincing argument, which is that the vegetation in the district of Seattle is very similar to the one that we were shown in the debut trailer. In addition, video game developers and filmmakers really like to use Seattle for their films and games. Yes, and Joel and Ellie in the original The Last of Us traveled near the state of Washington, in which Seattle is located.

From the development of the game, Bruce Strawley withdrew, taking a long vacation a year and saying that he would not participate in the creation of the second part of The Last of Us. And some time later it became known that a well-known actress and screenwriter Halle Vegrin Gross was invited to develop the script. Previously, she worked on the “World of the Wild West”.

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