Walking dead video game review

It was hard not to guess that after the end of the fourth episode that the final of the game would be so devastating. If the previous series were filled with actions of fierce and fighting, then No Time Left – it’s calm and quiet. ” He is sometimes interrupted by some kind of harsh action when you are offered to cut off your own hand or two people who are already relatives are killed by your stupidity. Having lost the whole family, the sick person walks along the path, paying no attention to anything, just brushing aside the zombies, only for the sake of it, there appeared only one ray of light that is a little girl with a short haircut …

There is almost no music and no sounds, there are no complicated solutions to problems that were sometimes encountered before, only long conversations and a premonition of the end. Significant and important dialogues reveal the characters and explain a lot. And now a person who does not love, is ready to give his life, not even for a man, but for the fact that it was not painful … If we talk about the season as a whole, it could have been done better. The developers could come up with more interesting, really serious tasks: they might not so frankly draw some episodes to the scenario-planned effect: why do we need to talk long and not shoot at the enemy and hide, and then die yourself?

Unfortunately, during the game you will not be able to make a decision. We have influenced only sometimes and only on some local phenomena. And the ending was prepared in advance. Maybe, our decisions, at least somehow, will affect the events of the second season, which the finale hints at, but it’s not a fact either.

In fact, the developers managed in just six months to do the following: they acquainted us with the hero, given the opportunity to love him and then unfortunately destroyed him. It is this finale that seems to be the only true, strong and right. Everything fades before him. I do not want to murmur, grumble, explain how it was possible to do better, say that Lee could well survive, and they, holding hands, would go to meet the pink sunset, and a fresh wind would stroke their hair … No, would not have gone. And you perfectly understand this. Criticize there is no desire. And I want, first, to bow low at the writers’ feet. In the finals, they tied together the genre of Everett’s relationship with his past and little Clementina, and then invented an equally brilliant ending that they urgently needed to replace the authors of the same TV series. The last, at least in the second season, is very far from what created Telltale Games in the video game. And, secondly, I very much want to see in the inevitable continuation of a little girl who never grows long hair and always wears a walkie-talkie on her side – in the hope that one day she will wake up, realize that it was just a nightmare, and again will hear a familiar voice: “Clem, Clem, do you hear me? This is Lee. I found your baseball cap! “

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