This Is the Police 2

The release of the first part of This is the Police for many players was a pleasant surprise. A team of developers from Belarus has created a fascinating Manager, combined with a visual novel in which it is necessary to subtly manage the police station, constantly balancing on the verge of good and evil. Addictive gameplay with black humor in the tasks and harsh drama in the main plot provided the project popularity, and the announcement of the sequel was only a matter of time.

Картинки по запросу This Is the Police 2 обзор

The second part of the police drama meets the players in the provincial town of Sharpwood, located somewhere in the North. The air here is permeated with the spirit of the American province. Instead of caps, cops wear Ranger hats, and the challenges do not go to the Ford Crown Victoria, and on the jeep Cherokee JX SUV, the outlines of which are easily recognized even in a minimalist style of play.

The story begins with an introduction to the new Sheriff of the city of Lilly reed, which will maintain order. Despite the quiet wilderness, in Sharpwood wielded various criminal structures and just small hooligans. The situation is complicated by local cops who are not used to follow instructions from a young girl, but Warren Nash comes to the rescue, whose hands you will manage a small police Department, helping the Sheriff to deal with the problems of Sharpwood. References to the first part appear almost immediately, but to avoid spoilers, we will not disclose further details of the plot.

The first innovation meets us at the very beginning of the game. In the sequel there were tactical missions, where the player controls the manner of XCOM squad cops in step mode. Before starting the operation, you can collect additional information and explore the map. Often, to obtain useful information, you need to somehow win over a witness, for example, to buy a cigarette of a trucker or give warm shoes to a homeless person. At the beginning of the task, until one of your characters is not noticed, the cops can act secretly, hiding behind cover and watching the criminals. Neutralize the villains can be in different ways. They can be stunned and arrested or simply killed.

Statement of the purpose of missions is different and not always required just to eliminate the opponents. For example, in one of the tasks you need to defuse the bomb in 13 moves, and in the other to save the hostages unnoticed.

Картинки по запросу This Is the Police 2 обзор

After the introduction and familiarity with the main characters of the player waiting for a more familiar to the first part of the gameplay, which is necessary to track crimes on the map and send the police there. Icons with tasks appear only for a while, ignoring them can lead to sad consequences, which ultimately will have a negative impact on the results at the end of the day.

Calls can be false – and in this case for their pass no damage. However, unlike the original, now the tasks have a minimum level and you just can not send one bad COP to a major crime.

The next innovation is in the profiles of the guardians of order. In addition to the abstract General level, the characters appeared pumped characteristics and skills that depend on them, which characters can use in tactical battles. For example, power allows for more efficient use of the baton, stealth makes it possible to sneak up on the enemy, and the skill of the negotiator can force the offender to surrender.

In addition, each character has four inventory cells, in which the player can put a variety of devices and gadgets to facilitate police work. Like a Taser and a flash-Bang grenade.

Some cops have character traits: someone may not want to go on a mission with a low-level partner, someone refuses to work with women. In addition, some police officers may experience serious problems with alcohol, so they will come to work with a hangover and risk getting into an accident. However, unlike the first part, they do not die immediately, and can be injured, which will disable them for some time.

Картинки по запросу This Is the Police 2 обзор

Some subordinates initially hostile to the new chief, they are dressed not according to the Charter, can refuse to carry out certain orders, and in tactical missions will act only at its discretion. To win over such a policeman, you need to indulge him in every way and let go of work when he requires it. But you can’t be a good boss all the time. Employees are often not enough, so let a couple of cops from work, the player risks to be in a situation where all the available police are already on the job, and no one to take a new challenge. This can all lead to tragic consequences for the civilian population, and all because one has asked to work to read a book, and the other complains about too bright lamps in the Department.

All these innovations allow each police officer to be a unique character. As in the case of XCOM, this approach not only expands and deepens management, but also binds the player to the character, forcing to think carefully about each action, so as not to lose a valuable COP.

Since there is no division into patrol and detectives in this area, ordinary police officers should investigate the crimes already committed. Best of all with this task the staff with pumped intelligence cope. The rest is almost like before. From the data you need to correctly recreate the crime in the pictures. However, there was not without innovations. Now suspects can be multiple and, understanding the case, you must accuse the right person.

The task of the player will not only trips to the official challenges, but also some underground activities. Most often, these are some personal requests, after which various additional opportunities will open up. For example, the purchase and sale of police equipment or the cure of alcoholism selected officers.

These tasks will be performed only by loyal employees, and not everyone will be able to cope with this or that assignment. A poorly chosen COP can accidentally kill an innocent person, then become depressed and kill himself as a result.

At the end of each day, the total is summed up and points are awarded for the work done in the form of tongues from beer cans. Each successful challenge adds a few points, and the death of a civilian or other failures take them away. The main task of the game: always be in the black, and if three days in a row the balance of the tongues is zero, then you will find Game Over.

After all the calculations on the points earned, you can hire new cops and replenish consumables in the form of cartridges for the tyzer and grenades. At some point in the area begins a confrontation between your Department and the other, and earned during the day aluminum chips will be the main argument in the dispute. All this makes the game more intense and exciting

Картинки по запросу This Is the Police 2 обзор

In addition to the updated mechanics, This is the Police 2 is able to please and a kind of humor, which sometimes can be very black. Descriptions of ridiculous situations and even terrible deaths make you smile and shy at the same time.

Since it happens somewhere in the 80-ies of the last century, the game is literally riddled with nostalgia and various jokes on this topic. For example, scenes from local film blockbusters, which are often discussed by residents of Sharpwood, often cause a smile, and the name of the films like “Bloody shirt 4” or “Wind blows to hell” perfectly characterize the films of the time and allow even more to plunge into the atmosphere of the game.

If the text quests a lot of funny and frivolous moments, when the story begins, the player is immersed in a dramatic story with the vile manipulation, setups and various human tragedies. All this is also served as a visual novel. The dialogues are well voiced and the actors perfectly convey all the emotions, despite the retro graphics.

This is the Police 2 – a proper sequel, which develops the ideas of the original. The developers managed to maintain a delicate balance between good and varied gameplay, humorous situations and oppressive dramatic story.

Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom

I’m sorry that Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom decided to release with a serial number in the title, because the first part of it has almost nothing to do. For the Japanese, this is, of course, a familiar and understandable story (Final Fantasy, Persona), but in the narrow-minded world of wide-eyed sequel almost never arouses interest outside the already established fan base.

Pity, because to discuss Ni no Kuni II want just with those who will not be loyal to her, and cruel. Almost all the game press came together in an extremely controversial position: the game, of course, in all senses stupid, but what a heartfelt! Really want not to fall into the same trap, but to circumvent it is almost impossible.

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom обзор игры

Reviant Kingdom is a quasi-Ghibli. As if Yes, but no

The first Ni no Kuni started with the idea to make a game in the style of Hayao Miyazaki (Hayao Miyazaki), so the visual style for the series — it is just a genre, and the plot and form. But if the first part was done in close cooperation with the legendary animation Studio, this one does not put large partner logos on the cover. In fact, nothing terrible happened: the artistic component is engaged in the same people, just no longer in the Ghibli.

So get ready for an incredible, truly incredible journey. It will begin in our world, together with Roland, the President, who dies from the atomic bomb and is transferred to the world of fantasy. There are all too real evil rat people are poisoning the lion king and arranges a coup in the cat Kingdom. Roland, who flew by, grabs under the arm of crown Prince Evan and agrees to become a personal consultant.

This pair will create their own Kingdom — without blackjack and conscription. In the program — finding new friends, dramatic trials, monsters and cute magical creatures.

Like the works of Ghibli, this is a kind of road movie: adventures go one after another, caricature characters replace each other, magical worlds and wonderful situations are hidden around every corner. Here you just came out of the valley of the Wyvern, as soon as they got to the house of an old woman, breeding the spirits of nature. A little more walk on the global map, as you are already addictive to explore the cave, where the hordes of rats there is a mysterious door.

Roland and Evan will play in the politics of deciding the Affairs of state. It’s great-rich, very charming and unobtrusive. But not in muzakowski.

The first game is much better to convey the spirit of cartoons, because, first, contained real animated inserts. Second, Ni no Kuni told a personal story. The second part tries to be more adult, telling in scales of the whole state. But there is no real depth behind this, and personal drama is lost.

Fabulous ease is often confused with primitivism, and if some scenario moves and ideas want to applaud, then there is nothing to praise. There’s no relationship evolution, there’s no really tangible Prince growth, and most of the characters are flat — chops of the same mood.

But for some reason Ni no Kuni II wants to make a discount. Yes, flat. But what charming! Yes, the character does not change globally. But in the important screensavers all right! Yes, this argument is far-fetched. But will play — you will understand!

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom обзор игры

Which is better – one deep mechanic or a lot of fun?

This is a question that will determine your relationship with Revenant Kingdom, because that makes the choice in favor of the second. There are many types of gameplay, but hardly one can boast of a serious study.

First of all, you build your Kingdom. But is not even close to urban simulation — thus, sweeping the wrapped menu flow. From urban development here is only a well-transmitted feeling of growth of your Empire. But no real problems.

From traveling here-a global map, which walk the little “chibik”, looking for secrets in the bushes and occasionally clearing the dungeon. With the latter, there is nothing to explain: everything that comes to mind with the words “to clean the dungeon”is relevant.

The combat mechanics are beautiful: it’s a massacre, where all three playable characters are busy with their work in a common pile-small, and you care about the strategic position on the battlefield Yes timely use of destructive “skills”.

Finally, there is Total War for the little ones-a mini-game to control the troops on the battlefield. Imagine yourself a schoolboy who walks neighborly dogs four at a time, and they run around on leashes and pounce on everything that falls into the radius of defeat. This is a strategic regime.

In all this there are many nuances and difficulties: in the strategy — the ability of units and call for help, in battle — the need to monitor the charge of weapons and different types of enemies, in the construction — the eternal shortage of labor. But all this nonsense, fake interest heaters, which do not really give room for honing the skill, and create the appearance that you are something constantly (and kind of like with the mind!) do.

And … this, too, want forgive. Because the game itself is extremely easy and nothing at all claims. You can search for fights only high-level opponents, and specifically to clean out the dungeon slowly (they become more complicated over time), but to require complexity of so cute and unobtrusive entertainment — wrong. Although, on the other hand, it is fair to demand the complexity of the 50-hour entertainment.

Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom

Is it bad that everything is held on magic? Holding up!

Approaching game mechanics with scientific meticulousness, assessing their real usefulness, checking the quality of the script, you will achieve nothing. After all, the game has a style, sound, design and internal power.

It works in this way, precisely because it is simple. Charming, sincere, captivating purity of motives of heroes and playful rules of the world. Do you care about the problems with the interface, if it is possible to unearth a local “Instagram” with its internal characters? Does it matter how you kill “boss”, if it looks epic due to the production, music and effects?

Ni no Kuni II is a hymn to three things. The futility of any games, the immateriality of any deficiencies, the relativity of all evaluations. This JRPG, which at all desire will not be described as the sum of the components: for what do not take, everything sounds either bland or primitive. But the game as a whole inevitably leaves the impression of a well-told family fairy tale, which I want to recommend even the most severe bearded Forester.

Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia

The creative Assembly development team is simply the epitome of British conservatism (in the best sense of the word). Generations of consoles are changing, virtual reality is progressing, people are already catching pokemon in the parks, and the guys from Assembly since 2000 develop a single series of global strategies, waving off the mournful predictions of the death of the genre.

Inhabited island

An offshoot of Saga, subtitled the developers intended for smaller, but also notable historical events. In Thrones of Britannia, the passions boil exclusively on the British Isles, it’s a story about how the UK was formed today — a process bloody, but very exciting. The great Viking army was defeated, but many of the Danes settled on the lands of the Britons. Descendants of the Celts and Anglo-Saxons are considering the establishment of centralized authority we must all Albion, and blond robbers on Drakkar increasingly plagued the coastal settlements…

The reduced area of the global map confuses only at first. The Islands are densely populated, cities and villages of dozens of factions-States are located in one pedestrian crossing from each other. On the lands of Albion there are no dull voids: everything is densely placed among the forests and mountains, and we do not have a few moves to dust on the faceless wasteland, as in Medieval 2. Reducing the space only added to the game dynamics.

Brave old world

The early middle ages are shown masterfully: immersion in the past epochs — in General a skate of Creative Assembly. Eternal strife, intrigue at the court and within the ruling family, bribes and payment of tribute, priests and bards, the threat of hunger and constant raids of barbarians from the sea — that’s how they lived at that time in Europe, according to historical sources.

Thrones of Britannia only throws savory details, convincing in the reliability of what is happening. Do not be surprised, for example, if your best Governor dies at the age of fifty-five years from some gout, and the game will give the message:”Your elderly subject died.” For the middle ages it is really a solid life span.

Stand under their banners we offer five nationalities with two factions in each: the Anglo-Saxons, Welsh, Gaelic (Scots), settled Vikings and sea kings-robbers. Everyone got a special kinds of resources: the subjects of Wales accumulate valuable heroism, performing feats, and the Vikings collected the profits from the slave trade.

Someone has national bonuses in battles with a specific enemy, others in the barracks miss the elite swordsmen, and the miracle weapon in the form of powerful crossbows got only a cunning Gaelic from Kirkenna. Vikings, as they should be, released on the battlefield Berserkers and feel great in the sea, not carrying there side losses.

The basic difficulty of the game for each side is uneven. After a few hours of intense play for the people of Wales, you will relax noticeably, leading the Saxon Wessex. The first-a starving army, poor allies at the other end of the island and a crowd of well-fed rosy-cheeked invaders on the border. The second-half a dozen prosperous provinces, dense rows of warriors and high morale of each peasant.

The whip, the carrot and the arranged marriage

Peaceful activities in the new Total War is not less than in the best samples of the series (for example, in the first Rome and Empire). We cajole the neighboring kings with gifts, if we have violated the boundaries of their possessions, and also force vassal vows, make alliances and help attacked friends (which is often).

Diplomacy is especially important here because of the limited living space: local princes are pushing their elbows from the very beginning of the party. In Thrones of Britannia, the leader is constantly involved in the life of his subjects: he tries to marry off the girls of his faction, approves marriages or makes an evil face for the young, chooses an heir to the throne and gives estates so as not to doubt the loyalty of his beneficiaries.

In addition to foreign and domestic policy, we are engaged in the study of technology (to begin scientific research, you need to perform certain tasks: to raise the rank of commanders or hire a dozen units of a certain type). We are also preparing unique events like the Irish fair-a large-scale trade and cultural event. We follow the public order and the level of wealth: the food in this game is even more important than in Attila, and the hungry desertion — the first and very fast reaction of soldiers to an empty pot.

Classes weight, they are fascinatingly furnished and easy to learn. You can, of course, ignore something, but then there is a great risk to drive the country into a deep crisis. The strategic mode is as multifaceted as before — only some changes are aimed at increasing the speed of gameplay. What is at least instant (for the first time!) hiring units…

With all this, some time-tested gameplay elements disappeared somewhere. We have been deprived of spies, priests, merchants, and all any secondary controlled heroes — now map trample some generals. Garrison soldiers can be found only in the provincial capital, smaller settlements are easy to take without a fight, just dispersed the villagers. In addition, the struggle of Christians with pagans is not included in the plot — and in fact it was possible to build something interesting on this material.

I have a sword, Yes a horse — and in the line of fire

But the mechanics of tactical battles in real time, regularly working for almost twenty years, did not touch. Assault towers at the walls, burning arrows, running in a panic enemies — all this we have seen and, let’s be honest, glad to see again. Added the option of night attacks when the enemy is not able to call for reinforcements, as well as the ability to wait out the weather or attack in the bad weather. In one form or another, these gameplay elements have already appeared before: night battles, for example, were still in Rome: Total War — Barbarian Invasion (2005).

The main advantages of Total War in full moved here from the previous parts of the franchise: the action, albeit limited geographically to one Britain, spectacular and large-scale, free camera takes luxurious angles, and savvy and care can win even with an unsuccessful balance of power.

The game is still nice to the eye global map and detailed picture in tactical battles. Added atmospheric styling for medieval painting in the menu, interface elements and animated screensavers, and the soundtrack, as before, epic. In other words, Creative Assembly issued another classic version of Total War. There are no revolutionary changes in it — but why to mow what and so perfectly works and yet did not become boring

Kirby Star Allies Fun and Smile

Kirby Star Allies on Nintendo Switch is more like Mega Man — or, if you like, Cuphead-than flat arcade about Mario and his friends. Platform levels themselves here-a pure formality, if only because all the main characters are able to fly, and all the abyss can be safely ignored. The main thing-it’s boss fights, which in this game more than thirteen. Some you can reach only in the secret modes, secret levels of difficulty.

Visually Kirby Star Allies – without any exaggeration the most beautiful polygon platformer ever came out. I prefer pixel art and eight-bit games, and I was always skeptical of a three-dimensional picture masquerading as a flat one. But in Star Allies technology (and hardware power Nintendo platforms) finally got to the level, after which return to the two dimensions do not want to.

The levels consist of usual forests, castles, glaciers and volcanoes — but as it all sparkles, shimmers, plays with the smallest details, to which the subtle and expressive animation of all these polygonal animals and men is here… And how they all interact great with each other in the Grand physical clashes, which involved JUST EVERYTHING on the screen, and that would be unthinkable even in the most lovingly drawn real two-dimensional arcade games.

Рецензия на Kirby Star Allies. Обзор игры - Изображение 2


The music corresponds to the picture fantastically — there are original themes, orchestral and electronic arrangements and remixes of classics. In addition to that, I will say only two words: “soundtrack of the year”.

Listen to at least a couple of songs from what sounds closer to the final of the game — such a feeling of ever-increasing epic, supported by fanfare and all the speeding up the pace of stringed instruments, was not even in Celeste.


But if you expect something from Kirby Star Allies in the spirit of Rayman Legends-another game that Star Allies strongly looks like visually-then you will be severely disappointed. In the new Kirby only four of the world, of which only one pulls on a full set of levels for the game in 2018. The rest are more like a collection of technical demos, which forgot to attach the actual gameplay.

And even when the level is still set enemies and traps, they are very simple — even if you go through the game alone. All the action starts when you get to the boss or mini boss. Screen time only slightly increase puzzles in the spirit of”pretend that you can not decide that the child guessed himself and increased his self-esteem.”

This Star Allies again resembles more arcade products Capcom than verified and balanced to the last pixel location of the Nintendo games. There are no difficulty levels in the campaign, the length of the life bar and the number of lives are almost unlimited, and the ability to flutter out of any abyss nullifies even the minimum level of frustration that was caused by Darkwing Duck, Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers or Duck Tales. Moreover, playing Kirby Star Allies alone is very difficult — the game is designed for 4 players (or 1 player and 3 AI-partners), and some of its fragments can not pass without live or computer assistants.

And unlike the elite COP-scrolling shooters in the spirit of Cuphead, Star Allies does not provide rebalancing of enemies and bosses under the number of players on the screen. If you go through the level alone is just easy, the four (or even two) army of magical creatures led by Kirby literally TRAMPLES all living things on the level, and the poor boss can immediately go to the grave.

Рецензия на Kirby Star Allies. Обзор игры - Изображение 3

Possible just a wild combination of crazy super-powers — for example, to turn a partner in ice the puck and let it bounce to walk across the screen…

The game interface allows you to quickly part with live or computer companions — just press minus on the gamepad or Danone. If desired, the main story campaign Kirby Star Allies can make a very good arcade game where you need to learn the patterns of each boss (and a series of bosses) and perfectly comprehend the whole set of unique abilities Kirby. At one time, the hero became famous for the fact that he did not jump on enemies like Mario or sonic, and sucked in a powerful breath (Yes, Yes, about Kirby because of this a lot of jokes) into their mouths.

After that, the enemy can spit it out as a throwing projectile, or, so to speak, to pass through a Kirby and then Kirby gets a unique attack had on the enemy to assimilate. This mechanic is used very creatively in the battles with the bosses — yourself Kirby to hurt the opponent is not able, it is necessary to wait for either the mobs or the crumbling of the bosses of stars that can be absorbed and turned into weapons.


To the new part, for 26 years of the series, Kirby has a lot of new abilities — blocks, care, slopes in the air, — which also give a lot of interesting opportunities in fights. There are even five types of “elemental” attacks — fire, ice, water, electricity, wind — which cause role elements to appear in boss battles… And that’s not counting the newfound ability to subdue Kirby almost any creature in the game and make fight on his side.

All this rich Arsenal can not be used — at least, with the passage of the main campaign. If you want the game to have at least some difficulty, then you will have to create this difficulty yourself-to pass Kirby with some minimal set of techniques that allow the bosses to open up, and you — to explore the possibilities of the game. It’s like going through Mega Man with a default Blaster or Cuphead — c pea shooter, a very interesting process that only a small number of players will dare to do.

In normal mode, Kirby Star Allies-a very easy game that takes place for 6 hours. And even if you, like me, go through this kind of game in the vacuum cleaner mode, clearing each level of the content before moving on to the next, it will add to the campaign a maximum of one or two hours.

Рецензия на Kirby Star Allies. Обзор игры - Изображение 4

The real center of the game is the Guest Star and the Ultimate Goal modes, which open after the main campaign. The first is a Remix of campaign levels with new, much more stringent rules. The second — just fighting with the bosses, where you need one life to defeat all encountered in the game major enemies (or a series of quickly replacing each other mini-bosses). Both modes remain interesting even when playing with three experienced partners-not only because the bosses are stronger and the heroes are weaker… but also because the passage is for a while.

I’m not a big fan of speedruns, but thanks to the built-in (and very clear) timer Kirby Star Allies left on my Switch after I passed the game 100%. It doesn’t matter if you go through it with someone or alone-it’s a game that can be opened at any time and kill any amount of time trying to beat your own record. Only here, in combination with the almost limitless possibilities of Kirby and his teammates, unthinkable tactics and strategies of passing are opened in other arcade games.

Stomp the boss, the four of us after some practice not that hard… the trick is to trample it as quickly as possible, while losing a minimum of energy — because there is still a whole queue of dangerous bosses! And the faster you play, the greater the risk in battles with even the most seemingly harmless enemies “for beginners” like a live tree.


Рецензия на Kirby Star Allies. Обзор игры - Изображение 5

It is thanks to the secret modes, complexities and bosses Kirby Star Allies justifies its price — I find it difficult to call another game, on the hidden content in which the developers have spent so many resources. The exemplary visual and musical components allow you to get some pleasure from the story campaign — even if you did not specifically complicate it yourself. But all the complex, interesting and challenging starts in Kirby when other games — including blockbusters from Nintendo itself — forever sent to the archive


Pit People

The gaming indie scene has its recognized authority and celebrity. Studio the Behemoth is one of them. All her games-not only insanely exciting, but also incredibly funny. And effect and Castle Crashers, and BattleBlock Theater, and now Pit People unfolds in one and the same hand-drawn universe, where the shores and roam the talking muffins, and to a global catastrophe results in a fall to Earth a huge space… a bear.

Flying circus

That’s what happened in Pit People. The fall of the space bear has led to the fact that over the Earth now periodically go acid rain (in fact, it spills the blood of a bear), chaos reigns around, and on the roads roam cannibals, adoring small and very young children.

Himself the originator of all this confusion, which in size almost more of the planet did not perish. On the contrary, he imagines himself a God and now lively and fun comments on what is happening chic voice actor will Stamper (Will Stamper), and most importantly, takes an active part in the fate of a simple farmer Horatio. First, the evil bear set on his farm bandits who wanted to eat son Horatio, and when he had a strong resistance, the beast crushed his huge paw house, where the offspring was hiding.

After that, the farmer goes on a long, dangerous and very fun journey to deal with the treacherous bear and find his son. Along the way, he meets various characters who join Horatio. Among them there is a Princess who wants to avenge his father, the Spanish Conquistador, cute and very tasty cupcake, performing the role of a medic in the squad, as well as one-eyed “half-Cyclops” Joseph, who at some point swallows his own uncle, just saved us from the belly of the local Kraken, and gets two heads.

The authors stir in a bunch of everything-zombies, cannibals, talking cookies, flying giraffes on balloons, space shuttles and Spanish caravels, pirates and robots. And from the outside, this may seem like the rave of a madman, but in fact, we have a variation on the theme of “Flying circus of Monty Python” — the same hilarious, perfectly played, full of hilarious absurdity and Sura.

Pit People обзор игры

Step-by-step fun

But Pit People, I repeat, is not only insanely funny, but also insanely exciting. The mechanics in front of us is a tactical RPG with fights, quests (including non-linear), the selection of the optimal team and pumping fighters.

The main course is, of course, turn-based battles. Their mechanics do not offer any unusual twists, unlike, for example, from The Banner Saga or the upcoming Ash of Gods. Moreover, the fighters do not even have active skills — they just walk and automatically attack enemies caught in the next cell, or shoot them from long-range guns.

However, the fight is still interesting. First, you need to competently occupy positions, trying to cover each other and attack the enemy with several fighters. Secondly, we have to take into account some nuances — so, Mace especially good to beat the opponents wearing a helmet (sword special do not inflict damage) and the shield blocks arrows.

Finally, quite often, especially in the scene of the clashes, the authors raise interesting conditions — you need to Dodge explosions, grab the gun and bomb the enemy, it is time to destroy the mast of the ship to move on it and not drown. And in the battle with the Kraken have to divide their wards into several groups: while some are pounding on the tentacles of the monster, others constrain the crowd constantly arriving minions.

Pit People обзор игры

Yesterday you enemy, today-each!

Horatio and his companions get experience and new levels right during the fight, but to try on new equipment, which is often given at the end of the battle, will only in the city — there you can see all the available fighters, to determine who take in a squad, and equip each of them.

Weapons and clothing very many. And then, of course, also not without specific humor — you can equip someone with a prosthesis, toilet brush, hot pepper (literally), rubber baton, banana, candy, plunger or a huge Popsicle. And on the head of some Cyclops wear … a girl’s head or a Teddy bear. A lot of different hairstyles, fancy hats, helmets, and so on — all this allows you to experiment with the appearance of each of the fighters. And many of these items somehow affect the combat characteristics.

New heroes in the squad is allowed not only to hire in the city for a lot of money, but also to recruit (or rather, capture) directly in the battles — if there is a cell and a network, and the other enemies are already dead. That is, you are free to take any oncoming evil. We saw a huge Cyclops, which famously throws your wards, caught him, and now he gives a light to your opponents. It is convenient and saves money, and provides variability in tactics.

The fellow with the club is just two of the six possible cells in the unit. And then we have to think about who better to take with you: one, but a strong Cyclops or unicorn, powerfully firing at enemies rainbow confetti (it hurts not rosy!), with the support of the medic cupcake?

Pit People обзор игры

Food, food, food I…

There, in the city, we choose quests — story, side and daily — go to the store and visit the arena, where you can alone or with a friend to fight against the waves of AI or participate in PvP-fights between two players.

As a result, the city has to return constantly. The scheme is the same-we leave the village on the map and either just explore it, or go (the squad moves in the cart) to perform some quest. After a couple of fights, scoring inventory trophies, we hasten back to the base, where you can treat the wounded, to revive the fallen and dismantle the acquired overwork to get the gold and equipment and make room for new awards.

However, such a schematic does not strain. After all, no one makes you rush back to the city, and explore the map, covered with “fog of war”, is also interesting and useful. We are free to move in any direction, gaining experience for the discovery of new locations, constantly meeting scurrying back and forth enemies and “quest-keepers”. And with the latter, too, do not get bored: they can ask you to take them home safe or, for example, take the Laundry things some kind of ghosts, or zombies…

As a result, The Behemoth turned out to be another painted masterpiece, made in a peculiar Studio crazy style. In Pit People mixed everything-people, horses, zombies, unicorns, fairies, robots, talking cookies, “single” and co-op, humor, serious tactics and role-playing game. The only thing that may be missing here-even more tangible complexity: captured and taken in the detachment of enemies like the same Cyclops can significantly facilitate the passage. On the other hand, it is always possible to include the regime of permanent death, so that life does not seem raspberry. Or a delicious cupcake

Pit People обзор игры

Sea of Thieves

According to game mythology, the sea of thieves is a kind of magical place: no one really knows where it is, but among the pirates there are rumors that there is full of gold and treasures. You and your comrades were incredibly lucky: in a sealed bottle you found a map showing the way to this mysterious land, and, of course, immediately went there. Unfortunately, this part of the story is shown only on paper — the game itself begins at the moment when you get to your destination and fell into a local pub.

I mentioned my friends for a reason: is a purely cooperative game. Sit in it alone there is absolutely no sense — the whole gameplay is sharpened by social interaction, teamwork and clashes with other players. If you still dare to surf the sea on a single sloop, the first opposing team of pirates will consider it their duty to catch up, Rob and sink your ship — it’s boring, meaningless and humiliating.

This gameplay will appeal only to avid fans of pirate themes or repulsed hardcore, ready to challenge anyone. Playing with random partners is more expensive: the language barrier, the inadequacy of some people and their unwillingness to work together will just drive you crazy.

Therefore, I am not even going to consider Sea of Thieves as a single project. It neobhodimosti with friends, communicating in the arena or Teamspeak, and then I’m going to refer exactly to this version of the passage.

Let’s say you found three other party members. Than in the game to do?

First, to control the ship. In words, it sounds pretty sad, but in fact it is much more fun: to cope with a large hulking three-mast Galleon is not so easy. One player stands at the helm and tries not to RAM the rocks: the sails close almost the entire review. In navigation, he helps the second pirate, who, standing in the hold of the map, paving the route or sitting in the “crow’s nest”, examines the horizon in the telescope. The third is responsible for the sails: turns them in the wind and lowers-raises to adjust the speed. In this he helps the fourth — and he is at the right time responsible for the anchor.

In a calm environment, all this is done without haste. Players are changing roles serenely, on the move managing to drink grog or play a Quartet on the wheel lyres. But during the storm, sea battle or the appearance of Kraken relax will not work-each member of the team has a clearly defined responsibilities, and the problems and troubles piled on so much that not enough hands.

It is necessary to run in a fever from the top deck in a hold to close up holes and to bail out water, and then again to rush upward to catch a wind or to slow down, having removed an average sail. Suddenly, the helmsman reports that you are now converge with the enemy ship — and now you are firing at him from all guns, and then shoot a gun by yourself to finish off rivals already on their deck. Well, or to be finished — then as luck.

Such moments give a lot of pleasure-especially at first, when you do not understand all the subtleties and have to improvise. Despite the cartoon graphics, water and lighting worked out just amazing-sometimes the views are just breathtaking. The game sounds great too.

The behavior of the ship on the water — a special cause for praise. Even the simple, seemingly, mechanics of catching wind with sails, though not cause the same delight as in the first couple of times, but does not get bored after two dozen hours: the gear creaks, the cloth with the drone straightens, catching the passing air flow, and the ship quickly picks up speed, effectively leaning sideways and with a rumble piercing the nose of the wave. From the outside, all this may sound like the ramblings of a crazy, obsessed with marine themes, but I asked familiar players — all the same “symptoms”.

Looking for content

Quests (or voyages, as the game itself calls them) are given by three different organizations, and each pursues its own goals. First, Slattery, obsessed with collecting treasure: they send pirates for hidden chests that need to find (or issued by the map or by verbal description), to dig out and deliver to the company representative.

The second organization, the trade Union, is trying to take control of a young and fragile sea of thieves market — these guys are paying for the delivery of boxes with valuable resources and the capture of animals. And the third and last company-the Order of souls. They issue contracts for the heads of the famous dead pirates, who have already turned into walking skeletons. To get the award, it is necessary to literally deliver to the representative of the Order the skull of the defeated dead man.

Already savvy, what’s the problem? All tasks, despite their apparent variability, reduced to a tedious pattern: find, win, get. The differences are minimal. In addition, these quests do not throw any challenge: the biggest threat lies not in the tasks themselves, but in other pirates who can take away the ill-fated treasure.

Sometimes a valuable chest or jug can be found by accident on a sunken ship or in a cave, but in order to get a reward, you still have to deliver them to the representatives of the companies. Delivery of goods, treasures and relics — this is generally the only source of profit in the game.

As a result, each next exit to the sea becomes similar to all the previous ones. In addition to these very relics, chests and resources in the open world, there is nothing else — and therefore there is no point in studying it. Island, alas, is not handsome enough for some landscapes to scour the archipelago.

As you complete quests, your reputation with the appropriate organization grows. After every fifth level, a contract for “increase” — if you buy it, the company will start to issue new jobs. The idea is good, but implementation… as usual, new quests differ from the old only in length. Even with each level in the stores there are new skins for equipment, but they do not affect anything.

And here we come to the biggest problem of Sea of Thieves: there is no progression and content. All that you can buy for gold, is skins (at exorbitant prices). There’s no new weapons, no improvements to the old, no functional body kits for the ship — nothing. Buy the money you can not even resources-boards, kernels and bananas. They can only be found in barrels scattered throughout the archipelago.

Perhaps this was deliberately done to balance, so that new players differed from experienced only knowledge and skills. But this move played a cruel joke with the SoT: while the newcomers are having fun, the old-timers simply have nothing to do in the game — all the content they have already seen, and there is nowhere else to develop.

The only thing that motivates you to keep playing is the mysterious stranger in the tavern. The story here is what: before the release of Sea of Thieves developers told about endgame-content. According to them, the main goal of the game is to become a legend among pirates. This title will open access to the secret hideout and epic quests. And the murky personality from the tavern is the only lead that’s connected to them.

In fact, this stranger is the Troll. In the first conversation, he will say that your reputation level at the companies is too low-come, they say, when each will be at least the fifth. All right, no problem, at first, all these tasks are still entertaining. Pumped reputation, come for the second time — and get in response: “Not bad, but still not enough — now come back with dozens.”

Try to guess what will happen next time! That’s right: he will continue to raise the bar, giving nothing in return. Level fifteen, level twenty … doesn’t matter. This is so disgusting and primitive technique that you want to quit the game and go to the UK — just look into the eyes of the developers.

There is, however, a theory that “legend” opens at the 50-m level. But this is such a hellish grind that the network still has no evidence of achieving this bar.

Sea of Thieves was in a depressing position: a long time to play it will be able to only one who well, very much loves the pirate theme or ready to endlessly entertain himself. With all the content in Sea of Thieves can be found in one evening, and without at least some progression, no project of this type will not be able to keep a large audience.


Why did this happen? This question was answered by the Studio Rare: it turns out, they originally planned to make a game service. Say, releasing the base, the developers were going to listen to the opinion of the players and after that for a year or two to build on her new content. Do you know what this method of distribution is called? «Early access.» And this is a completely different PR campaign, the audience and, most importantly, the price, which should not be close to the current four thousand.

I have not for nothing so long praised the game at the beginning of the review: technically it is made amazing. But this is even more insulting to see how wonderful project destroys the wrong strategy.

Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire


On land and sea

It was by the grace of the God of sun and light Eotas who returned to life that the citadel of the main character of the first part, the Guardian, able to see the souls of the dead and read their memories, was destroyed, and he himself died. But the other gods returned him to his mortal body and charged him with tracking eotas to find out where He was going and what he was up to — the only way we can get back some of his stolen soul.

In pursuit of a huge statue we go on our own ship, because the giant rushed straight to the archipelago of Dead Fire, where a lot of water, Islands and wild… natives. From my preview of the beta version, you already know that the ship in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire is not a luxury, but a real vehicle with which you can and need to explore the world, discover new Islands, coming up with their names, and fight with pirates. Therefore, I will remind you only briefly: the ship can be repaired and upgraded and it is necessary to hire a team, choosing from more or less experienced sailors, boatswains, gunners and other specialists of Maritime Affairs.

For ship have to buy guns and core, repair kits and sails for the team — food, water, medicines. And, of course, wards regularly ask for salary. All this, including even the quality of food, affects their morale and affects the outcome of sea battles, which are implemented here in the form of unique text quests.

However, this does not mean that the Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire turned into a sort of isometric “Corsairs”. This is still an “old-school” party RPG in its essence-with detailed character generation, including the choice of biography and origin, with a bunch of chatty companions, a solid role-playing system and familiar battles: in real time, but with a controlled pause. Most of the time we spend on land, but the appearance of the sea and ships really opened up an additional layer in the gameplay, adding diversity and interesting research of the world. You leave the port and head on the right in the story the island, but on the way out of the clouds emerges the other Islands of land, which clearly can be something to profit, you will meet pirates, the head of which is assigned a reward. Or the corsairs find you and ask you to deal with someone by sneaking into the Fort on the other end of the map. And all this you want to do, all this is incredibly addictive, teasing your inner pirate and sailor and promising new adventures.

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire обзор игры

Non-stop adventures

Well, there, on the plot of the island, you spend hours exploring the six areas of the huge city and happy to see how swells from the job your magazine. You can work for different trading companies, whose interests clearly intersect, the local native power, smugglers, you can look for food and medicines for the caste of the poor and the poor, help to find peace of mind, to fish for information from local prostitutes, to steal rich estates or to catch thieves who robbed one of the shops.

And I just about one island, they say — but there are others, with their settlements and quests. And companions – as friends in the first part, and new faces — are always ready to throw problems. Our old friend Eder, for example, wants to find his girlfriend, lost somewhere on the Islands, and a new servant of the order Of Dawn asks to help her collect the lost souls, which she catches in her strange lantern.

At the same time, each quest here is sure to have its own back side and twist. If someone was beaten and robbed, you will certainly find out that he asked for it, and you still have to decide who is right and who is to blame. If the spirit of the deceased woman asks to cremate her body, be sure: she was not just left to die alone and refused to put on fire. If you take to help a large mother to sail off the island on the ship, the captain of the ship there are only three empty seats for six of her children — and this problem will also have to deal with you.

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire обзор игры

I got this role


And in each case, each dialogue is a bunch of checks for compliance with the level of skills that would help to find a solution or get more information. In Pillars of Eternity II valued diplomacy, bluff, intimidation, religion, knowledge of the streets, history, athletics and even metaphysics.


Accordingly, almost every quest we solve differently. The problem of food for the poor can be solved in three different ways. And to get medicine for sick sea fever, or you need to kill one of the merchants or wait until night and Rob another (after overhearing the conversation of the guards and find they nights go for a walk to the pub), or just buy a drug, if a lot of money. Or hire a killer, so he dealt with the shopkeepers for you.

This, of course, is not Tyranny, which immediately forced to decide the fate of entire Nations and put the hardest moral dilemmas, but here, even deciding whether to give the widow a purse with the money of her dead husband or leave it to yourself, you still play the role — money in the game is always not enough, and conscience torments. And such situations arise constantly.All of us

And all this in the sequel is supported by the fact that the game has become better, it has become easier to play, more comfortable and interesting. Useful skills, as I said, there are more, and the skills of the party members are formed in a common Treasury, allowing hope not only for themselves but also for their comrades. There was an opportunity already at the start to create multi-class characters, getting instead of the usual, for example, a paladin of some pastor, intercessor, fanatic or knight-magician. In addition, now immediately visible all the abilities in each branch of talent — it allows you to plan in advance how and in what direction to develop.

In battles you are free to use all available spells and skills, without fear that any of them will be unavailable until the next rest. Fights thanks to it became more dynamic and spectacular. Especially given the fact that once a fight for any reception or “spell” can be strengthened 10 times.All the important dialogues voiced, expressive, and quests no longer scare the young people with walls of dense text — all became shorter, and the case is not lost in this depth and literary flair.


Картинки по запросу Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

From other “amenities in the room” I note the modified interface, the appearance of hyperlinks to unfamiliar names and names in the dialogues and a new reputation screen, which you clearly show with whom and why you are friends, what actions, topics and words each of the partners can cause irritation, and which — approval. So now you can pick up a point party, so no one quarreled, for example, on religion. Or, on the contrary, to pit all, then to the cynical grin to watch the showdown — so even more fun. Thanks to such a detailed system of values for each member of the party partners in the Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire look even more alive — they are more often, emotionally respond to all the words and deeds, which directly affects the relationship with the main character, and with each other.

The authors care so much about the player that they even allow, as I said, to hire a killer to solve the problems for us. This does not mean that the game has become very much easier. No, at high levels of difficulty, and even in the “Test of iron”, where exactly one save is available, hardcore is still enough. Just play became more comfortable and more pleasant.Leaving behind the eternal problems of Obsidian with the technical implementation (crashes here happen, but it is quite fixable things), we can say that the Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire looks like a perfect sequel. Moreover-as an ideal isometric RPG from Obsidian in principle: it is felt that the authors have accumulated all their rich experience and made the game, which found a place for all the “old-school” joys and traditions, and for new trends and mechanics. And all this is well adjusted to each other — there is nothing superfluous, and the game itself tries to do everything to make the public comfortable, convenient and wildly interesting.


Pros: great story; addictive gameplay; exciting journey across the seas on your own ship; dynamic battles; colorful companions; many non-linear quests and adventures; advanced role-playing system; gorgeous picture, voice and music.


Cons: some technical flaws


Картинки по запросу Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

The Bard’s Tale IV

Bard’s return

Recall that The original The Bard’s Tale came out already in 1985-m to year. She was largely inspired by the series Wizardry, but she made a lot of new in the formation of the young genre of “underground” RPG with a first-person. Take at least the very appearance of such a class as a bard with jokes and inspiring ally songs.

The player collected a batch of characters of different classes, explored the maze of dungeons, fought in turn-based battles, solved puzzles, found and bought new weapons and armor. And, of course,” pumped ” — experience points for winning the fight equally distributed among the surviving members of the squad.

Then there were the second and third parts, and in 1990, Electronic Arts released the Bard’s Tale Trilogy. Fourteen years later, in 2004, there was a rather strange whether continued, or restart-isometric role — playing action The Bard’s Tale.

So, the fourth part is created in the tradition of dungeon crawler and in General the entire original trilogy — there will be a view from the eyes, the party and turn-based battles. Although without innovations-sometimes very radical-will not do.

Bard's Tale IV обзор

Smooth movement


Action The Bard’s Tale IV will unfold again in the city of Skara Bray, but a half century after the final of the previous game. Territories, of course, will be more, tasks, humor and nonlinearity — too. However, here you can still find taverns, where tasks are given, and the Guild of seekers. In between libations and wit exercises, our bard and his group will descend into dungeons to fight monsters, search for treasures and overcome traps.The reason for this mass to take at least vandalism of the mad God from the first part, which brought destruction to the surrounding Islands, and now is hiding in the throne room of the castle Hongskul. The king is asking us to win him back.


That’s where the fun begins. We will travel not only underground, but also on the surface — very lush and colorful, which is very different from the dark tones of the original games. In this case, the movement will be much more free than it is accepted in the classic dungeon crawler, — in the basis of all the same cells that can be visualized, but we move more smoothly.

Bard's Tale IV обзор

Place to step in battle


In turn-based battles much attention will be paid to the positioning of your wards. In classic games, as a rule, everything is predetermined in advance: “tanks” are put in the first row, magicians and archers — behind. And there is almost no room for maneuver.

In The Bard’s Tale IV you can throw your opponents back, lift them in the air and move them. You can, for example, to grab the leg and upside-down to drag some of the funny screaming of the Goblin closer to our soldiers, so that he could at one blow to hit multiple opponents. Only previously have to remove from the line of fire of his own magician.

There’s Also a slinking Strike dagger attack that moves the fighter to the cage back, allowing the first-row thief to swap places with the warrior that will cover him. In addition, some of the effects applied in the fight, also use the mechanics of movement. For example, bleeding wounds it is when the character moves. And if you force the enemy, who is in this state, forced to change position, then quickly relieve both their and their suffering.

Finally, another interesting innovation — the emergence of a common piggy points skills that will spend on active abilities of the characters. That is, you can at least use all the charms of one or two fighters, believing that they are now more important. And you can do it in a different way-here again there is scope for tactics and creative experiments. By the way, the usual attack and defensive stance will not be — in your turn, each character must use one of the four skills or move. And it is also very unusual for the genre.

Bard's Tale IV обзор

Refresher course

But the role system is more familiar. Character development in the original trilogy was largely based on skills closely related to the initial class, but it offered an interesting concept of specializations. The Summoner eventually became a mage, wizard, caster, and Archmage. The Bard’s Tale IV, according to the developers themselves, will remain true to tradition and will retain a strong emphasis on class skills. The authors have improved the development of all classes, giving them a unique set of specializations.

Initially, the game will have four basic archetypes-a fighter, a practitioner, a rogue and a bard. Classes are lines of specialization in each archetype, which will be from four to six. For example, the commander is in the archetype of a wrestler, and the wizard is a practice. Each class has its own skill tree. So you from the first glance distinguish the magician from the magician, the thief, the killer, the Keeper from the commander. With each new level, the character gets a skill point, which can be spent on the study of a new skill. The number of development options increases with the growth of the character level.

In the original game “pumping” level was implemented very funny. Characters, ready to “levelup”, had to return to Skara-Brae to appear before the qualification Board and to receive (or not) his approval. If the Council recognized the character as worthy, it opened up new opportunities, bestowed the next level of the skill tree.Previously, we had to go to such an exam with each increase, but since in the fourth part we have to travel far beyond Skara-Bray, the developers decided to give players the opportunity to spend skill points immediately. Although this does not negate the fact that at key points in the squad or some individual characters still need to appear before the local examination Board.


Bard's Tale IV обзор

Riddles and promises

In addition to more than twenty dungeons connected in “hubs” of five, in the vicinity of Skara Bray will also be neutral settlements-cultural centers where you can bargain, communicate and get new quests. At the same time, the tasks themselves and the ways to solve them are not always trivial and obvious. For example, to get to the above castle Hangskall on a date to the mad God, will have to talk to the Ghost of the Builder of the castle, and then go to the torture chamber — there on one of the bodies you need to find the key to the hidden passage.

We will be allowed to explore Skara Bray and its surroundings in a free manner. That is, no one will forbid you to go into any particularly dangerous place, designed for high-level characters — ogrebete lyuley, remember this location, and then come back here to take revenge on the reptiles and destroy them literally with bare hands. Such” motivational content ” is given special importance by the authors.

Like riddles. To solve some will have to use special bard songs, which, for example, are able to restore the destroyed bridges and stairs. Moreover, in the Bard’s Tale IV there will even be a unique magical weapon. To access the full power of new effects of some superpoke, you will need to solve a certain puzzle, associated with characters on different parts of the world.

The Bard’s Tale IV, funded through Kickstarter, was supposed to come out last October, but then the release was postponed to 2018-th. And rightly so — judging by the quality of some of the previous works of Fargo, the more time he has to develop, the better. But from the new adventures of a fun bard can come out really strong, interesting game, which, keeping the tradition of the genre, is not afraid to bring fresh ideas. Therefore, it will be doubly frustrating, if not everything will turn out because of the lack of time or resources that will go, for example, to Wasteland 3. In General, we are waiting for the second quarter of this year and hope for the best.

Bard's Tale IV обзор

The Forest


Each step in the tunnel is given a sinister echo. A dim flame of the lighter pulls out of the dark, grisly details of life the cave of the cannibals: the totems of the skulls and bones of the body tourists, hanging from the ceiling, torn tents and heaps of bloody rags. Here would turn around and run without looking back, but the hero of the horror the Forest, clutching a climbing ax, you have to Wade forward — into the heart of darkness. After all, somewhere in these nightmarish labyrinths, the cannibal natives are holding his little son.

The Forest

Through the thorns

The Forest is a benchmark example of selfless indie development. In 2013, the four Canadians, nabivshih hand in creating special effects for “300 Spartans”, “spider-Man” and the like Hollywood, founded the Studio Endnight Games Ltd. And announced ” realistic Minecraft about survival on an island with cannibals.” In 2014, their robinsonade debuted on early access Steam. However, it was impossible to watch the alpha version without tears: a tiny wooded map, several species of half-naked aborigines, a dozen types of buildings. Gameplay? A glitch on a glitch but lag chases.

But the Quartet of dreamers continued to work hard, month after month ennobling their offspring and listening carefully to the requests of fans — the fans of No Man’s Sky could only dream of such honesty. And only four years later, when the draft sketch has found a worthy embodiment, the canadian game left Early Access. How’s that, Sean Murray?

The Forest

Himself, Bear Grylls

Scarlet birds chirp, emerald waves roll on the coastal sand. At a distance, on the edge of the forest, burns down the body of the aircraft, which crashed a couple of hours ago on this seemingly Paradise Peninsula. Waking up after a plane crash, Eric LeBlanc-the hero of the Forest-sees a bloody native somewhere takes his son Timmy. But the exhausted man does not intend to give up: in vain he, perhaps, for many years wrote bestsellers about survival and, like Bear Grylls, led thematic TV shows? Pulling the hatchet from his chest, a dead stewardess, picked up the lighter and throwing it over the back of the backpack, heartbroken father deeper into the thicket…

Although the creation of Endnight Games Ltd is dedicated to the struggle with the harsh nature and the vicissitudes of fate, survival-component — the weakest part of the game. Yes, here it is necessary to ensure that Eric did not starve, did not suffer from thirst and did not freeze at night. It is necessary to cut trees, to make bows and spears from sticks, to sew leather haberdashery from animal skins and to go on mushrooms and berries, at the same time collecting herbs for curative ointments. However, all these amusements of Robinson Crusoe’s name in the Forest are optional.

Why build ziggurats made of logs and stones, if it is sufficient to make a raft (the Papuans are afraid of water) and a tent (record the progress of the game)? Needless fooling breeding birds, hunting and arrangement of the garden? Food and drink (chocolates and cans of soda) is easy to get from the suitcases scattered throughout the Peninsula. Their contents are magically replenished each time the save is loaded. Well wow realistic Minecraft!

The Forest

From the woods have eyes

Conflicting emotions cause and skirmishes with cannibals. On the one hand, savages really resemble living creatures. They do not always rush to Eric — often just stand and watch from afar. Sometimes they run away after getting a couple of zubotychin. Sometimes ambushes in the spirit of Alien: Isolation are arranged, silently jumping from trees behind your back.

During the day they can follow the hero to find his two-story time, and at night — welcome to visit, waving clubs and torches. On the other hand, many fights in the open area are solved in one way. You climb a boulder and, in order not to repeat the sad fate of captain cook, showered the crowd at the bottom with arrows, attack with a spear or treat Molotov cocktails. While lovers of humanity are helplessly poking their noses, aka blind kittens, in stone at your feet.

Not tenable and co-op of eight: as the types of buildings and traps a little, the defense of the fortress from the cannibals, coming in waves, runs the risk of quickly pall. Where there is a variety of Rust and Fortnite! Not to mention the fact that wander around the photorealistic world is also boring: very often trees, totems of skulls and bones, tents of tourists and the same type of huts of the natives.

Why waste time like this? Little, that whether, in Steam clones Minecraft? But the paradox is that the action is strikingly transformed when the hero descends into the caves, the network of which is entangled the entire Peninsula.

The Forest

The descent into cannibal Holocaust

Remember the brilliant horror movie “Descent”? The creation of Endnight Games Ltd meticulously recreates this oppressive, nervous, claustrophobic atmosphere of descent into the underworld. The dim light of the lighter illuminates the path only a couple of meters ahead. You walk and walk through the maze, shuddering from each rustle and the sounds of falling drops on the floor. You squeeze into a narrow hole, with a sinking heart, slide down the climbing rope for tens of meters – and get ambushed. Frantically chop the ax three pale-skinned creatures, burn their remains on the fire to make bone armor, and again down the rope into the darkness. There, where roam six-legged monsters, sewn, it seems, of female bodies…

Thanks to the above episodes banal Robinson becomes a great horror. Here, like Alien: Isolation, you have to look for equipment to open new locations and move through the story. For example, without scuba diving do not swim flooded tunnels, dynamite will be required to clear the collapsed corridors, and in some areas do not go up without an ax, ice ax. And even the simple system of crafting is felt in a new way at such moments: opened a backpack, attached with the help of wood resin the cannibal’s teeth to the club — and here’s improved weapons. Skinned just killed the fat mutant-wound the skin on his hands as additional armor. Intuitively, quickly and clearly.

The longer you explore the catacombs, the more intriguing the seemingly simple story of a father and son. Why was it so important for savages to keep the boy alive? Where did the monsters come from? Who raised up the ancient gates to the depths of hundreds of meters underground? As industrial containers was on a supposedly deserted island? The answers will have to recognize the crumbs, looking at the situation of the caves, looking for notes of tourists, drawings and video tapes Timmy camcorder. And let the script, citing “the Descent”, “cannibal Holocaust”, “lost”, and even Dead Space, the secondary, the task it performs is to break away from burning out the nerves of the 20-hour adventure is difficult until the very end.

Just Cause

There is one thing that Just Cause 3 captures flawlessly: the feeling of a huge open space. Here you can sit in a bomber, take off a few kilometers up, jump out of the cabin, not be able to cover the whole archipelago, and then half a minute to fall and land in a field of sunflowers near any village, the name of which you will never remember. And let the entire Medici archipelago be built up with the same houses with orange tiles-this is an amazing place. And it’s really cool to blow things up.

Collateral damage

Why did people play Just Cause 2? Because there is obtained on the go to jump from one plane to another, throw the pilot to take the wheel to jerk in the direction of some of the tank farm, at the last moment to jump out, unfold the infinite parachute and watch as you back everything up into the air. Just Cause 3 does everything to make such situations more. It spits on realism, logic, common sense, and delivers it all as a solar game about Kirby, where you can descend from the sky sixty-meter cargo plane in a container of five to ten.

Story? Need for background. Rico Rodriguez has arrived to the next island state (this time — the Mediterranean Medici) to overthrow the next bloody dictator (Sebastiano di Ravello-is dressed as Gaddafi, usat as Stalin). The idea is that somewhere here Rico grew up, so it is surrounded by friends and acquaintances of childhood, and even far the theme of the past curses Rodriguez. But barely noticeable. Just so the townspeople die, the future change of di Ravello seems no less vile-no one cares.

Gotta. Blow. Belongings.

Avalanche has chosen priorities. Their game is about explosions and flights. In trailers, at exhibitions — everywhere-developers showed how beautifully cars, gas stations, transformers and fuel tanks blow up and in how many ways it is possible to demolish a monument to di Ravello.

And all this, of course, great, but the main new feature — it’s wingsuit. Walking in the past Just Cause was the most boring, but somehow had to. Now it is not necessary: alternating parachute, cat-hook and wingsuit, you can, without touching the ground, to cross at least the entire archipelago, and in the way to shoot down a few helicopters, blow up a couple of tanks, to spread the checkpoint and steal a fighter, immersed on a passing train. In the air it became possible to do much more beautiful things.

Medici’s a pleasure to fly. Of the meaningful cases here – only a penny test, opening access to new features of gadgets, and the base, which you need to capture, but Just Cause nothing more and do not need. The structure of the bases finally adjusted to the ability of Rico-now they are much more vertical, and you can not just land from the air, spread explosives, to jerk and fly: you have to constantly maneuver between the high columns, move from one height to another. This is exactly what this series has been missing from the start.

The real problems are deeper.

Sanctioned revolution

Here’s the thing: for a game about chaos, explosions, and rebellion against power, Just Cause 3 is too fond of quotas and limits. Free four provinces to advance through the story. Capture five bases to free the province. Blow up all the objects painted in red to capture the base. It would not bother if the mandatory goals do not have to look for a long time. It turns out that five minutes of Rico Rodriguez is on a rampage, killing people, blowing up the gas station and laughing like a child, ten — seek in the folds of the enemy Outpost, he read the release region. First, Just Cause 3 picks up momentum, and then takes and just scatters it.

Everything you need to make Just Cause 3 interesting is on your hands. The wingsuit, grappling hook, infinite explosives (can be supplemented with charges small jet engines), cutting cables, all sorts of rocket-propelled grenades and military equipment — that’s enough to build the greatest Goldberg machine to get it going and put the recording on YouTube. You plan, build, press the detonator button and watch as the infrastructure of the base flies into the air in one carefully constructed cascade of explosions.

But, to make sense of it, you need to take Just Cause 3 as a construction sandbox on the contrary — that is, want to blow up beautiful different things, just so they beautifully exploded. Otherwise, in the “creative” approach, which is emphasized in the annotations, makes little sense: in a couple of story missions, it was nice to find that I can blow up the bridge and cut off the path for some reinforcements, but only. Normally well — tightened, put the bomb away, blew up and repeated until, until there’s nothing left. This is the easiest, tedious, but reliable way in which the probability of a misfire is the least.

It’s very difficult to kill Rico Rodriguez. He is almost invulnerable and dies more often than not just from the fact that you decide to become insolent and do not do everything the way you usually do, and then accidentally break on the rocks. In nine out of ten cases, there’s no reason to be a spectacular Rico Rodriguez because the boring Rico Rodriguez is much more comfortable.

Rico’s too cool for this place. Faced with him, allegedly prudent dictator, years held the power of the iron grip, can only helplessly shake the air and vent anger at the extras. There are no situations when something goes wrong. Rather, they are, but they almost do not attach importance. Like they’re not even there.

In all its manifestations, Just Cause 3-a game about how to bend a world that has already come to terms with everything. It’s fun-a little more fun than playing GTA with cheats-but you have to make a big effort not to accidentally interrupt the agony of junta di Ravello in the fastest way.

And Yes. It’s cool to blow things up.