Days Gone

The hapless Haitian slaves could buy not only themselves, but also their plantations, if they took care to issue a patent for the mystical beliefs taken out of their Africa. And so living dead from the dark voodoo cults went to the people, and who only they do not use to this day, no one asking. However, over and over again, the African origin of the merciless and inexhaustible threat is trying to disguise. In The Last of Us would blame fungal spores, and in the Days Gone that we were not zombies, no. See for yourself, it’s frickers!

Yes, we see, we see. The revived dead, who instead of brains-insatiable stomach, willing to eat all those who turn up under the tooth, and drive the survivors to the fortified camp without any benefits of civilization. Of course, nothing in common.

What do you call a zombie

It does not matter how the zombies are called in the next post-apocalyptic action movie. The main thing-how we will deal with them

The first show Days Gone a year ago was dedicated to a fun catch-up with the endless hordes of energetic dead. The main character, deacon St. John, on the fly change in tactics of extermination fricker: piled their logs, burned with Molotov cocktails that blew up the eternal as WASD, red barrels, lured on rotten floors and austere was fired from a machine gun. Along the way, deacon showed himself to be an inventive craftsman, organizing himself a silencer from the part of the car engine, and his “driver” had to demonstrate knowledge of buttons on the controller for the successful passage of numerous QTE. The first demo version of the game we discussed in detail in the preliminary review a year ago. And then almost managed to forget about the game, because the Studio Bend was doing anything except news about Days Gone. But here again, the time has come, E3, and zombie action is back to us. Pretty grown-up.

My buddy rider

Deacon St. John, a thug, mercenary and bounty hunter, still looks like Joel’s half-brother, who took the role model of Norman Reedus ‘ hero from the Walking dead. He rides a motorcycle (where, interestingly, takes gasoline?), owns all kinds of weapons, including his own fists, and seems to prefer to act alone. A year ago, his main goal was to catch a bearded man on an abandoned sawmill. This time deacon goes to rescue a missing friend. And we from the first minutes make sure that the narrative is tailored to the most modern models: the story videos smoothly flow into the real gameplay and just as smoothly arise in the form of short inserts.

Deacon rushes on a motorcycle on a well-preserved road, on the way, shooting the undead wolf. And then he falls into the trap of two bandits! In a spectacular brawl character reveals not only have we seen a year ago skills, it is also pleasing to the skilful handling of the rope: an improvised garrote is not worse than that of agent 47, incapacitate hapless hoptopia. A little further, found an abandoned motorcycle. And deacon turns on his witchy instincts to determine which way the rider went. Yes, detective techniques in Days Gone are different from their counterparts except that the visual effect: the trail is not red, like Geralt, not pink, like Eloy, and green. But before we sent the scan of the fifty-fricker, nothing wrong with this Convention, we do not see. The trail of the lost leads to the bandit camps. The version of deacon St. John shown at the official presentation does not enter into an open confrontation in the spirit of “Commandos”. Mercenary initially successfully distracts the attention of enemies, luring one of them in a bear trap. And then, blowing up the fence, arranges the remaining bandits warm welcome with strolling nearby the phreakers.

And here is the prisoner released, and battle won. But the war is just beginning. From the nearest forest comes out, staggering, hung with scraps of barbed wire bear zombie!

When a Blizzard screams like an animal

The demonstration of the possibilities of using the environment came out very convincing. But the developers are not satisfied with this. On the special panel showed us other options through deacon met with obstacles.

To begin with, the time of day and weather have changed. Different natural conditions have different effects on the gameplay. It is clear that at night it is easier to remain unnoticed, and during a rain it is better not to drive a motorcycle. But, it turns out, in the cold, you have to be twice as careful, because the frozen zombies are much stronger!

Instead of hurtling down the track towards the trap, the deacon turns on the dirt path and soon notice the lurking bandits and blocking the road the rope. Quietly getting close, he eliminates one of the raiders, and then calmly deals with the second. Note that the wolves do not rush to pursue the chosen workaround hero!

The change of weather and time of day affects the world. We see that the trapped bandit lures the crowd of zombies walking nearby with his cry, and instead of tiptoe through the camp of bandits, probably full of wonderful supplies, the hero arranges a blood bath for them. Phreakers down in flames from a Molotov cocktail, frantically screaming of the victim kill the bandits themselves to stop the inflow of intruders and surviving deacon is cut by several shots.

Changed and final segment of the passage: – together fricker migrated somewhere into the distance, and to incite the bandits turned out to be nobody. But the absence of a zombie threat made it possible to use a terribly noisy, but very effective assault rifle.

And at this stage, the game showed that it may well be a third-person shooter! The stock of cartridges quickly melts, but, as it should be, in secluded places there is a hidden Arsenal. Everything is in full accordance with the game balance: the more you spend, the more you get, and if you cost yourself, then there is no need to replenish ammunition.

My friend motorcycle

The developers will release us into a dynamic open world and provide a wide range of options for passing. So far, all of the above reinforces these promises: the environment is constantly changing, and the second passage of the same mission does not necessarily look like the first. In addition to rigidly pinned to the floor inserts like the attack of a hanging corpse, there will be random events. Here is one of them: bandit teases chained to the tree of fricker. Why not shoot the castle and play in the death of the trainer?

We don’t know how inclusive the local ecosystem will be, but we can see the snow driving the wolves into the den. Phreakers wander a friendly crowd on the roads and off-road to any one of them driven goals, and only find enough food to eat, stop to rest. And then they hit the road again when they run out of food. The bandits also don’t sit still, at least while the weather allows. Although the sudden meeting in the impassable snow may well greatly revive what is happening. So far, the untold about the game is much more than what we have shown. We know absolutely nothing about the motorcycle deacon, who the developers themselves called a full hero of the game. We see that it runs out of fuel, and we know that it can break. But how much unproven craft system will interact with it? Can we see in Days Gone echoes of Magnum Opus from Mad Max? When the Deacon Saint John will be roleplaying, but no allocated skill points. According to the developers, skills and abilities will improve in the process of use. But how big is the clip of available skills and how wide are they scattered across the scale?

Stingy bastions on the main plot are as follows: the main character, who lost a lot and lost confidence in life, turned into a ruthless thug, but in the course of the game he will have to reconsider his attitude to life. Yes, I should add here Ellie, and you get a completely different game!

And in General-what Days Gone is not exactly amazing, so it’s original. And the Last of Us with Horizon Zero Dawn — only the first came to mind the analogy, for which the crowd in the queue games, movies and TV shows about zombies, the Apocalypse and the harsh mercenaries with a gentle soul. Although it is not particularly alarming. After all, we have already received Horizon Zero Dawn, which did not come up with any revolutionary mechanics, but managed to bring all available to perfection. If Days Gone will repeat this feat, it can already begin to wait.

In fact, the only major problem so far is the expectation. Sony is not ready to name not that release date, but even a year. And innuendo can be concluded that a meeting with fricker we are not waiting for early 2019.

And during this time, so much can change!


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