Dragon Ball FighterZ

The Dragon Ball franchise consists of forty eight volumes of a manga, several anime series, one screen version and a heap of accompanying production. Alone games on Dragon Ball came out for almost a hundred pieces. Here you and jRPG, and platformers, but most of all it is fighting games — they began to go about the same time as the “comics”. And now, in 2018, the Studio Arc system workswas Another. What’s different? The fact that this Dragon Ball-almost the perfect representative of the genre.

Arc System Works has been fighting games for decades. They have created and produce super popular and almost reference series BlazBlue and Guilty Gear. The new brainchild of Japanese is tricky in terms of combat system, but no less colorful and animelee.

Without sebangan not to gain Gongfu

A new game franchise — is a 3-on-3 fighting game according to the rules of Tag Team. That is, you can at any time of the fight to change the character or use a single attacking or defensive action of other team members, as in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and Tekken Tag Tournament. Such an approach expands tactical possibilities and gives scope for experiments.

And you want to experiment here, and how! Because the combat mechanics in Dragon Ball Fighter are simple and deep. On the one hand, if you press all the buttons in a row, the result will be the same as with the conscious manner of play: the screen will be created a complete chaos, anime-psychedelic theater of special effects. But FightersZ encourages to learn how to play “correctly” and understand the basics to know the charm of the suit. This process, the work on the basics, the Chinese call the word “jibengong”. And without it, “Gunta” — the technique — do not work enough

Each fighter has a weak, medium and strong punches. There are also long — range attacks (projectiles), the ability to instantly reduce the distance and teleport the enemy behind his back-especially good it works if the enemy only does that gets you from afar.

MSY-list of heroes about the same. If you master one character, learning to fight others will not be a problem. Particularly pleased that superataka can smoothly be combined with a melee combo it makes battles verified from the point of view of variability and approaches.

In the game you need to constantly change tactics, quickly retreat and accurately calculate the attack time. The enemy is teleported without stopping, then tries to throw in the air and carry out a long series of strikes, then at the speed of the comet is at a very close distance… every millisecond matters. In addition, he, like you, can at any time change the fighters and use their one-time abilities. All this was already in other representatives of the genre, but in DB FighterZ each component of the battle implemented “hurrah.”

There are a couple of mechanics that are specific only to the universe of Dragon Ball. It is the life energy of Ki (or, in Chinese tradition, Chi) and the counter of “dragon pearl”. Ki accumulates during the fight and is used for special receptions. And the gems you get for every drop of your opponent. Collected seven pieces-so it’s time to call the dragon, which will fill up and Ki, and health strip.

Appearance and modes

Dragon Ball FighterZ shocking picture — she looks like a very expensive anime with sophisticated detail and distinctive style of Akira Toriyama. The game is dominated by bright colors, great special effects and “kupusina” choreography of the fights. Why are only the animation of throwing the enemy into the air and then beating in the heavens. Opponents can be thrown on the rocks, and they break through skyscrapers. The action looks pretentious and epic-as befits the world Dragon Ball.

The developers decided to make the game is not a standard menu, and the lobby, in which the player moves the Chibi-version of Goku — the main character of Dragon Ball. On the local square, he will meet special NPC and “rooms” with modes — from here we go to the story campaign, hone skills, fight locally on one screen or go online. The lobby is surprisingly comfortable. The same applies to all menus, submenus, sections — Yes, all the game as a whole.

But the network code is not happy. In the online mode, you can wait a very long time to connect in private matches. At the same time, the selection of players is more or less stable in the standard rating battles. Most likely, the developers will patch the online problem with patches. In the meantime, the most stable online in the lobby area teeming with players who constantly communicate with stickers and boast of avatars, bought for real or in-game currency.

Yes, FighterZ not bypassed and system luchboxes (here they look like capsules). For gold or silver coins you can buy original stickers and avatars. Silver doubloons virtual fighter gets by completing quests and passing game modes, and gold bought for real money. In fairness – in the process of passing you will have time to earn so much silver that get out of your pocket wallet will make little sense. You’ll get a lot of options for character customization.

Not without arcade mode. There is no plot, only fights with enemy teams with one purpose — to become the best, to get the highest rank, to beat out the next achivka. By the way, the arcade mode itself is quite interesting. It has only five battles, but, depending on your performances, you meet with different opponents. With a perfect performance with each new battle, you will increase the level of difficulty and reach the final boss. But it is necessary to act not very well or, worse, to lose — and your way will turn completely in the other direction.

History without history

Battles are simple and clear, but the story — not quite. In the world of Dragon Ball a lot of characters and story arches. Over the years of the franchise’s existence, a lot has happened here, and the average players are not familiar with all this. And many fans of the series consider the history of FighterZ a kind of fan fiction.

The game has three long and intricate story arches. In this story, we’re flying a spaceship, looking for ally friends and trying to solve the mystery of the appearance of the dark clones of the heroes. We’re also being hunted by some androids. The plot is given through scenes on the game engine-beautiful and incomprehensible to anyone except fans of the franchise. The map of the story campaign is dotted with a lot of points on which we move, we study the subtleties of mechanics, find secrets and bonuses, fight with enemies and learn the continuation of the story.

All the characters FighterZ possess a strong charisma and personality. Hairstyles-their, perhaps, the only noticeable similarity. But it is not laziness of artists, and feature of Akira Toriyama’s style — the concept artist and the ideological inspirer of Dragon Ball and a cult series Dragon Quest. By the way, he also created a unique character for the game — Android-21.

Because of the not very good presentation of the plot FighterZ can hardly be called an ideal game for the first acquaintance with the cultural phenomenon of Dragon Ball. But as a fighting game it is incredibly good.

Anyway, are we fighting games or something?! Since when do we see their story as an important unit?! Last year, of course, there were two fighting games in which the plot was really important — it’s Tekken 7 and Injustice 2. But is it really enough to make the story so important element in the genre? Write in the comments, how do you feel about this trend!

Dragon Ball FighterZ-a great representative of the genre. It is very easy to learn, but it is quite hardcore. The plot is not something that fascinates or tries to seem serious, but the visual component and mechanics completely capture the player and immerse him in the excellent anime world of the genre senen. In the battle scenes occasionally sags footage, but it does not interfere. And Yes — animeforum it is better to bypass the game side. And fans of high-quality fighting games and Japanese animation – do not miss it in any case!


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