Just Cause

There is one thing that Just Cause 3 captures flawlessly: the feeling of a huge open space. Here you can sit in a bomber, take off a few kilometers up, jump out of the cabin, not be able to cover the whole archipelago, and then half a minute to fall and land in a field of sunflowers near any village, the name of which you will never remember. And let the entire Medici archipelago be built up with the same houses with orange tiles-this is an amazing place. And it’s really cool to blow things up.

Collateral damage

Why did people play Just Cause 2? Because there is obtained on the go to jump from one plane to another, throw the pilot to take the wheel to jerk in the direction of some of the tank farm, at the last moment to jump out, unfold the infinite parachute and watch as you back everything up into the air. Just Cause 3 does everything to make such situations more. It spits on realism, logic, common sense, and delivers it all as a solar game about Kirby, where you can descend from the sky sixty-meter cargo plane in a container of five to ten.

Story? Need for background. Rico Rodriguez has arrived to the next island state (this time — the Mediterranean Medici) to overthrow the next bloody dictator (Sebastiano di Ravello-is dressed as Gaddafi, usat as Stalin). The idea is that somewhere here Rico grew up, so it is surrounded by friends and acquaintances of childhood, and even far the theme of the past curses Rodriguez. But barely noticeable. Just so the townspeople die, the future change of di Ravello seems no less vile-no one cares.

Gotta. Blow. Belongings.

Avalanche has chosen priorities. Their game is about explosions and flights. In trailers, at exhibitions — everywhere-developers showed how beautifully cars, gas stations, transformers and fuel tanks blow up and in how many ways it is possible to demolish a monument to di Ravello.

And all this, of course, great, but the main new feature — it’s wingsuit. Walking in the past Just Cause was the most boring, but somehow had to. Now it is not necessary: alternating parachute, cat-hook and wingsuit, you can, without touching the ground, to cross at least the entire archipelago, and in the way to shoot down a few helicopters, blow up a couple of tanks, to spread the checkpoint and steal a fighter, immersed on a passing train. In the air it became possible to do much more beautiful things.

Medici’s a pleasure to fly. Of the meaningful cases here – only a penny test, opening access to new features of gadgets, and the base, which you need to capture, but Just Cause nothing more and do not need. The structure of the bases finally adjusted to the ability of Rico-now they are much more vertical, and you can not just land from the air, spread explosives, to jerk and fly: you have to constantly maneuver between the high columns, move from one height to another. This is exactly what this series has been missing from the start.

The real problems are deeper.

Sanctioned revolution

Here’s the thing: for a game about chaos, explosions, and rebellion against power, Just Cause 3 is too fond of quotas and limits. Free four provinces to advance through the story. Capture five bases to free the province. Blow up all the objects painted in red to capture the base. It would not bother if the mandatory goals do not have to look for a long time. It turns out that five minutes of Rico Rodriguez is on a rampage, killing people, blowing up the gas station and laughing like a child, ten — seek in the folds of the enemy Outpost, he read the release region. First, Just Cause 3 picks up momentum, and then takes and just scatters it.

Everything you need to make Just Cause 3 interesting is on your hands. The wingsuit, grappling hook, infinite explosives (can be supplemented with charges small jet engines), cutting cables, all sorts of rocket-propelled grenades and military equipment — that’s enough to build the greatest Goldberg machine to get it going and put the recording on YouTube. You plan, build, press the detonator button and watch as the infrastructure of the base flies into the air in one carefully constructed cascade of explosions.

But, to make sense of it, you need to take Just Cause 3 as a construction sandbox on the contrary — that is, want to blow up beautiful different things, just so they beautifully exploded. Otherwise, in the “creative” approach, which is emphasized in the annotations, makes little sense: in a couple of story missions, it was nice to find that I can blow up the bridge and cut off the path for some reinforcements, but only. Normally well — tightened, put the bomb away, blew up and repeated until, until there’s nothing left. This is the easiest, tedious, but reliable way in which the probability of a misfire is the least.

It’s very difficult to kill Rico Rodriguez. He is almost invulnerable and dies more often than not just from the fact that you decide to become insolent and do not do everything the way you usually do, and then accidentally break on the rocks. In nine out of ten cases, there’s no reason to be a spectacular Rico Rodriguez because the boring Rico Rodriguez is much more comfortable.

Rico’s too cool for this place. Faced with him, allegedly prudent dictator, years held the power of the iron grip, can only helplessly shake the air and vent anger at the extras. There are no situations when something goes wrong. Rather, they are, but they almost do not attach importance. Like they’re not even there.

In all its manifestations, Just Cause 3-a game about how to bend a world that has already come to terms with everything. It’s fun-a little more fun than playing GTA with cheats-but you have to make a big effort not to accidentally interrupt the agony of junta di Ravello in the fastest way.

And Yes. It’s cool to blow things up.

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