Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom

I’m sorry that Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom decided to release with a serial number in the title, because the first part of it has almost nothing to do. For the Japanese, this is, of course, a familiar and understandable story (Final Fantasy, Persona), but in the narrow-minded world of wide-eyed sequel almost never arouses interest outside the already established fan base.

Pity, because to discuss Ni no Kuni II want just with those who will not be loyal to her, and cruel. Almost all the game press came together in an extremely controversial position: the game, of course, in all senses stupid, but what a heartfelt! Really want not to fall into the same trap, but to circumvent it is almost impossible.

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom обзор игры

Reviant Kingdom is a quasi-Ghibli. As if Yes, but no

The first Ni no Kuni started with the idea to make a game in the style of Hayao Miyazaki (Hayao Miyazaki), so the visual style for the series — it is just a genre, and the plot and form. But if the first part was done in close cooperation with the legendary animation Studio, this one does not put large partner logos on the cover. In fact, nothing terrible happened: the artistic component is engaged in the same people, just no longer in the Ghibli.

So get ready for an incredible, truly incredible journey. It will begin in our world, together with Roland, the President, who dies from the atomic bomb and is transferred to the world of fantasy. There are all too real evil rat people are poisoning the lion king and arranges a coup in the cat Kingdom. Roland, who flew by, grabs under the arm of crown Prince Evan and agrees to become a personal consultant.

This pair will create their own Kingdom — without blackjack and conscription. In the program — finding new friends, dramatic trials, monsters and cute magical creatures.

Like the works of Ghibli, this is a kind of road movie: adventures go one after another, caricature characters replace each other, magical worlds and wonderful situations are hidden around every corner. Here you just came out of the valley of the Wyvern, as soon as they got to the house of an old woman, breeding the spirits of nature. A little more walk on the global map, as you are already addictive to explore the cave, where the hordes of rats there is a mysterious door.

Roland and Evan will play in the politics of deciding the Affairs of state. It’s great-rich, very charming and unobtrusive. But not in muzakowski.

The first game is much better to convey the spirit of cartoons, because, first, contained real animated inserts. Second, Ni no Kuni told a personal story. The second part tries to be more adult, telling in scales of the whole state. But there is no real depth behind this, and personal drama is lost.

Fabulous ease is often confused with primitivism, and if some scenario moves and ideas want to applaud, then there is nothing to praise. There’s no relationship evolution, there’s no really tangible Prince growth, and most of the characters are flat — chops of the same mood.

But for some reason Ni no Kuni II wants to make a discount. Yes, flat. But what charming! Yes, the character does not change globally. But in the important screensavers all right! Yes, this argument is far-fetched. But will play — you will understand!

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom обзор игры

Which is better – one deep mechanic or a lot of fun?

This is a question that will determine your relationship with Revenant Kingdom, because that makes the choice in favor of the second. There are many types of gameplay, but hardly one can boast of a serious study.

First of all, you build your Kingdom. But is not even close to urban simulation — thus, sweeping the wrapped menu flow. From urban development here is only a well-transmitted feeling of growth of your Empire. But no real problems.

From traveling here-a global map, which walk the little “chibik”, looking for secrets in the bushes and occasionally clearing the dungeon. With the latter, there is nothing to explain: everything that comes to mind with the words “to clean the dungeon”is relevant.

The combat mechanics are beautiful: it’s a massacre, where all three playable characters are busy with their work in a common pile-small, and you care about the strategic position on the battlefield Yes timely use of destructive “skills”.

Finally, there is Total War for the little ones-a mini-game to control the troops on the battlefield. Imagine yourself a schoolboy who walks neighborly dogs four at a time, and they run around on leashes and pounce on everything that falls into the radius of defeat. This is a strategic regime.

In all this there are many nuances and difficulties: in the strategy — the ability of units and call for help, in battle — the need to monitor the charge of weapons and different types of enemies, in the construction — the eternal shortage of labor. But all this nonsense, fake interest heaters, which do not really give room for honing the skill, and create the appearance that you are something constantly (and kind of like with the mind!) do.

And … this, too, want forgive. Because the game itself is extremely easy and nothing at all claims. You can search for fights only high-level opponents, and specifically to clean out the dungeon slowly (they become more complicated over time), but to require complexity of so cute and unobtrusive entertainment — wrong. Although, on the other hand, it is fair to demand the complexity of the 50-hour entertainment.

Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom

Is it bad that everything is held on magic? Holding up!

Approaching game mechanics with scientific meticulousness, assessing their real usefulness, checking the quality of the script, you will achieve nothing. After all, the game has a style, sound, design and internal power.

It works in this way, precisely because it is simple. Charming, sincere, captivating purity of motives of heroes and playful rules of the world. Do you care about the problems with the interface, if it is possible to unearth a local “Instagram” with its internal characters? Does it matter how you kill “boss”, if it looks epic due to the production, music and effects?

Ni no Kuni II is a hymn to three things. The futility of any games, the immateriality of any deficiencies, the relativity of all evaluations. This JRPG, which at all desire will not be described as the sum of the components: for what do not take, everything sounds either bland or primitive. But the game as a whole inevitably leaves the impression of a well-told family fairy tale, which I want to recommend even the most severe bearded Forester.

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