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The release of the first part of This is the Police for many players was a pleasant surprise. A team of developers from Belarus has created a fascinating Manager, combined with a visual novel in which it is necessary to subtly manage the police station, constantly balancing on the verge of good and evil. Addictive gameplay with black humor in the tasks and harsh drama in the main plot provided the project popularity, and the announcement of the sequel was only a matter of time.

Картинки по запросу This Is the Police 2 обзор

The second part of the police drama meets the players in the provincial town of Sharpwood, located somewhere in the North. The air here is permeated with the spirit of the American province. Instead of caps, cops wear Ranger hats, and the challenges do not go to the Ford Crown Victoria, and on the jeep Cherokee JX SUV, the outlines of which are easily recognized even in a minimalist style of play.

The story begins with an introduction to the new Sheriff of the city of Lilly reed, which will maintain order. Despite the quiet wilderness, in Sharpwood wielded various criminal structures and just small hooligans. The situation is complicated by local cops who are not used to follow instructions from a young girl, but Warren Nash comes to the rescue, whose hands you will manage a small police Department, helping the Sheriff to deal with the problems of Sharpwood. References to the first part appear almost immediately, but to avoid spoilers, we will not disclose further details of the plot.

The first innovation meets us at the very beginning of the game. In the sequel there were tactical missions, where the player controls the manner of XCOM squad cops in step mode. Before starting the operation, you can collect additional information and explore the map. Often, to obtain useful information, you need to somehow win over a witness, for example, to buy a cigarette of a trucker or give warm shoes to a homeless person. At the beginning of the task, until one of your characters is not noticed, the cops can act secretly, hiding behind cover and watching the criminals. Neutralize the villains can be in different ways. They can be stunned and arrested or simply killed.

Statement of the purpose of missions is different and not always required just to eliminate the opponents. For example, in one of the tasks you need to defuse the bomb in 13 moves, and in the other to save the hostages unnoticed.

Картинки по запросу This Is the Police 2 обзор

After the introduction and familiarity with the main characters of the player waiting for a more familiar to the first part of the gameplay, which is necessary to track crimes on the map and send the police there. Icons with tasks appear only for a while, ignoring them can lead to sad consequences, which ultimately will have a negative impact on the results at the end of the day.

Calls can be false – and in this case for their pass no damage. However, unlike the original, now the tasks have a minimum level and you just can not send one bad COP to a major crime.

The next innovation is in the profiles of the guardians of order. In addition to the abstract General level, the characters appeared pumped characteristics and skills that depend on them, which characters can use in tactical battles. For example, power allows for more efficient use of the baton, stealth makes it possible to sneak up on the enemy, and the skill of the negotiator can force the offender to surrender.

In addition, each character has four inventory cells, in which the player can put a variety of devices and gadgets to facilitate police work. Like a Taser and a flash-Bang grenade.

Some cops have character traits: someone may not want to go on a mission with a low-level partner, someone refuses to work with women. In addition, some police officers may experience serious problems with alcohol, so they will come to work with a hangover and risk getting into an accident. However, unlike the first part, they do not die immediately, and can be injured, which will disable them for some time.

Картинки по запросу This Is the Police 2 обзор

Some subordinates initially hostile to the new chief, they are dressed not according to the Charter, can refuse to carry out certain orders, and in tactical missions will act only at its discretion. To win over such a policeman, you need to indulge him in every way and let go of work when he requires it. But you can’t be a good boss all the time. Employees are often not enough, so let a couple of cops from work, the player risks to be in a situation where all the available police are already on the job, and no one to take a new challenge. This can all lead to tragic consequences for the civilian population, and all because one has asked to work to read a book, and the other complains about too bright lamps in the Department.

All these innovations allow each police officer to be a unique character. As in the case of XCOM, this approach not only expands and deepens management, but also binds the player to the character, forcing to think carefully about each action, so as not to lose a valuable COP.

Since there is no division into patrol and detectives in this area, ordinary police officers should investigate the crimes already committed. Best of all with this task the staff with pumped intelligence cope. The rest is almost like before. From the data you need to correctly recreate the crime in the pictures. However, there was not without innovations. Now suspects can be multiple and, understanding the case, you must accuse the right person.

The task of the player will not only trips to the official challenges, but also some underground activities. Most often, these are some personal requests, after which various additional opportunities will open up. For example, the purchase and sale of police equipment or the cure of alcoholism selected officers.

These tasks will be performed only by loyal employees, and not everyone will be able to cope with this or that assignment. A poorly chosen COP can accidentally kill an innocent person, then become depressed and kill himself as a result.

At the end of each day, the total is summed up and points are awarded for the work done in the form of tongues from beer cans. Each successful challenge adds a few points, and the death of a civilian or other failures take them away. The main task of the game: always be in the black, and if three days in a row the balance of the tongues is zero, then you will find Game Over.

After all the calculations on the points earned, you can hire new cops and replenish consumables in the form of cartridges for the tyzer and grenades. At some point in the area begins a confrontation between your Department and the other, and earned during the day aluminum chips will be the main argument in the dispute. All this makes the game more intense and exciting

Картинки по запросу This Is the Police 2 обзор

In addition to the updated mechanics, This is the Police 2 is able to please and a kind of humor, which sometimes can be very black. Descriptions of ridiculous situations and even terrible deaths make you smile and shy at the same time.

Since it happens somewhere in the 80-ies of the last century, the game is literally riddled with nostalgia and various jokes on this topic. For example, scenes from local film blockbusters, which are often discussed by residents of Sharpwood, often cause a smile, and the name of the films like “Bloody shirt 4” or “Wind blows to hell” perfectly characterize the films of the time and allow even more to plunge into the atmosphere of the game.

If the text quests a lot of funny and frivolous moments, when the story begins, the player is immersed in a dramatic story with the vile manipulation, setups and various human tragedies. All this is also served as a visual novel. The dialogues are well voiced and the actors perfectly convey all the emotions, despite the retro graphics.

This is the Police 2 – a proper sequel, which develops the ideas of the original. The developers managed to maintain a delicate balance between good and varied gameplay, humorous situations and oppressive dramatic story.

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