We Happy Few

This is a game about survival in the open world

In fact, the genre of the game no one really hid. Developers often gave interviews and directly said that there is no adventure action in We Happy Fewi in sight, and that the game is about survival in hostile territory. But it was too late-the trailers misrepresented the essence of the game, and the public had a false impression.


Which reminds me of ” more. Utopia„

Here, too, there is a strange city that lives by its own laws, and the inhabitants are divided into castes and change the attitude of the player depending on his actions. In the final version of the game will be three main characters-two men and one girl. Everyone has their own story, but they all intersect with each other. Playing for one character, you are sure to meet the other two — all in the “Sea”. Not to die, you need to eat, to drink, to sleep, to heal from the plague and be able to defend themselves — the weapon breaks, and rare stick is better not to spend an optional fight.

With a randomly generated city

There are a few neighborhoods and a lot of places tied to certain quests in Wellington. Tasks each time the same, but where after the start of a new game will be located key house or area — decides the case.

I found instructions on how to prepare a cure for a deadly disease, but I couldn’t find all the ingredients in time. This is both a problem and a plus of the procedurally generated world. On the one hand, each player will have a slightly different city, and therefore unique situations more. On the other — too much depends on luck: the resources to perform the first tasks can be two steps from the exit of the shelter or in the devil’s horns.

And not too thoughtful crafting

Simple recipes can be unlocked by picking the right ingredients.

They score inventory, so you have to constantly run to the shelter and throw off the ballast (well, do not throw them!). This is a routine that increases the duration of the game. I hope that the output of the game will correct this.

In We Happy Few interesting setting

In the alternate universe We Happy Few, the Soviet Union invaded Britain during world war II. Residents of the town of Wellington wells were able to drive themselves invaders, but it had to do something so terrible, what everyone wanted to forget. This prompted the government to create a drug “Joy”, which drives away bad memories and makes the world brighter — in the literal sense, even after one pill dirty gray-brown streets are filled with colors, a rainbow appears in the sky. In short, the world looks like what the future of science fiction writers of the middle of the last century imagined.

And the plot is written based on the novels “1984” and ” about the brave new world»

Being high is the sacred duty of every citizen of Wellington. The editor of the local newspaper Arthur accidentally stumbled upon a note about himself and his brother during the war, and it knocked him out of the drug trip. Realizing that all this time the pills deprived him of freedom of thought and conscience, he went against the system — stopped swallowing “Joy” and began to plan an escape from the city.

We Happy Few is an anti-utopia based on the iconic novels of British writers George Orwell and Aldous Huxley. All the main elements of the plot are inspired by their works. Wellington is a consumer society in which there are several strata of the population, and the higher castes hate and despise the lower. Drug ” Joy “— is an analogue of the catfish of” the brave new world”, they have exactly the same properties, purpose and even advertising” chants “just rooted in speech under the guise of sayings:” Catfish gram-and no drama!”

But in early access there are no story missions — only the prologue

And when will — is unknown. But there is a wonderful set of prologue, it outlines the reigning laws in this city and create intrigue. Make “Joy” we are obliged, and those who forgets or ignores the pill, forced to swallow a horse pill, thus returning a person needs set of values.

In the prologue, Arthur refuses to take hallucinogen and begins to gradually see the light: he notices that the colleague has not returned from vacation, and watches as in a nearby office, a tall man in a hat and a cloak forcibly sticks something to the employee. Shocked Arthur quickly gives himself up and goes on the run.

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