Ancestors Legacy: Ages without Embellishment

Who would have thought that after the hooligan, provocative, loud and stupid Hatred, embodied in the game form of everyday life of an armed maniac, the Polish Studio Destructive Creationst and release a serious and deep strategy? Following Kingdom Come: Deliverance appeared another medieval game from Eastern Europe! Realism and historical plausibility are again at the forefront.

No time for dragons

Ancesters Legacy tells about the wars and troubles of the middle ages. The General atmosphere and details are sustained in style of unwashed realism of those times — spirit of chivalrous novels and fantasy elements look for in other projects. Vikings-Dan under the control of the player erase from the face of the land of the village one after another and cut into vermicelli unarmed monks, and the British, in turn, burn captured Danes alive. Counts and barons of Western Europe enthusiastically biting for the land, and the Slavs-pagans, not knowing what awaits them ahead, already execute the first Christians.

Verbose campaign scripts Ancestors Legacy quite vividly recreate the spirit of those times, but the developers have invested a lot of effort and other historical aspects. The appearance of units, weapons and clothing, architecture, scenery — everywhere you can see the hard work and care.

Once on the coast of Britain of the IX century, you, for example, will not meet handsome knights in full plate armor. Instead, the soldiers wore chain mail with a hood and a lot of animal skins — in full compliance with the military fashion of those days. Dozens of small but significant elements work on the realism of what is happening, and in front of us in all reliability the mores of that era appear: in one of the plot scenes, a nobleman without hesitation kills a commoner who has gone too far.

On chain mail meet 

When you first start the game welcomes atmospheric animated screensavers in the menu and impressive folk music. And starting the first mission of the campaign of the Vikings, I’m just a couple of minutes stuck in the script video about the landing with Drakkar game engine gives the quality of AAA-shooters era PS3. The operator fearlessly goes into the thick of things — the quality of the action is reminiscent of Call of Duty.

Here the control passes to the player, and we are the troops on the shore, fought their way into the interior of the island. Spectacular flashes of lightning, an abundance of details on each meter of scenery, accurate models of fighters — ancesters Legacy looks great. Stentorian cries of the soldiers in their native languages at once, not annoying every time you click on a unit: sounds of the game also very much.

The variable scale allows you to consider the elements of armor, intricate patterns on the shields and even multiple tattoos of soldiers. The cards are drawn no worse than in the recent Spellforce 3; the wind is played by branches, the birds are circling over the blooming fields, the full moon is reflected in the rippling water — Unreal Engine 4 got into skillful hands.

Even at the development stage, the poles promised to surprise the combat animation — and also did not deceive. For each warrior recorded an impressive number of movements, so that the first time you hang on literally any brawl. The maximum approach of the game camera includes a conditional “cinematic mode”: interface elements are hidden, added the effect of” shaking the lens ” — blood splashes fly under the nose. Also I will note good work with night lighting and enchanting, to the delight of all pyromaniac, fires.

A long time ago, in the near Europe

All this beauty is laid in several campaigns on four fractions among which it is especially pleasant to see Slavs who are usually not spoiled by attention of game designers. Time period-from VIII to XII century, and the strings differ depending on the faction and time of action: the Swedes and Dan fun burning monasteries in the early middle ages, and the owner of the German lands cleans the local forests of the raubritter — barons-robbers.

No plot revelations in the spirit of Warcraft 3, you can not wait: the mentioned historicity is largely tied scriptwriters Destructive Creations hands. But watch out for the feudal lords and tribal leaders do not get bored — the passions on the screen boil at full strength.

The missions make a favorable impression due to the constant change of goals and conditions: we are sneaking around on a spacious map with instructions from local princes, then besieging monumental fortresses, then using real — and well — implemented-elements of stealth in the scenario about a couple of scouts-saboteurs.

Tactics many not case

The development of settlements in many ways repeats the usual RTS scheme: for a large army, we build a house in the temples praise the gods, receiving bonuses to combat capability, and from the barracks regularly produce recruits. One of the new genre of pieces in the regeneration of the town well: he helps to put out a terrible fire, which in real history the lives of many medieval cities. But, unlike Age of Empires or Rise of Nations, in ancesters Legacy it is not necessary to mess with the plan of building: all buildings appear in the places provided by game. This great accelerates the growth of the settlement, but, alas, completely deprives the joy of creation is his unique, military town.

However, urban mechanics is still optional. After a couple of hours it becomes clear that the main thing in the ancesters Legacy — it is war. All questions external and internal policy here can only be solved with fire and sword, and captured neither the Saxons nor the clearing did not take in battle can be seen as wanting to give finish right on the battlefield (finally get to know the creators of Hatred!).

There are not so many kinds of troops, but the vigilantes of different types are very different. German infantry with monstrous cleavers is strong, but clumsy and slow; British archers are able to temporarily increase the accuracy of shooting, which is very useful in mass clashes (friendly fire puts into the ground a lot of allies), and half-naked Berserkers Scandinavians expectedly fall into combat madness. One or two special tactical techniques have any unit or hero, and almost all of them are useful and well balanced — the obvious “universals” is not found.

It’s a shame that big fights regularly turn into a chaotic pile of enemies and allies (which, however, also certainly refers to historical realism), and divide them in the absence of a tactical pause can not. But in General, for the tactical part of the game developers just want to praise, especially since successfully using the classic elements of the genre of RTS, the poles offered a few fresh ideas.

For example, here is an interesting mechanics of arson: throwing torches on the roof of the enemy barracks or forge, we fill a special scale; as soon as it is filled, the fire will continue to devour the building, but the aggressors can already be switched to the next target.

Some warriors are able to dig deadly pit traps on the roads, and special soldiers with torches in their hands even at night will consider an ambush in the bushes. And most importantly, all without exception, the soldiers can perform the most important maneuver, under which even a separate button is assigned: a quick retreat, it is also an escape with bulging eyes.

Tar wholesale and by weight

With all the pros I have something to scold the project: while Ancestors Legacy seems somewhat unfinished.  At times, the sounds of battle disappear completely, leaving the player alone with the music. The peasants in the burning village so panic that on the run pass through the bodies of the attackers. These same attackers sometimes stop for a break, leaning their heads in the texture of the house or barn. Unique animation fights often fails, and the warriors cut the air blades.

Bugs are most likely to be” cured ” first of all. But the balance of complexity is also limping: two powerful Viking chiefs easily break the ranks of the Anglo-Saxons and do not receive any significant damage. And mentioned pause (even if inactive) still does not hurt: when your farm storm from two or three sides of the crowd of raiders, from trying to hold the micro head is spinning.

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