Conan Exiles-The Massive attack of the power.

Online sandbox” Conan Exiles was released in “Early access” in early 2017, and in order to go to a full release, it took another year and a half. All this time the company Funcom polished simulator survival in the wild lands of the exiles and finally brought to a state in which it is not ashamed to show people: the bugs in Early Access complained almost all players. It is also important to note that Conan Exiles — this is not the first game of the Norwegians in the setting of Hyboria: they already did Age of Conan MMO in the harsh world of Conan the barbarian.

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The valley of the missing women

The plot of the game is very simple. The protagonist-sentenced to death haiboriytsa tied to the cross and left to die in the desert. He sagged for a short time: the criminal was suddenly saved by Conan himself (apparently, it was necessary to somehow justify the name of the game, because more in it the legendary barbarian will never appear). But before we can see the miraculous liberation, we need to create a hero by choosing his gender, race, appearance and religion.

Religion is an important game mechanic. Belonging to a denomination provides unique recipes of the rig, sacrifices used to summon a huge destructional avatar favourites of God. At first, the game allows you to worship only one deity, but then you can increase their number. I’m not a bore, but where in Hyboria has ever heard of minions of Seth at the same time praising sun Mithras, although their teachings completely contradict each other!

Well, it should be noted the uncensored editor of the protagonist — he was not talking about only lazy-in which you can play with the size of the intimate places of the characters. Is this only done to draw attention to the game? I can’t think of any other explanation.

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Treasures Galore

After the creation of the hero, we are released into an open seamless world. In Conan Exiles there is no training and all have to comprehend himself. There are no quests in the game and in the literal sense of the word, but there are goals that are written in the upper right corner of the screen. They help to get acquainted with the basic features of the game.

At first (and, to be honest, later too), the player will have to spend a lot of time collecting ingredients for “crafting” things. First it will be simple stones and branches, then — more rare resources: star metal ore, for example, or demon blood. To search for a truly beautiful explore locations-deserts, jungles, snow-covered valleys, swamps and even a volcano. Unfortunately, the collection of resources is somewhat tiring. Useful objects on the road do not roll, and instead of admiring the landscapes of Hyboria you will be generally chop down trees, breaking rocks and hunt animals.

What happens at the output depends on what tool the resources are extracted with. If you hit a tree with an axe, then it will remain wood, and if you chop with a pick — bark.

And the character must eat and drink to not die of hunger and thirst. Hunting animals provides the hero with food. And for complete comfort you can (and even need) to build a house or at least a whole fortress of your dreams.

A comparison comes to mind with last year’s the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In Conan Exilesтоже you can climb on steep rocks, and cook in a pot. We can say that we are given to play a kind of harsh “Zelda” – brutal and with naked bodies.

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People of the black circle

If at first I had a question, why tie this survival simulator to the setting of “Conan”, then over time it disappeared by itself. Yeah, at first I thought that the Hyborian world of Conan in the Exiles is the name of several races and gods. It seemed to me that the game has almost no “Laura” (compared to the same Age of Conan, where there were even quotes from the books!), but in fact it is not. There is even a hidden storyline, and carefully examining the location, you can find a lot of texts about the world. After a dozen hours I can safely say that fans of Hyboria here will surely enjoy!

Another unusual mechanics of the game is slavery. In order to get a slave, you need to dissuade the enemy to the loss of consciousness, then tie it and make it rotate the wheel of pain. About the same as Conan did in the movie about himself. The system of slavery is necessary for the organization of the economy. Slave warrior can get to guard the house, a slave blacksmith produces superior weapons, and the dancers take off the filth, which you can pick up in the ancient ruins

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All the villains in the house

In Conan Exiles there are several modes-PvP (each player was removed from the cross personally Conan!), online PvE and single player campaign. One to play, but difficult to quickly kill. The limit of players on the server — 40. Although the potential of the game and revealed in multiplayer, single player campaign is also good — you can play only for her.

After the death experience and skills will not disappear, but the character is literally bare-ass. Not lost only those items that remained in the chests. If you, of course, do not play in a single campaign on an easy level of difficulty. In addition, in multiplayer, when you change the server every time you have to start with the creation of a character — it’s annoying.

The list of changes that appeared after the release of Conan Exiles, impressive: increased resources, recipes, monsters. New ones have been added-great! – animations, deities, biomes: volcano and swamp. The game really did a good job.

I’m not a fan of the genre, but Conan Exiles loved with all my heart, because it is literally everyone will find something to taste. You can, for example, explore the ancient ruins, and you can team up with other players and build a whole city. The game perfectly conveys the beauty of the Hyborian world and its harsh spirit (I only need to sacrifice!). It should also be stressed that, while some survival-games do not come out of the “Early access” for four years (DayZ, I’m looking at you), Conan Exiles was finalized to a decent state in just 15 months, let the remaining bugs and slightly lubricate the impression.

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