Escape from Tarkov

The best city on earth

Tarkov is a fictional town located in fictional same Darvinskoj region in the North-West of our country. In Soviet times, it was a “closed administrative territorial entity” (BUT) because of the presence of a number of important defense enterprises. The status of “closed city” was removed in 1994, and after a while, thanks to the creation of a special economic zone in the region, Tarkov became the largest industrial and economic center of the European part of Russia. It is clear that not without foreign investors, one of which was the international Corporation Terra Group, invested in the production of the city a lot of money.

And everything would be good-the region is developing, foreign partners make a profit, the government the latest developments and solid tax deductions — but this very Terra Group turned out to be unclean. And it was not about small machinations, but rather serious violations of the law, besides the management of the concern did not shun to use to solve the problems and brute force in the form of a private military company USEC. At some point, the situation got out of control, and in the city turned real fighting, where Western mercenaries opposed already Russian PMCs called BEAR.

Tarkov has left most of the civilians, and the few remaining are trying to survive among the complete chaos and anarchy. Lack and those who decide to use the situation for their own enrichment, the benefit of the rights of now the one who shoots first.

The player in the role of one of the mercenaries — BEAR or USEC — must find a way out of the city, which has become a territory of lawlessness. The command has not been in touch for a long time, there is no news from the outside world — the city is blocked by the UN military and Russian troops. Enemy as a friend can be anyone — and the other staff members of the two PMCs and the local people or criminals (often one and the same). How to behave in such a situation and how to survive? Everyone is free to decide on their own.

Oddly enough, the information about the story in the alpha-version of the minimum — except that small notes that show in the tips during the loading level. Outside the game, the story is much better-in official groups in social networks, you can find even a stylized article from the local press. So those who wish to learn about the plot of the game is to look for the information outside the “alpha” — here it is necessary to extract bit by bit.

Картинки по запросу escape from tarkov обзор

Until the last screw

More or less having understood the simple history of Tarkov, finally go to explore the city. Of course, it will take awhile, to visit the caches and choose the right equipment for your fighter. However, as soon as you go into the window of the character, you find that the exit to the city is postponed for at least half an hour — the culprit is a special system of modification of weapons and equipment, allowing you to disassemble each “trunk” and change it literally anything, from the trunk and butt to the sight and store.

Dig among the variety of all this “gunshot”, as well as many modules to it is very interesting. Even if you do not take into account the fact that the effectiveness of weapons affects its configuration, Assembly and disassembly of each “trunk” delivers a purely aesthetic pleasure.

There is such a thing as Gun Porn, which denotes a variety of quality photos and videos dedicated to weapons and their use or creation (and not what you think). So, in Escape from Tarkov such love for weapons brought to the highest level. Models – very high quality and correspond to the present, almost every detail can be considered in great detail, replaced by a similar or completely removed. Is not enough except that the ability to fill the shops on their own, one cartridge.

It is possible to fight “Kalash” without the cover of the receiver or without the butt, so it does not matter if there are not enough parts — would be critically needed for the modules. The authors of the models deserve the most flattering words. But the developers of the GUI is not to praise: the interface is good in appearance, but very inconvenient to use.

In addition to working with equipment, you can also study the statistics of your character, his skills and health. Let the role-playing system in the” alpha “is not yet available, the General idea of it can be: the basic skills and their descriptions from the player is not hidden, but” pump ” everyone is not yet possible — only the overall level is growing.

In General, the weapon modification system is impressive, especially when you have enough different models and parts for “customization”. Apparently, the” fault ” of such abundance was a press account, so in the cache and full of weapons and equipment. Mere mortals will have to extract such wealth from scratch: either during raids or from traders.

Картинки по запросу escape from tarkov обзор

Out in people

I go to my first RAID and I, having gathered with myself equipment to the maximum. In the hands of the VSS, SV-98 and the volume of the backpack, the holster pistol with PBS, ample unloading, stuffed with shops and grenades on the night vision device.

The rules are simple — you need to get to the exit from the location, without dying from the bullet of other players or bots, and if possible to find (or remove from the dead) something useful for use or sale. Other participants engaged in the same, and they can cooperate, but this is rather from the fantasy: while everyone prefers to shoot to kill at every meeting.

Bots in the role of local bandits (they are called “Wild”) are not particularly dangerous. Yes, they are well treated with weapons, but their actions are easy to predict — it is too simple and predictable they behave.

In the future, players will also be able to act as a “Wild”: in this case, to choose the equipment will not work, but left alive, you can replenish the main character’s cache, if you can find something valuable.

So far, three cards are available in EFT: “Customs”, “Forest” and “Plant”. If the latter is a relatively small level, which is almost nowhere to turn with long-range weapons, the first two will have to study for a long time. There is no open world, at least not yet. Later, the developers promise to add a separate mode in which you can move around the Tarkov relatively freely, albeit with the loading of levels at the transition points.

The gameplay at each location is unique. “Plant “is a Paradise for” campers ” and those who know how to keep themselves in hand. You are guided more by the sound, all movements-short dashes, from shelter to shelter. Here in honor of shotguns and pistols — the most thing to shoot in a quick, without spending a lot of time to find the enemy. As a rule, then survival of the patient.

At the “customs” everything is different. A vast area under the open sky, built-up garages and warehouses, with rail and river. We’ll have to try to find other players or valuable prey. Skirmishes at medium distances, the active use of shelters and detours from the flanks — with the “short shot” here it is better not to go.

Картинки по запросу escape from tarkov обзор

Without ceremony

The fights in EFT are really hardcore: just a couple of hits to send the enemy to the light, and the recoil when fired and the simulation of ballistics forces you to shoot short bursts of either single, better from a sitting or lying position. It is at the level of a series of Operation Flashpoint / Arma, and something and harder — in “Tarkov”, for example, almost no “zoom”, through which all in the same Arma III can easily hit the target at a distance of 500 — 600 meters even without the optical sight. Here, too, sometimes you have to shoot not at the enemy, but at the shelter, behind which he hid, hoping that the bullet will still catch him. Quite realistic, as promised.

Special mention deserves the sound design. It’s not just good — it’s great. The juicy sound of gunfire, the sound of shell casings on the floor, a loud clatter when running, swearing “wounded” — everything was done very efficiently and “in life”. Bandits yell mate, did not hesitate, and the weapon shoots really loud, without any pity for the ears. Again, the sound works great for both the atmosphere and the gameplay. Take the same “Plant” – in the vast majority of cases, the enemy can first be heard, not seen.

“Casual” game just can not be called. In addition to a fairly complex implementation of the shooting, one can give an example of raids in the dark. At night, there is actually nothing to see, not even saves the night vision device, which, as in real life, provides not the best visibility.

Equipment at death is lost completely, except for the contents of a special container (and that very small — a lot of it will not put). All the most fashionable “equipment” I lost in the very first RAID. However, on a note to the delighted fans of hardcore — then fault of the unsuccessful end of an attack there was not an enemy bullet at all, and a banal departure in the main menu without explanation of the reasons of an event. Such errors are still missing – “alpha” is “alpha”, sometimes the game can be very unpleasant surprise. Optimization also suffers-we had to get used to the constant howling of the graphics card cooler, working at the limit of possibilities.


Escape from Tarkov at the moment is a pretty rough blank, on which to work and work. Nevertheless, it is noticeable that the authors know what they want to achieve, and from the planned path, judging by the implementation of some of their promises in the alpha version, they do not intend to turn off. If they succeed, then we really get the same ” hardcore action for serious people.”

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