Gamescom 2018: Part 2

A new star in the publishing firmament

THQ Nordic is diligently trying to break into the big leagues. To the publisher’s credit, it doesn’t go the way of Activision or Electronic Arts, but rather aims to stand on par with Bethesda, supporting singles and reviving old franchises. Already in the autumn will go on sale in Darksiders 3. Do its people responsible for the first two parts, although within the walls of the new Studio Gunfire Games.

Trikvel remains true to the traditions of its predecessors-it is still an adventure action game that combines battles and puzzles. In how to show the world to the player, Gunfire definitely got a few ideas from FromSoftware. On the horizon are always visible remarkable places, and all of them can be visited. Levels, as planned, should flow smoothly into each other. No more barriers — all transitions are logical from the point of view of the world. And remember that many locations are only available when you receive certain abilities.

This time we will present the horseman of the Apocalypse named Rage, the story of which develops simultaneously with the adventures of Death, while the War languishes in two hundred years imprisonment. According to the creators, the Darksiders series was originally conceived this way: each rider — on a separate game with personal stories going in parallel. And then we, in theory, will see the continuation of the final of the first part, where all four gathered together. Whether this will happen depends on the success of Darksiders 3. I sincerely hope that everything will be fine, because the game promises to be very entertaining.

Crysis 3 takes all the best from the first two releases. Rage collects a bunch of junk, like the protagonist of Diablo, but the weapon promise the most diverse. Of course, it can be improved, as well as the heroine herself. Darksiders 3 still focuses on the melee, although the rider is much better with magic than War or Death. In battle she relies more on brute force, and on dexterity. Each enemy promises danger, so even with simple skeletons should not relax.

Not less impressive and even more original looks Biomutant. The developers brought a completely new build to Gamescom 2018 and showed a lot of interesting things. Notable features include elements of random generation in the open world. Geography is strictly fixed, but each location has its own random type: for example, you have some abandoned station can be radioactive, and the other player it is covered with ice and snow.

As already known, the protagonist-a reasonable furry animal, a master of martial arts, carries a weapon-and firearms, and for close combat. Crafting system allows you to create such crazy samples that late Dead Rising envy. However, the most surprising special abilities and how they can be used to interact with the world. Last year, we were shown plants growing at the behest of thought, working as a trampoline. Now showed a soap bubble. No, seriously, the hero creates a bubble around him, which realistically bounces off the surfaces — a convenient means of transportation. And if you jump in it on the head of the enemy, he will get stuck and roll with you, funny waving limbs.

Although the fastest way to pass the level — personal transport. For example, your own robot. Why not? In Biomutant much exists on this principle. A vacuum gun that sucks up enemies and shoots them? Please! Such crazy opportunities require time to implement, therefore, the project was moved as much as the summer of 2019. But I assure you that the game already has — works fine.

THQ Nordic continues to buy up old projects. Although the acquired TimeSplitters and Second Sight while no announcements are not connected, the publisher brought back to life the glorious tactics in the face of Desperados. For the third part is responsible Mimimi Productions, which a couple of years ago was noted caressed by critics and players Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun. It, in turn, was created under the influence of the first releases of Desperados so the circle was closed.

Next door to cowboy tactics showed Fade to Silence, desperately seeking to escape from early access. The developers are trying to mix the next “survivor” and the storyline, and the created world they call “narrative sandbox” – this is generally one of the trends of Gamescom 2018. The same phrase used by the authors of RAGE 2, Metro: Exodus and other open world games.

At the level of mechanics, Fade to Silence is reminiscent of State of Decay, adjusted for a fixed protagonist with a prescribed personality and character. The protagonist tries to survive in the icy world of the future, where a mysterious Filth hunts and destroys all life, from people to the very last blade of grass. The hero is with her in some way connected and can not just die. At least a few times when the strip of life is reset, we will be resurrected, but the revival is limited to the number of special crystals, of which there are not so many. Until they run out — it is necessary to have time to save as many people as possible, to build a camp, to protect the daughter and to get to the cause of extinction of mankind. Will often die-will have to start the passage from the beginning. As a consolation prize — the progress of pumping is preserved forever.

If you are tired of surviving and fighting, you should pay attention to Scarf — another novelty presented at the THQ Nordic exposition. This peaceful adventure is inspired by the famous Journey (and in General is very similar). The main role is assigned to a strange creature with a red scarf. Scarf here is not just an element of character design, but the main tool for passing — it can turn into a shield, hiding from the icy wind, a large claw or an airplane. With his help, the protagonist moves through the world, looking for peace and lost souls.

Controller brothers

Gamescom 2018 have something to offer people that appreciate the game in the first place like a piece of art. Last, statea already told you about the stunning Ori and the Will of the Wisps. But let her fabulous look does not bother you — it’s quite a complex platformer that requires dexterity and a good reaction.

And for relaxation Gris is more suitable. It is amazingly beautiful and resembles both a picture and a European festival cartoon. Simple puzzles will not get bored, but mostly Gris refers to the already mentioned Journey: move to the goal on the horizon, enjoying the stunning views and beautiful orchestral music. Sometimes as much heart aches! Surprisingly, the project was picked up by Devolver Digital — not exactly her type of madness.

For fans of the cooperative, too, there are entertainment. While one part of Gunfire Games is working on Darksiders 3, the other team is busy with Remnant: from the Ashes. The creation of the latter began even before the authors took up the continuation of the story about the riders. Both projects share a similar theme-the post-Apocalypse against the background of the demonic invasion. However, if the Blade of the weak of humanity died, the Remnant of the people gathered together and rebuffed the evil. We obviously get the role of one of the hunters of supernatural reptiles.

The world of Remnant is randomly generated for each passing. The moment you start a new game, the algorithm will create unique locations with random missions for you. Access to each territory is through a common social zone, which serves both as a refuge for those you can save and a lobby for cooperative regime. Here you will improve equipment, pump the hero (no classes, only a set of characteristics and skills) and gather with friends or random fellow travelers to hunt.

In battles emphasis is placed on shooting. According to the developers, their first and main goal was to convey the right feeling from the shootings. And they did it: from Remnant seems to be a shooter of the middle hand, but it is necessary to take the controller and kill the first demon, as the feeling changes dramatically — to press the descent is very nice. This is a leisurely, but at the same time intense action, where assorted enemies are constantly creating interesting situations. And the bosses are not far behind. At least the fire-breathing dragon that I encountered, turned out to be a worthy opponent.

Similar in concept and Breach, created by immigrants from Bioware, who United under the roof of the Studio QC Games. If you remember, four years ago, Bioware unexpectedly announced, and then just as suddenly shut down the project Shadow Realms-I talked about it in the material with Gamescom 2014. It is based on it and developed Breach-cooperative role-playing action for four with asymmetric multiplayer. Confront the four heroes can also live player: in this case, the fifth participant of the session takes on the role of the Demon Fault, which in the incorporeal shell hovers on the level and fixes the travelers obstacles

In contrast to the Remnant: From the Ashes with active shootings, fights in Breach operate under the rules of most of the Korean MMO — all the fighting techniques have a fixed recovery time and are exactly on the enemy, which is targeted for an attack. Alas, the action itself is not very interesting. Yes, there are a lot of characters, all have their own set of unique skills, their role in the group. But somehow all … a second time, perhaps, tortured. Rap for the gameplay entertaining entourage, which mixed a variety of mythology — from Egyptian gods to the East of demons and youkai.

A special case is Zero Generation from the authors of Just Cause. Primarily attracts unusual venue — the Swedish countryside of the eighties, overrun by hostile robots. Where did all the people and what kind of unfriendly machines-the main mystery of the game. You can search for survivors alone or in a group of up to four players. Unlike many cooperative projects, Generation Zero does not send to individual randomly generated locations, but takes place in a large open world. And multiplayer works on the principle of drop in / drop out, that is, at any time you can call for help or join a friend’s game.

The last project I looked at the Gamescom 2018, was Dying Light 2. Therefore, the exhibition for me ended on a high note — a sequel to zombie action in the open world looks great. It retains all the features of the first part, including the excellent parkour and the emphasis on melee with the use of homemade weapons, but it feels much deeper in all aspects. And just more-the game map compared to its predecessor has grown four times. And apparently, in a huge area will be something to do.

The surprise for me was the incredible nonlinearity of what is happening. We go back to the phrase “narrative sandbox” (again!), but Dying Light 2 it describes very precisely. Techland offers not just an open world where the player is free to entertain themselves with a few key mechanics, but an environment that is constantly changing under the influence of decisions. The city is divided into many areas, and each player streets to the final will look completely different. Some order of the guardians of peace will keep order with an iron hand, others will come to power bloodthirsty gangs, and the third all devour zombies. How and in what order you do the job depends on what will be the last refuge of mankind on Earth.

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