Pathologic 2

Got it? Practically, YES!

Have you always wanted complete freedom of action in the games, so you can go to any house that there is to take someone to kill, but at the same time to pump the player and perform some tricky task in the dark corners of the city? Is that it? So in ” MORE. UTOPIA” is all there in full. Someone needs an interesting story, someone craves horror movies, so that the blood runs cold. Someone like RPG. And many just like the picture and mountains of corpses. And here all this is, and in huge volumes and in an excellent ratio. There were no such games, and will not be for a very long time, I assure you.

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What do you call it, and when will it all end?

The game was developed almost three years in a row, and this hellish work is worth it. The team of authors from Ice-Pick Lodge has designed a completely new game mechanics in such a way that not only your every action, but also inaction will immediately affect the entire gameplay. Therefore, no event, in principle, will not be able to repeat when you restart the game, because both the quantity and quality of freedom provided by the game character, it is difficult to determine the traditional framework. Every new day in this place will naturally follow the actions and actions of the player. More than that, ” more. Utopia ” will simply force players to make at least one meaningful step, because over time, during the gameplay the character with certain characteristics, and from inaction of their values will decrease. Their great number, such as fatigue, hunger, and even the degree of communication. A huge number of ideas of the Moscow developers was very difficult to realize, but they did it, for which they three cheers. And this, you see, is worth a lot.

A bit about the substance which is called the PLOT.

Long ago, somewhere in the depths of the ancient steppe is a small town. Animals, children, rulers, ghosts of the past and a whole bunch of other characters for several generations inexplicably coexist in this pot. It seems to be a hell of a mix, but no, the children are happy, the animals are happy, the city is thriving. But one day to the previous concerns of residents suddenly added a new one and it seems that it will be the last. The town falls incomprehensible, awesome power, plague – plague. This disease is deadly. It can be recognized by external features, but the origin remains a mystery to all. To fight the epidemic, the authorities are sending a bachelor of medical science. Then the Inquisitor investigator. Finally-army commander. The first is charged to eradicate the infection. The second is to find out the nature of the mysterious epidemic. The third-to make the decision on expediency of total destruction of the infected city.

Also with a bachelor, there are two more adventurers in the city. A touched girl who imagined herself a Saint, and a successful self-taught doctor, passionately passionate about anatomical experiments. Depending on the choice of character (Bachelor, Garuspik or Imposter), the player will have to pursue different goals. The main task – to survive in a dying city and not to succumb to the General madness and try to save at least a few of those people who have not yet been infected and with whom you have to meet. Depending on Your actions, the inhabitants of the strange city will die or remain to exist. Many characters can be saved, many-doom to a painful death. No one will remain in debt, everyone pursues his goal. The resulting alignment as a result of Your actions will determine the final of this interesting story. All together, it creates an action never seen before in the world and a desire to live in this dying city.


Картинки по запросу Pathologic 2 обзор

Atmosphere and picture.

What struck me from the first minutes of the game, so it’s incredible beauty of the interiors of local houses, the splendor of the landscape. Immediately visible hand of a professional artist-decorator, because each of the different styles of the house exactly follows a single line, not particularly striking. The most excellent shadows, especially during the red-blood sunset, glare of glass in the Windows, and the animation of the characters – competent and clear. And from this splendor there is an unexpected effect, in which the characters are not known to mind perfectly fit into this spectacle of light and shadow. Gothic atmosphere even more immerses you in the game. There is also a lot of strange creatures. Dark corners, realistic blood and reliable textures of the world give the game even more atmosphere, and entering the SEA, you are unlikely to soon leave it.

As for the physical engine, and here the developers have not given up the slack, they came out of the situation with dignity, adding an action ‘ a element to the game. Models of damage to characters, objects and much more, of course not at the level of the second Half, but high enough.

Among other things, in the game with every passer-by on the street, whether a beggar or a local intellectual, you can tighten quite a considerable length of the conversation, literally nothing. The dialogue tree looks at least exotic for such a “genre”. But I was most pleased that instead of faces on the game engine, you will see real photos of living people – this is another brilliant idea of the authors.

Картинки по запросу Pathologic 2 обзор

Voice from outside.

All the same tension and even deeper immersion in the game world contributes to a well-chosen music. The rhythm of the soundtrack is constantly changing, causing your nerve cells to die irretrievably. Somewhere slips and mournful Opera singing, which for some reason makes me think, tied to God. Very well voiced and the characters themselves. The voices turned out to be emotional and memorable, both in the English version, and from the company “BUKA”, thanks to which the game has not lost the atmosphere, and maybe even a little acquired. In dramatic and tense moments, the music starts up, sad and at the same time depressing, and in moments of battles – dynamic and militant.

Execute  not pardon?

Totally disagree! Execute such an intellectual child can not in any case, because this game can give you many weeks of unforgettable adventures in a dying city, which is so lacking in our boring daily life. But not so good, as I personally am very tired of endless dialogues, and a little repels the lack of transparency of the characters. But all this is compensated by a completely unique, hitherto unprecedented gameplay; endless replayability; good music; naiklassneyshim and intricate plot, which would be enough for a whole book and a whole heap of pluses.

This game can be played without stopping, but do not forget the real world, just full of adventures that await you!

Картинки по запросу Pathologic 2 обзор

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