The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

It is quite simple to explain the love of the audience for Life is Strange: cute characters, interesting plot and pleasant atmosphere made the game one of the most fascinating episodic adventures of recent years. The prequel-Before the Storm was also great, although it was engaged in a completely different team, and even knowledge of the ending did not prevent to get pleasure from the game.

Картинки по запросу The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

Output from a superhero

As the developers of the French Studio Dontnod, the universe of Life is Strange — “a diverse world full of interesting characters and stories.” And because in the sequel, which will premiere this fall, to return to Max and Chloe will not-their place will take a completely new characters. Hints of what to expect in the second season will be found in” the Amazing adventures Of captain Ghost ” — a small free game that serves as a kind of bridge between the original and the sequel.

In The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, we run a ten — year-old boy named Chris, who has a standard for children of this age “superpower” – a rich imagination. Almost every action in his head is much more spectacular than it really is: toys are fierce battles with each other, the dinosaur attacks all life and tries to devour their victims, even a simple shutdown of the water heater turns into a pacification of a dangerous monster.

Over time, you begin to understand why Chris is trying to find peace in a fictional world. Alas, the reality is not so rosy. The guy misses his mother and lives in a tiny house with his father, who prepares for Breakfast some muck, constantly drinking beer and watching TV. Christmas is coming and even no tree, but dad still promises to go to the store after the match. Alcohol will certainly put him to sleep, but it does not matter — in which case, as the father says, it will be enough to just Wake him up. In the meantime, Chris has plenty of time to make good on Saturday morning.

In contrast to the usual episodes of Life is Strange, where to move through the story had to interact with some objects or people, there is a kind of “sandbox”. When you tap the touchpad on the gamepad, you’ll see a window with hand-drawn tasks: find materials for a superhero costume, defeat a snowman monster, take a spaceship to the villain and defeat him in a fair fight. To pass all do not have to, but really want to — fortunately, if you have hurried and have already seen the final, when you load the last save will be able to continue the study of the location.

Картинки по запросу The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

Adventures await

It would be strange to expect from a small free game an abundance of content, but it is enough to stretch the passage for a couple of hours — about as much takes a normal episode of Life is Strange. The whole action takes place in and around the house, and while the Playground is tiny, the secrets and objects to interact with are very, very much. Books, photographs, notes, letters, learning and reading everything you spend tens of minutes. And you will find a locked phone and a safe, access to the contents of which is not so easy.

One of the most fun mechanics is the ability to use the “super power” of captain Ghost on some objects. Coming to the off TV, Chris will raise his hand and try to charge it. And he will succeed-however, the virtual operator will show that the boy was holding the remote behind his back and only pressed the button. The process of cooking in the microwave and garbage collection look similar, but just like that, all these actions do not start — when interacting, you need to hold L2. If you don’t want to watch Chris try to be a superhero, you can do the usual cleaning. “The amazing adventures of Captain Ghost” give the player a great opportunity to feel like a child who woke up on Saturday morning and does what you want. This is such a miniature open world in which things are closely related to each other, but you do not need to open a diary and alternately perform some tasks. Tired of exploring your room and play with toys — go outside, remove the snow from the steps. Can’t find all the materials for the costume — meditate in the tree house, in the best traditions of the series with your legs dangling, sitting on the edge, and listen to great music. While dad was awake, you found the keys to his car, which he asked you to put in the bowl. Maybe we should get them when he falls asleep. Who knows, suddenly then will come in handy.

But sometimes the player’s freedom is too little, and one of the episodes upset me that to return some items in their places did not work. In reality, it would be extremely simple — nothing broke or spoiled. And in the game to change the course of events is not allowed. And this episode is clearly somehow affect the events in the second season-according to the creators, some decisions will be transferred to Life is Strange 2. Once again, you do not know whether to start all over again or leave everything as it happened the first time, and not to deceive yourself.


Картинки по запросу The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

Although, to be honest, it is difficult to understand what exactly will go into the second season. Especially when you consider that Dontnod calls this adventure a separate story, that Is, the captain of the Ghost, we may see only a couple of episodes and in fact a significant impact on the plot of our decisions will not have. But still about some actions you start to regret when nothing can be changed. Here we recognize the handwriting of the Studio — over a plot worked the same team with the same leading writer that worked on the original Life is Strange.

Special mention deserves graphics-it is difficult not to notice the transition from the third version of Unreal Engine to the fourth. The usual style has not changed — you will immediately understand that this is part of Life is Strange. But at the same time significantly improved facial animation, the picture is not so “zamylennaya”, the details have become much more, and left Chris traces in the snow especially pleasing to the eye. And on the standard PS4, apparently, were able to achieve more or less stable 60 frames/s-at least, the game is played better than the original and the prequel.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is distributed free of charge, so everyone can try it without exception. Fans will probably seek out hints of the plot of the second season, but rely only on the judgment of fans, I do not recommend — it is better to play on their own. At least in order to appreciate the improved graphics, slightly modified gameplay and the remaining atmosphere of the former, which was not affected by the change of the main character and the situation. Run on the “sandbox” and perform optional tasks as fun as the usual life is Strange episodes, and therefore after the final start to look forward to September and full continuation.

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