The Banner Saga 3

The Banner Saga 3 passed, the decision concerning the fate of the world, made, on the screen running titles, beautiful music sounds with a Scandinavian hue. But my heart is fighting two feelings. On the one hand, the game was great, to match the Grand finale of this Saga. And to its heroes (and even villains) for these four years that passed from the moment of an exit of the first part, so I have become attached soul that there is no wish to leave them at all. On the other — does not leave the feeling that the third part could get even better. I’ll explain why.

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Through fog and Darkness

Compared with the early version of the release is almost no different. And everything that I wrote in my recent preview is also true with regard to the review. Briefly recall the essence. All the way, we’re fighting a new kind of enemy — the distorted Darkness that’s coming to the world. Enemies are strong, dangerous and attack in waves. After enduring one, we decide to escape or fight to the bitter end, replacing the crossing several wounded or retired fighters new.

In turn, the players became available legendary rolls and weavers (that’s mages), as well as one witch and even the singer of the stone from among the drags — our main enemies, which they were considered for the first two parts. Using wisely their unique abilities (and even in one case immortality), it is possible to avoid big problems in many key battles.

Also wisely need to pump the characters, choosing for them new perks-those open after the desired characteristics developed to the limit. In addition, all characters who have reached the highest levels are now available so-called titles. This is also a kind of perks with their bonuses. For example, the title “Mountain” on each of the five levels gives an increase in armor and power, “Thrown” increases the characteristics in battle, if there are no allies next to the warrior, and the title holder “giving hope”, on the contrary, gives bonuses to neighboring comrades.

Картинки по запросу the banner saga 3 обзор

The habit of the best

At the same time The Banner Saga 3, as I wrote, was the darkest and heaviest of all three games. The speed with which the main characters die here and not very much, George Martin(George Martin) could also be envied.

However, in some cases, they may not die — much here still depends on the actions of the player. At the crucial moment, when one group of characters held the defense in the city, which became the ultimate goal of their journey, the game even remembered how many people, warls and fighters we kept in the caravan — their number is counted in the hours and days left before the fall of the city. That’s how many days will remain in stock at the other group, wandering through the Darkness to the White tower, to have time to save the world and their comrades.

However, contrary to expectations, not all our decisions are taken into account in the outcome of this story. Yes, the shadow of some of them is seen in the final dialogue and even in a static picture in the video, where you can clearly see which of the characters survived and who did not. But globally, whatever you decide before in the three editions of the Saga, it all comes down to one dialogue and three answers that determine the fate of the world — it’s like what we saw, for example, in Mass Effect 3. In addition, it is missing the final, in the spirit of the Fallout series, the story of what happened to those or other heroes and cities — from such a game this is especially expected.

And personally, I in the final battles again, as in the second part, not enough complexity and challenge — they are easier than the very first in which we participate in the beginning of the game.

And yet The Banner Saga 3 definitely deserves a round of applause. This is the quintessence, the embodiment of all the best, for which we loved this trilogy. Difficult, with its own twist, turn-based battles, thoughtful and unusual role-playing system here cemented elements of visual novels-with well-designed characters, non-trivial world and emotional story, in which not all, but many decisions really matter. And all this is framed by a gorgeous hand-drawn picture and atmospheric music.

I want to believe that in the near future we will see other similar games — the good example of Ash of Gods: Redemption is already before my eyes. In the meantime, in response to the many words of gratitude, which do not skimp authors in the final credits, I want to say a big thank you to them — it was an unforgettable adventure.

Картинки по запросу the banner saga 3 обзор

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