Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – Relics of War

“Warhammer” and fantasy, and “sorokiniana” — almost every week so many games that it seems they had already covered all genres, but quests, visual novels and pornokorea. And if the absence of the latter can only regret such perverts as I found recently the fact that Warhammer 40,000 was not yet full of 4X-strategies, upset many — including employees of Proxy Studios, which decided to fill this unfortunate gap. And to help them took slitherine software publishing, behind which already has two good strategies on the topic — Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon and Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach.

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To each his own!

As the name implies, the action of Warhammer 40,000: Gladius-Relics of War takes place on the planet colonized by the Empire Gladius Prime in, to put it mildly, not the most pleasant moment of its history — from the sky falling space stations and orcs, begins a powerful warp storm, from the ground get out awakened from a long, well, very long sleep Necrons.

The space Mariner fought courageously with the hordes of green-skinned, but then he was forced to pacify his pride and ask for help from Astra Militarum, that is, to the Imperial guard. As soon as the guards arrived, began a warp storm, which had the most devastating effects — the majority of the civilian population is destroyed, and now roam the surface of the monstrous creatures of Xenos.

If you think that in Gladius — Relics of War will have to play only for the power of the Empire, you are wrong. I described only the plot of the two stories that the authors came up for the space Mariner and Astra Militarum. And so, separately-in this game they are presented by separate fractions. But there are also orcs and Necrons, for which also invented their stories.

Картинки по запросу warhammer 40,000: gladius – relics of war обзор

Who’s to fight and who’s to Wake up!

The Necrons awaken after 60 million years of hibernation, which they fell into after the war with the Ancients had exhausted them, and see that there is a real chaos on the surface. They open the tombs, awaken their patriarchs and crypts, fight against the crazed relatives of the cultists and look for artifacts with which to study the technology built into The ancient planet itself, and scatter the warp storm. Well, orcs … orcs, of course, constantly yelling Waaagh! and if you want to fight the first task to this decline. All these disparate stories of the four factions are formed into a single picture, but are not served as some big campaign with pathos rollers: the budget at Gladius-Relics of War still not as big as the Dawn of War III, for example. When you start playing for the selected faction, you are given the corresponding quests to this group-explore so many ancient artifacts, defeat the army of cultists, visit the Bibliarium three marked on the map points and so on. But no one at the same time does not prevent you just soak the rest of the participants of the competition and win early victory without performing any tasks.

Картинки по запросу warhammer 40,000: gladius – relics of war обзор

Not Civilization, but very similar

In any case, each faction has to deal with about the same thing: to build cities, expanding and cutting off more and more tiles (they are the same cells) for construction, to save resources, to conduct research, opening new buildings and types of “units”, to build useful buildings that increase the flow of resources, allow you to hire different types of troops, infantry, equipment and so on. Hired troops move through the cells, destroy enemies, capture new cities and cells with useful bonuses or new resources. In General, “Civilization meets Warhammer 40,000” – this is just about Gladius!

However, this Civilization is very simplified. There is no diplomatic or scientific way to win — war, war and only war (well, or quests), which, however, is more than logical for the universe of “forty thousandth”. The tree of technologies is implemented simply: they are designed exclusively for the opening of new buildings, soldiers, heroes and edicts. Opened two on the first level-you can go to the study of the second, and so on. Resources are not so much (though a lot) – food to supply troops, ore for the construction and creation of “units”, points of research and influence, which are spent on various useful actions such as calling especially powerful heroes or scanning the selected area. You also need to monitor the level of production and loyalty in the cities — the latter affects the efficiency of everything that is studied and created in the settlement. But, of course, we are not talking about any caravans, road construction, provision and protection of supply lines.


Картинки по запросу warhammer 40,000: gladius – relics of war обзор

The approaches are different, and Warp one!

There are differences between the factions. For example, for the mechanical, who exchanged the soul for the immortal bodies of Necrons, the ore replaces both food and materials for construction. Also, their soldiers can instantly teleport to the selected city — it helps to save the squad, even when he was surrounded and lost almost all the fighters. Orcs accumulate influence, just when fighting (the other factions are forced to build buildings and study technology), but it is also spent on the maintenance of the army.

Orcs strategy, of course, is based on the accumulation of Waaagh level! The hardest thing, perhaps, to play for the Astra Military-their troops are weak and highly dependent on morality (space Marines, on the contrary, never lose heart). And the Imperials, known for their bureaucratic traditions, are able to publish useful edicts, which by one order to the glory of the Emperor increase the efficiency of the barracks, raise the rate of production of food or ore.

Differences between factions quite a lot, but too much fundamental difference in tactics and strategy of passage, I still did not notice-it’s not Terran, Zerg and Protoss. And many seemingly disadvantages compared to other kompensiruet or unique abilities, or nearly duplicated similar counterparts edicts, for example, have Necron.

Картинки по запросу warhammer 40,000: gladius – relics of war обзор

Tactical war

And yet, despite all the reservations, Warhammer 40,000: Gladius-Relics of War draws in earnest — and for a day, two, three or more. It is very interesting to explore the map, and some of the economic and construction of the simplicity of the game compensates for the military, that is a fascinating confrontation “units”. In fact, here on the global map unfold full-fledged battles, as in any turn-based tactics.

Units must cover each other, retreat when it gets hot, always keep the surveillance function on to intercept the moves and attacks of enemies in time, and if possible to capture the outposts — taking such a point, “units” will not only collect something useful, but also receive bonuses to protect and attack. As a result, such a point can be turned into a local Prokhorovka, for a long time holding back the enemy troops, for example, on the outskirts of his city. In addition, the map is scattered special artifacts that are activated give a bonus to the damage of your entire army — for them, too, are constantly fighting, including with the participation of neutral monsters, which in Gladius — Relics of War as something especially annoying.

At the same time, all the fighters have their own characteristics, penalties and bonuses, which depend on the type of terrain in which the units are located. Some cells with some stuff like bushes or barbed wire and is constantly causing damage to anyone they should — have them pre-cleared. On the other hand, there are troops who ignore the fines for cross-country traffic.

Картинки по запросу warhammer 40,000: gladius – relics of war обзор

Heroes and generals

Finally, in Gladius-Relics of War, great importance is attached to the heroes of different specializations that have their own set of abilities — like the characters of any RPG, they can be pumped, trade and try on the found equipment. Heroes can “buffet” allies “debuffing” enemies, heal himself or his comrades, to encourage elite support (after reaching a certain level) to be particularly powerful blows, but alone to scatter crowds of enemies can’t balance there is sustained properly.

As a result, to survive and win in Gladius — Relics of War is really not easy. When playing for the Necrons at the same time I was pressed by the cultists, which need to be destroyed on the quest from above, the space Marines, in the rear constantly annoyed the neutrals, and then the attackers on the city. And then I foolishly wandered where you shouldn’t (from time to time) and found the troops of the Astra Militarium, and then for dismantling and joined them, competent exploration and careful movement area there matter!

In the end I had to change the strategy, to retreat, to shape the shock fists, to organize the defense. And you can imagine the feeling of deep satisfaction that I experienced when I fought back and went into a massive offensive on all fronts, destroying at the same time the base of the space Marines. However, then came the huge Lord xenos Skulls, who attacked all in a row, and had quite tight…

If in battles with bots you can choose the complexity of the game and the enemies, when in online battles against you are only live opponents, you have to rely only on their own skills — but so only interesting. Alternatively, you can join other players and friends in alliances and fight, helping each other. Warhammer 40,000: Gladius — Relics of War can claim up to Civilization, they say, not enough races not enough, no Eldar and haositov. Well modicum, beloved and long expected by many in as a primary faction (slightly whether not since the Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War — Dark Crusade and Soulstorm) Necrons finally awakened and crawled out from their tombs. But all these little things (easily fixable additions with new races) against the background of the fact that we actually got a full 4X (well, almost) in the 40K universe for the first time. Surely you could do better, but from Gladius — Relics of War you are guaranteed to get your dose of strategic and tactical pleasure.

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