Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Two weeks before the first Assassin’s Creed Odyssey show at E3 2018, we played a new Ubisoft project in Paris for several hours in the strictest secrecy. So below is a bunch of exclusive details about the continuation of the series, which finally will translate it in the role-playing genre.

Origins of origins

So, welcome to Ancient Greece, in 431 BC, that is almost four centuries before the events of “Assassin’s Creed: Origins”. Here begins the story of a new part, and here we are the main characters, Alexios and Cassandra. But, unlike Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, here we will not constantly switch between them — apparently, they do not exist in this world at the same time: just alternative versions of the same character. A new part of the series about the killers went to the territory of pure role-playing, so now, if you have chosen a young lady as a hero, please behave accordingly.

Regardless of your decision, the main character will be a descendant (apparently, grandson) of the famous king Leonid. The same on behalf of Gerard Butler with the crazy cries overthrown people in the pits and for several days kept a quarter of a million Persians forces detachment of three hundred thugs. From the famous grandfather you got a family heirloom, “spear of Leonid”: the stump of a magical spear that will save your life more than once. Of course, cloudless childhood of the hero will not be — some cult hunts for his family, in every way spoils life, and in General a year in Athens plague breaks (Yes, there is still a place for historical facts).

Game of thrones: Assassin’s Edition

Fast forward seventeen years. Our hero grew up and chose as a career path of a mercenary. Such as he, in this world a lot of competition is significant. On the other hand, there is enough work for everyone: the situation in the region is restless, Athens and Sparta regularly sort out relations both in diplomatic circles and on the battlefields, and to whom it is not for you to weaken a potential enemy and crush him in battle.

The very concept of political intrigue is new to the world of Assassin’s Creed. Each region, of which there are twenty, there is a ruler with his own motives. There is a Peloponnesian war, and Ancient Greece is divided into two opposing Alliance — Delian, led by Athens, and Peloponnesian, led by Sparta. The ruler of each region supports one of the parties to the conflict, but does not forget about his own selfish interests. If he feels that the neighboring state has weakened, then he goes to war on him, paying you or other mercenaries to protect his interests. If the enemy is still too strong, the power-hungry ruler will hire you to weaken it before the battle.

For the first time in the history of the series we are waiting for a full-fledged role-playing character. To do this, the developers have created an expanded system of dialogues, working on the principles of the role-playing system, for example, “the Witcher 3: wild Hunt”. You have a list of basic and secondary replicas, sometimes (quite often, judging by the demo) come across dialogues-elections, which affect the attitude of the world to you. Here, special icons will be marked with additional options: for example, the ability to have a novel with the character or quickly move on to the next cutscene.

To create this system, the developers drew the biggest in the history of the series the team of writers and snooping in the field, which in General have not done before: in particular, in the study of nonlinear dialogues. You will be able to choose how to conduct a conversation and achieve the goal — lies, threats or persuasion. There will be an opportunity to have a word with Hippocrates and hold a philosophical debate with Socrates. And here, in contrast to the same Syndicate, it does not come down to the issuance of tasks — the player will be allowed to chat with a historical figure. A nice bonus whatever you say.

Complex story

In addition, the game will give new ways of social interaction. Your actions will not go unpunished. Stealing from all in sight-for your head will appoint a reward. If you cut the victim’s throat in front of the crowd, the reward will be greater. The more often you break the law, the more persistent other mercenaries will hunt you. You can restrain their fervor, finishing the most zealous, but it will only slightly weaken the interest in your person, and will not give you indulgence. If you don’t want to tie your hands, you’ll have to be quiet.

Becoming a full-fledged RPG, Odyssey decided to take a cue from the Witcher and Dragon Age, providing the hero an active personal life. Whoever you play, Alexios or Cassandra, you will be able to enter into a romantic relationship with the characters of any gender. Yes, the game does not limit you, do what you want and with whom you want. You can even intervene in the relationship of an existing couple — to take a girl from a guy or a guy from a girl. A rich field for the playing of the Heartbreakers.

Along with the departure into the world of role-playing games had to change, and narrative. Since the narrative is non-linear, several lines have appeared in it. The main plot unfolds on the mainland, and it is quite an independent story. The action of the sub-plots takes place in the regions and on the Islands. Once you go there, consider that open the built-in game addition to it. So you can not only find out in detail about the relationship between the characters — the events of these “side” jobs cleverly intertwined with the main branch.

In the demo we arrive on two Islands, where we offer to overthrow the local tyrant. This bad person is interesting to us in itself: it consists in a cult which hunts for our family. So the side mission is not really a side mission, and how you handle it can affect the main storyline, albeit to a lesser extent than our actions within the main tasks. Alternatively, you can generally approach the issue from the other side and help him to suppress the uprising, and family problems to solve somehow else. This was not possible in the demo, but I checked with the developers: you can.

You can decide and finals of each podsweat. In the demo after the death of the tyrant and the successful capture of the region, my Cassandra was waiting for a party on the occasion of sailing to the mainland: there came everyone we met during the assignment. If I chose a different way of passing, did something differently, did not fulfill this or that side quest on the island — the list would be different. With each character, you can finally talk, ask what will happen next, and push a powerful motivational speech before you go to meet new adventures (or not push). By the way, the tone and message of this speech can also be chosen — perhaps this will depend on what will happen to the region, if we go back there after a while.

The question is how interesting this farewell will seem …umpteenth time and how quickly there is a desire to spit on the podsyuzhetov in favor of the entrance. But the idea in any case worthy.

Who won, the and are a good

Another advantage of Odyssey: for the first time in the history of the series of events are not fixed, despite the historical context. You can choose any side of the conflict. To kill anyone. To steal anything. Talk to anyone and in any way. You are no longer bound by events spelled out in history textbooks. Apparently, this is due to the settings of the Animus in the day today — the developers have so far mentioned only in passing. The only thing that is known for sure — the main character of “Sources”, Leila Hassan, will still be the protagonist in our time. She’s looking for the truth about what happened in Ancient Greece, and we, as players, will shape that truth through our own wagering. The principle of “winners write history” in its purest form.

Of course, many of the battles in which the hero happen to participate, will be real, historical. Still, the action takes place against the backdrop of the Peloponnesian war. But most of the battles are generated without reference to the realities of life, and whether there will be another skirmish depends solely on you. Regions in the game live their own lives. If at some point someone decides to attack a neighbor, he will attack regardless of how it corresponds to the historical truth.

The battles themselves are now held with your direct participation in the General meat grinder. We get on the battlefield and perform various tasks there. Kill the commanders. Cut out the conditional number of enemies. Destroy a specific target. At stake is the loyalty of the region of Athens or Sparta: if you win, he will join your side, and this directly depends on the outcome of the confrontation between the two colossi.

As for customization, there are three branches of pumping skills: stealth, hunting and battle. From a brand new Odyssey adds to the system” tree ” active abilities-for example, a kick. Yes, the hero will be able to repeat the legendary act of his grandfather Leonid: kick throw the enemy or throw him off the cliff (if desired, you can shout at the monitor: “This is Sparta!”). Another interesting option-to take away the enemy’s shield, depriving him of the opportunity to repel the blow. All these techniques energy from the special scale which is slowly filled over the fight.

The rest of the combat system is very similar to that in Assassin’s Creed Origins… with one important exception: now the level of enemies grows with yours. In Origins, you could be in a region with a delay and discover there are opponents to the fifth level, although a long time ago has grown to the thirties. Now you are everywhere and always meet equal opponents. Pump with the twenty-fifth to twenty-sixth — the enemies will increase accordingly. So you will not be bored

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