Bayonetta и Bayonetta 2-Witch in the pocket

Crazy creators from Platinum Games, like no one else, know what slashers need. With a sly grin, they cast into the cauldron hellish dynamics, worked out to the last detail of the combat system and absurd, but effective situations. At the same time for the plot of the place is not so much: there are bright characters, cartoon villains, too, in place. That’s enough, they didn’t come for it anyway. The first two Bayonetta collected prescription “maximum action and madness, the rest of the trailer,” became, perhaps, almost a standard of the genre.

Специальные атаки получаются смачными и кровавыми

Sexual violence

It seems only yesterday the first Bayonetta appeared in stores. Then you look at the calendar and realize that it’s been eight years! Yes, and reviews of the original version of both parts we have. Well, just to tell you why a lot of people going crazy with the long legs of the heroine, thoroughly. In the series you play the role of charming beauty Bayonetta, as sexy as deadly. Witch has superhuman strength and an extensive Arsenal of techniques, including quite entertaining. Agree, to scatter crowds of enemies with the help of a honed combat system is fun, but when during combinations the heroine is almost completely exposed, it adds motivation to turn complex chains of blows. It looks good.

Just, please, don’t about mean teenage entertainment — elements of light erotica and this behavior perfectly complement the character. Lady cheeky has a way with words, loves a spin on the pole and release the joke or two on the topic of sex. Despite the walk on the verge, the “platinum” turned out to create a seductive, memorable and daring heroine, but not to slip into a Frank vulgarity.

However, the study of only one main character, the Studio has not stopped. The Japanese have always been famous for their transcendent imagination, but it seems that PlatinumGames specifically gaining the most unusual, strange and talented artists. Somehow it is impossible to explain the incredible style of the company’s games in a different way, and the level set in the debut issue of Bayonetta, the guys could not surpass so far.

Well, where else can you see SUCH angels? In games not too often you get the opportunity to knock the supporters of the light side, but not the next the devil incarnate. Although judging by the appearance of enemies, you think, who and whence he came. The faces of babies sticking out from everywhere, grotesque forms, huge axes, some tentacles. And they still morality our a witch reading! These celestial beings instinctively want to give a face, the more they often suggest themselves.

Clean face creatures of varying degrees of ugliness will need to constantly, but it’s a pleasant experience, because the combat system allows you to arrange a real chaos and encourages risk. You can, of course, in advance to Dodge the blows, but if you do it at the last moment, the time will slow down, allowing to cause much more damage or get out of the environment. Although try there are more time — sometimes I think just once, you need to rely solely on reflexes.

Besides, Bayonetta is literally begging to kill opponents effectively. There are a lot of ways to Express yourself by alternating different combinations. And if at the beginning of the game sometimes rushing in a panic, pressing all the buttons in a row, then closer to the final act is much more consciously, and to please yourself with a visual extravaganza, and a dozen or two villains kick back. Of course, the game is also not far behind, raising the difficulty higher and higher, but an additional challenge only kindles excitement.

Небесное создание. Ага, конечно же!

For the second time in the same river

PlatinumGames so highly lifted a lath of quality of design, gameplay and the setting of crazy situations (riding on the motorcycle taking off in a space rocket!) that the second part had to be at least jump to it. Turn out. But there’s a feeling that Bayonetta 2 lacks the integrity and grim style of the first release.

By and large, the sequel does exactly the same: offers a cool combat system, entertains screensavers and simultaneously tries to be better in everything than its predecessor. However, even absurdity has its limits. When too much happens on the screen in a very short period of time, situations are no longer surprising. At least because has not had time to depart from the previous episode. The game throws on his head one idea after another, not knowing the measures and not giving a breath.

As a result of such pressure you simply get tired. Although the Directors of the screensavers still have to pay tribute-to show the action crazier and cooler “platinum” so far no one has learned. One introductory level with the battle on the wings of a fighter is worth.

Нечего было злить ведьму

And yet about Switch

In fast games, the response speed is very important, so after the announcement of the dilogy on Nintendo Switch, a natural question arose about maintaining a stable 60 frames / s.fortunately, PlatinumGames managed to transfer projects to a hybrid console without sacrificing high performance — but without adding to the resolution (all the same 720p). In stationary mode, it catches the eye (especially noticeable artifacts in the screensavers), but in General the first part is performed much better than on the PS3 and Wii U. However, the PC version is out of competition, so if you have a choice between different platforms, then Bayonetta is better to pass on the computer.

The sequel did not get out of the Wii U, so few could get acquainted with it. Although I hope that due to the popularity of Switch Bayonetta will have more fans, especially given the good quality of the port. Continued in most situations is doing well, but too “heavy “scenes still sags. Although not as much as the previous Nintendo console.

It should be said that in a portable way to get acquainted with the dilogy will be much nicer. A small screen smooths out the disadvantages of low resolution, which, unfortunately, can not be seen in the screenshots, while the frame rate remains the same as when playing on the TV. Plus the already familiar magic Switch: still great to scatter angels and demons, comfortably lounging on the couch.

Пока на переднем плане сражаются герои, на заднем бьются призванные существа

As a result, the owners of the portable-stationary system received not the best, but a decent version of the first Bayonetta and much more neat than the Wii U, the second version. If you love madness-filled slashers with an interesting combat system and you have a Switch, then the dilogy is definitely worth a try. Ports are well optimized, and the games themselves can be called one of the best in the genre. Oh, who would now also the Wonderful 101 suffered…

Просто хороший кадр

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