Death’s Gambit

Cool choice!

According to all the laws of the genre in Death’s Gambit we play for the resurrected warrior (his name is Sorun), but the authors unusually beat this situation. At the beginning of the Death itself (of course, with a scythe) concludes with Sorunum a contract in which in exchange for the immortality he needs to do for her something important. What exactly — not specified, but it is clear that you have to kill someone and to get anything. However, this contract can be broken at any time — and then after the death of the hero will have to start all over again, and not to revive at the nearest altar. Even the save file will be destroyed.

So much choice there is — you have to work on the contract with bony, but over which of the seven classes of character to choose to seriously think about. A soldier, a bloody knight, a wizard, a murderer, a guard, a death servant, a nobleman (Noble) — each differs in the starting layout of the main characteristics, specialization on a certain weapon (a death servant starts with a scythe, and a murderer-with two daggers) and a unique property.

Soldier accumulates the energy of the shower (and you were expecting otherwise?) required to use skills when blocking enemy attacks, the same killer-when dodging them, And the death servant — when killing enemies. And you have to smash his head, which of the seven available items to take at the start as a bonus-a helmet, shield, a set of” lechilok ” or some useful aura with a constant effect.

But the talents are the same for all classes — they are here three branches, and they give different passive bonuses. One particularly useful if you decide to terminate the contract with bony, he doubles the amount of experience to the mortal.

Death's Gambit обзор игры

The Horseman Of Death

Regardless of class everyone receives a personal horse. Yes, in Death’s Gambit you can ride, but you can not fight. Horse can maximum itself trample several enemies at once or jump over a particularly long gap — the benefits of it a little, but still with a personal “Roach” is played as something livelier, or something.

Another interesting feature is the fact that after death we do not lose the accumulated “souls” (they are called fragments and fall out of each defeated enemy), and instead lose “healers”, which are special bird feathers. And even then, after you respawn at the nearest altar of Death, you can come and pick them up. Well, or to pay with splinters on a place of rest and to return lost in the same second.

And it must be done also because with the help of such feathers, you can not only restore health in battle, but also increase the damage caused by the hero — for this on the altar during the rest you need to sacrifice one or more feathers. And here you decide that it is better — to keep a full stock of “lechilok” or invest them in strengthening.

Death's Gambit обзор игры

On the beaten tracks

Everything else is generally familiar. Fight, jump, overcome various obstacles and traps — on the head, for example, can fall something heavy. We fight with big and evil “bosses”. By the way, after the victory over the next one, you can arrange a rematch with him in heroic mode, where the enemy will be even stronger.

As in any “metroidvania”, we further deepened the left-right, up-down branching passages leading to other locations. Some for the time being, as usual, closed. Accumulating fragments, during the rest we spend them to improve some parameter, thus increasing the level of the hero. The same currency we shopped at NPC in some more peaceful and tranquil than other places. In addition to weapons, various potions and improvements that increase the maximum number of feathers, many characters can buy a useful skill to, for example, jump and fall on enemies with a sword from a height, causing all around the damage and setting them on fire.

And abilities, as a rule, work with a certain weapon. However, some class restrictions on the use of the means of killing is not — at any time you can change the sword for an axe or something else. The main thing is to have enough strength or some other characteristics. The weapon can be improved by means of stones of souls-we find them or we receive after dismantling of unnecessary subjects of equipment.

The combat system, as usual, is built on competent management of endurance, rifts and blocks. You also need time to use consumable items and abilities. Any special kombatan apart from those additional techniques that open up new abilities no.

Death's Gambit обзор игры

Kenny they killed stamina!

Of course, Death’s Gambit is not ideal. For fans of “metroidvaniy” there are few interesting locations, and the process of getting into previously inaccessible places is sometimes too primitive — you do not have to learn new skills, and most often you need to find a special object or go to the other side and just unlock the door.

For lovers of “collico” blasphemy seem the fact that after death we do not lose the “soul”. This eventually leads to the fact that the game is not inclined to study the features of military equipment enemies, but rather to the “green” experience. Because of this, it often seems too easy on the segments between the “bosses”. And some fights with huge sinister, by contrast, seem lengthy and overly complex, especially in the second half. There is often everything turns into mush in the spirit of bullet hell, where we must not act competently, and arrogantly and recklessly, hoping that the madness of the brave will actually sing the winning song.

The endurance of the hero is consumed excessively fast. This leads to the fact that by and large need to pump only health, “stamina” and the characteristic that is responsible for your chosen weapon. Moreover, the Arsenal of equipment is not rich even among traders, and for a long time the equipment is clogged with the same swords, boots, and so on. Well at least they can be taken apart on shower stones.

The combat system because of not the most convenient and responsive control — and also due to the fact that the character often makes unnecessary movements and conducts unnecessary blows that can not be interrupted — also leaves much to be desired.

Death's Gambit обзор игры

On face beautiful!

And yet, personally, it was difficult for me to break away from Death’s Gambit. Too there’s great music, too beautiful, rich in vivid details and well-chosen color picture. Too good almost all the “bosses” -they are unique, colorful, beautifully voiced, and fight with many still interesting. And some of them also have a good memory — remember that once already killed Sorun, and very surprised when they see him again.

Finally, it carries the story itself is a dead warrior. Yes, in Death’s Gambit, unlike many “zollikon”, there is a full story, which periodically throws the hero in the memories, in other worlds or the subconscious.

Death’s Gambit is largely suffering due to inflated expectations. A solid team of authors, promising demonstrations at various exhibitions-from the game expected a lot. But Salt and sanctuary Can continue to sit quietly on the throne. And yet I would recommend all fans of the genre to get acquainted with this game — you just need to treat it as a beautiful two-dimensional action/RPG with a claim to “boevku” in the spirit of Dark Souls.


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