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Destiny 2: Forsaken resembles the final breakthrough, as if all the employees of Bungie gathered at the round table and agreed to give everything in full as the last time. Something similar happened in 2015 with the release of the Taken King, which turned the first game of a good shooter with a lot of problems in a great game with a good story and a mountain of entertainment. Something addition Forsakenполучилось even better at least with Bungie clear plans for the future. Now is the best time to return to Destiny 2 if the game managed to disappoint. Without some flaws of course has not done, but the ideal no one expected.

The story campaign, for example, raises a number of questions. The most charismatic character in the entire series, hunter Cade-6, dies at the very beginning of the passage. And the developers to release all the forces tried to convey this information to the players: the debut trailer was dedicated to the death, in an interview talked about it in detail, also released on YouTube the coolest video in the whole addition, where Cade-6 fights off the Despicable. So in the game itself it does not cause any emotions — when you read spoilers in the Network, it is difficult to empathize with characters. And then suddenly the Guard decided to single-handedly fly to the Reef and to take revenge for Cade-6? When did they become such close friends?

But the rest of the campaign here turned out better than in the usual Destiny 2. To reach Oldrina Owl, which still survived in The Taken King and responsible for the deaths of Cade-6, you must defeat ministered to him of all the Barons. They belong to a new race of Despicable, which only at first glance seem to be a copy of the bored Fallen. To fight this little thing is fun — I especially liked the spoilers with the fire bowls in their hands. You can shoot the old-fashioned way on the heads, and you can shoot at these bowls and cause explosions, touching the monsters running near the target. Kamikaze spiders, named scribes, also succeeded and look creepy in dark rooms.

Initially, the “plot” is linear: you meet again with Petra Wenge, which was first seen more than three years ago in the House of Wolves, then fly to the reef located on the Tangled shores and get acquainted there with a Spider. It is a Fallen one, ready to cooperate with the Guardian to eradicate evil in his land. He knows where the Barons are hiding, and offers to hunt them in any order. If in Destiny 2 you have not played for a long time, it is desirable to look at the recommended strength indicator for each goal — some will suit low-level players, others it is desirable to leave for later. But otherwise, no you in no way limits.

Each battle with the Baron is unique. One does not get off his bike and turns circles on the arena, filled with acid — you can either just run from corner to corner and shoot, and you can take the same bike and arrange a chase. I remember also a sniper who creates his own copies, which are destroyed after a couple of shots. All these fights are fascinating, but one similarity between them is still there — almost all Barons strip “lives” is divided into three parts, and after one-third is empty, the enemy will be invulnerable and briefly disappear or gain new strength. And it is terribly annoying, especially if you play with friends. You get the rocket launcher, use all the superpowers, but in the end, after one second it’s all no longer necessary. Hopefully, in the next addition Bungie will come up with mechanics more interesting.


Картинки по запросу Destiny 2: Forsaken

Only the beginning

The campaign was not very short, but after the victory over Oldroom story is not completed. In addition to the Tangled shores, which are a large area with patrols and open events, the Guards after performing some actions will open another large area — the city of dreams. Beautiful location with breathtaking architecture offers additional entertainment, including the arena “Blind well”, where the owners of found or purchased “tickets” can participate in battles with waves of enemies. How many years have passed, and Bungie still can not implement a human system of selection of players in such modes — we must hope that you will not come there alone, and constantly fly into orbit and return for the sake of finding random comrades.

In the City of dreams is also a RAID “Last wish”, which was very, very good. Unlike the past, it does not consist almost entirely of puzzles — now it is necessary to solve puzzles, and excessively strong “bosses” to cause damage. Mechanics-interesting and unusual for the series, opponents — dangerous and unworn, and communicate with each other team members have to constantly. Certainly undergo this RAID with a group of strangers will be extremely difficult, especially if you do not know the solution to the puzzles. But with partners you will find a really exciting adventure.

However, run it “casual” players are not recommended until they gain at least 550 strength. Yes, in Destiny 2 returned “grind” -someone was glad his absence a year ago, someone because of this quickly lost interest. Here, “pumping” will take a few weeks — to RAID for 10 days, not even prepared many streamers who sat in the game for days. As you progress through the normal modes, you will reach 500 units of force, and then up to 600 to be reached by performing weekly and daily tests: and in the “Furnace” will have to participate, and in the raids look, and for the benefit of the clan to work. In a sense, this is an artificial stretching of content, but for fans to sit for a long time in Destiny 2 it does not matter.

Картинки по запросу Destiny 2: Forsaken

Bored once

The main thing is that the game has become much more fun, because the shooter finally returned weapons with random bonuses. If earlier machine “avant-Garde”, for example, had the same characteristics even if it got you the tenth time, now” perks ” will always be different. And therefore it is much more interesting to “farm” the same monsters or to pass the same raids or missions for the sake of obtaining the ideal weapon which to your companion dropped out from the first attempt.

With the addition also came new subclasses, with which the gameplay has become much more dynamic. Most of all I liked the Titan-the sun — instead of hitting his hand he throws a fire hammer, which you can pick up and throw again, doing it infinitely many times. As soon as you pick it up, the health of the character is quickly restored, so even in the crowd of monsters to jump is not afraid.

Another innovation was appreciated not only by buyers of the add-on, but also by all players in Destiny 2. From now on, sniper rifles and shotguns can be installed not only in the third slot, but also in all the others. Nothing prevents to arm three shotguns and run from one enemy to another or equip a sniper rifle with a rocket launcher or grenade launcher. It is still unclear why the game originally had an idiotic system with two main weapons, which did not bring anything new to the series and severely limited the possibilities in combat. But now everything is fine — and you get pleasure from PvE, and from PvP.

Speaking of PvP, not to mention the hybrid mode “Gambit”. Battles with other players never really attracted me, unless it was about the “Tests of Osiris” (in Destiny 2 mode is called “Test of Nine”) — that’s where I was ready to sit with friends every weekend because of the constant stress and danger to bring the team. In the “Gambit” something similar happens. You need to kill monsters, take the collected particles from them to the Bank, call on the enemy’s side even larger monsters, and sometimes jump into the portal and destroy opponents or stay in place and catch the invading enemies. Mode for Destiny is very unusual, but I would like to see it in a separate rating system or even something in the manner of “Test Nine” with special awards.

In General, from Destiny 2 in its current form is difficult to break away, and list its advantages can be long. Bows (a new type of weapon) great fit into the game, and with his first bow you are unlikely to quickly part. New raids, as before, not really needed outside the tests in the playlist, but still entertaining — one of them is full of references to the first part, the other allows a little better understanding of the history of the city of dreams. This location, by the way, has changed after the RAID of one of the teams — I want to believe that Bungie plans to continue to work with the community and somehow modify the environment, offering bonus content. And there is a hope that the authors will change back the process of” infusion ” of things into each other — previously, it was possible to wear whatever you want, and not to reduce the rate of force, and now requires too much material.

Картинки по запросу Destiny 2: Forsaken

Destiny and additions to it is always dangerous to praise-at first everything is great, but after a week you start to notice more and more shortcomings, and a month later in the game there is absolutely nothing to do. In Vipdieeto understand, so the new content is planned to be introduced every week-the “Iron banner” will start, the new mode in PvP, and during the year will be a lot of free patches and three paid updates with RAID logs, tasks, tests and equipment. If Destiny 2 developers have made a lot of mistakes, in Forsaken many flaws have been fixed, even for this and had to borrow something from the first game. So let under this review flaunts “Amazing” – I want to once again give the game a chance, though you understand that Bungie at any time can spoil everything and disappoint.

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