Grand Theft Auto V

Tell me, in your dreams ever flashed game called “life Simulator”? No, we are not talking about glamorous Sims or some epic RPG like Skyrim with cardboard citizens. No, do you dream of a game that would be a copy of real life with all its features and freedoms? Where you can Wake up, watch a couple of minutes of TV, then put on a suit and go to work, then go to the bar, skip one and finish the day in the company of some beauty. And tomorrow everything will turn completely different.


Probably Yes. Only all dreams immediately broke about the realities and possibilities of modern technology. What does GTA have to do with it? The fact that Rockstar, leaving the concept of the series throughout its history unchanged, developed the project in the direction of which we are now talking, expanding the list of available actions to the player. GTA5 is much more than a car thief simulator in an open city.

Grand Theft Auto V review

On the other side of the screen


“But all this was already in the previous parts of the series! What’s new here?”you will exclaim. We analyzed the question left hemisphere of the brain, will surely zabivaem: really, nothing. But then, the right half of the animal, object. Paradoxically, but the fact: remaining as a whole copy of the previous part, GTA5 is passed and perceived in a completely new way. The point here is not even that the number of the main characters has tripled, and they turned into super-active guys who can play tennis, meditate, drink whiskey and stroke the Breasts of strippers. Details — it’s secondary. But their connection is the same magic that gives the game a unique flavor and distinguishes the usual entertainment from the project with a capital letter.


GTA5 is a fundamental continuation of THE series, which is a perfect example of joint creative work of designers, writers and programmers. It is obvious that the task of the authors was to transfer the user to the other side of the screen, where the player so gets used to the role of the character that does not distinguish itself from him. And if we look closely, we will see that the changes at all levels of gameplay, which appeared in the new part, work for this purpose.

Grand Theft Auto V review

Two in the boat not counting Trevor.

Story feed in GTA5 is radically different from all that was before. We have not one hero with a murky past, the knowledge or ignorance of which will not prevent to freely understand what was happening. This time, a performance of three actors whose destinies are closely intertwined is played on the stage. We are told a deeply personal story for each character, whose content goes far beyond the action unfolding on the screen. During the passage, we not only strive to see what will happen next, but also learn the facts from the biographies of the characters.

So, Franklin, Michael and Trevor. Young black guy; a retired burglar and a loser-family-oriented; quick-tempered lunatic with delusions of grandeur. Before our heroes meet and take on what they can do best, a small introduction will smoothly introduce us to each of the characters, allowing deeper get used to the role. Immediately notice the stunning cinematography and realism of even the most ordinary conversations. The acting, dialogues, Pestryaev jokes, true personalities — all this carries its natural effects. Heroes do not seek to solve the problems of humanity; each of them is concerned about small difficulties. Franklin is trying to get out of the ghetto, Michael has problems with his family, Trevor dreams of the laurels of a businessman and smuggler. All this personal problems are very captivating.

The plot swings slowly, allowing prosmakovat every moment finding in Los Santos. At first, the tasks surprise with their innocence and diversity: ride bikes with Michael’s son, sit in a difficult pose during a yoga session. Some quests show a very unexpected scene. So, once Franklin, laboring in the role of a paparazzi catches a Grande Dame, engaged in the nasty with some guy. Before the distraught girl rushes for dirt, we will show in detail the entire sexual act and the idyllic dialogue that accompanies it…

In General, Rockstar remains true to its own traditions and brazenly spits on censorship and ratings: the ubiquitous profanity, genitals (including men), cruelty in all its manifestations. We not moralists and look at any socially not welcomed in games phenomena as on the need, dictated by demands of setting. However, sometimes it seems that the developers are still a little overreacted. This is especially true of the episode in which we are forced to torture as Trevor innocent man. We will not once again reproach the authors — in any case, there will certainly be painful comrades with a keen perception of reality, which will offer the world community to arrange an extraordinary Lynch trial.


Grand Theft Auto V review

Together even at a distance

The Trinity of the main characters sets the backbone of the game mechanics. Each of the characters lives his own life, has his own house, his list of friends and quests that are available only to him. At any time, we can switch from one character to another. The camera soars into the sky, is transferred to another section of the map and lands on the head of the hero, catching him by surprise: Franklin, pulling up on the bars, Trevor, lying drunk on the street, or Michael, dozing behind the wheel.

Somewhat different procedure looks during the execution of plot tasks. Free switching is maintained in them, but sometimes to maintain the cinematic and entertainment game itself will “throw” us behind the heroes who are in the most “spicy” position. The missions are just amazing, the level of dynamics and diversity here at the height. What are at least large-scale robbery! Before you go on a mission, we have to do a thorough preparation, picking up a team and choosing a method of work.

For example, you can Rob a jewelry store in two ways — quiet and loud. In the first case, we have to put visitors and staff to sleep by letting the gas through the ventilation. In the second act in the old way: boldly burst inside with a shotgun and ask the public to tolerate our presence in the position of ” face to the floor.” In addition, before the main task will have to perform several preparatory missions, getting sleeping gas, transport for waste, masks for conspiracy and so on.

Characters have their own skills and parameters such as endurance, accuracy, ability to control the aircraft. There is a stealth mode in which the hero can silently slip behind enemies. In addition, each protagonist has his talents: Michael slows down time in gunfights, Trevor flies into a rage, becoming almost immortal, and Franklin includes “slow-mo” while driving. They, like other parameters of the characters can be improved. This is done with the help of frequent repetitions of one action (the more you run, the more hardy you will become), as well as the active use of material and spiritual and entertainment benefits in the vastness of Los Santos.

Big city lights

Los Santos is definitely the biggest city in the GTA series and perhaps one of the most thoughtful, rich and beautiful in the history of video games. Like its real prototype, Los Angeles, the town is divided into several large areas, completely different landscape and design. Wild areas covered with rivers and mountains, suburban villages, downtown, looking at the world from the tops of skyscrapers… After the first walk down the street you fall in love with this world blindly and selflessly, like a child.

Never during the whole passage, you will not have a sense of “copypastas” in the form of areas. You can spend hours aimlessly walk around him slowly, examining architecture unique billboards, graffiti on the walls… Los Santos lives, he breathes in deeply, not trying to entertain the player. Nevertheless, random events that occur at every step, contain a considerable share of the charm of the city.

Passers-by talking among themselves, somewhere is building, somewhere an accident happened and the scene is moving in an ambulance and the police. At random counter steal a Bicycle, you rush to the aid and return to the guy his property. And after a couple of days, when the incident has already left the memory, the phone comes SMS: “Hello! Remember me? I’m the guy whose bike was stolen. I’m actually a millionaire and I want to thank you for your help.”

The city reacts to the player’s behavior-something on the local Internet will say something about a Bank robbery, then some unexpected letter will fall into the e-mail box. In the world of GTA5 hidden innumerable Easter eggs, secrets and references to cinema, politics, sports, religion and culture. You need to spend more than a dozen hours in order to find them all.

Grand Theft Auto V review

What to do?

And after the next mission you think, where to relax before continuing on? To go to play tennis? To do yoga? Or go to a strip bar, get drunk and touch a girl dancing for you in a private room? Or maybe a ride through the streets of the city at night, listening to one of several dozen radio stations, or wear scuba gear and go to the study of underwater kingdoms? In the end, just to make a row, scoring a fiver of stars “popularity” of law enforcement? Police, by the way, have become much smarter than before, and each chase looks like a full adventure.

Services and entertainment are waiting for us not only in the vast “real” streets — the developers have built into the project gaming analogue of the Internet with a huge amount of content! In the local Network, you can sit for hours, watching news feeds, as well as” tweets ” of friends and relatives of our heroes. Sites, advertising of all that is possible, social networks, the whole exchange on which it is possible to earn very good money. Here, the creators have mocked all the prejudices of the information society and new-fangled social movements.

Grand Theft Auto V review

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