Immortal: Unchained

Surprisingly “Dark Souls with guns” had to wait so long. Many followers and clones of the hardcore series from From From Software blindly took the combat system, in which the hero fizzles out after three swings and one roll, but did not really think about what the creation of Hidetki Miyazaki so hooked players around the world. Toadman Interactive, to her credit, tried to understand what is the magic of Souls. But I don’t think that makes any game good.

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That Lords of the Fallen that The Surge — more followers okay-what-game — stepped on the same rake: random borrowed for themselves, many elements of the work From Software not understanding that they are suitable or not. First of all, I’m talking about the stingy and lengthy supply quite a conventional plot. Immortal: Unchained on the other hand, such mystique is very much to the face.

In the distant future, the race of primes seized power in nine known worlds. They ruled with an iron hand did not shun slavery but lifted up mankind to unprecedented heights — the Golden age came. Although history teaches that no Empire can exist forever: that primes fell under the onslaught of the mysterious Darkness that gave rise to terrible monsters.

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Now only ancient immortal warriors immured in tombs can prevent the extinction of all things. As you know, for one of them and we have to play. Immortal: Unchained good job gloomy atmosphere of the end times. All the worlds connected by a mysterious Monolith are in decline and inhabited only by monsters and rare madmen. At the same time in different parts of the world and in the descriptions of objects laid enough pieces of mythology to make the big picture.

Immortal: Unchained draws a really interesting fantastic entourage, but can not present it to the player. The first impression-this is an extremely important point of any game, and here with this all bad. We spend the first hour in dull gray-green rooms. Empty, boring rooms without a single remarkable detail. Even containers with things merge with the background, these interiors are so monotonous.

Okay, this is an abandoned tomb, and it’s supposed to be. Here we get to the Monolith and go on an epic journey through the promised nine worlds! That’s where we’ll turn around! Yes? No. Only three of them are available for research: snow — covered Arden, tropical Verdun and the abandoned capital of the primates-Apexion. The rest, apparently laid up for additions or a full sequel — there are portals but they will remain closed.

And caught in the game is now the worlds eyes are not encouraging. Everywhere dominates the monotony and boredom of different shades, whether green forests or purple glow futuristic fortress. There is not a single landscape, which would take your breath away and technical performance leaves much to be desired. At the same time, in some locations the performance is noticeably sagging (especially the rainy Apexion suffers) regardless of the graphics settings

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Private can’t be saved.

On the other hand, the architecture of the levels is well thought out. Different areas are well connected to each other, the cuts are woven neatly and to the place, and sometimes you can find cleverly hidden loopholes that will circumvent the danger. Obelisks playing the role of safe Islands, where you can improve the character and change equipment, placed exactly so that at the sight of each of them exhausted player was relieved.

In Immortal: Unchained danger lurks on every corner — the whole environment is set against you. Stumbled and fell-go back to the obelisk. Gape and got a gun fire in the face-go back to the obelisk. Of course, all defeated enemies are reborn, and the accumulated experience remains in place of inglorious death and you have only one attempt to return it.

There are melee weapons, but the emphasis is on shooting. Swords and axes — rather, extreme measure, Ah or way to finish off enemy and save several patrons. Basically in the course are pistols, shotguns, rifles and the like. However shootings work according to strange rules. It would seem that the classic third-person shooter with rifts. But there are many “but”.

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First, that life did not seem honey, the enemies are incredibly tough, and simple a zombie can handle a few bursts of machine head. Even some rockets. Secondly, you are perplexed by the shooting distance. Ten, twenty meters really? This parameter cannot be increased by character characteristics, it is fixed for each type of weapon. And it looks very strange — you see how the bullets hit the enemy, but if it is at least a millimeter further than the position the projectile just bounces off the enemy carcass causing no damage.

One of the interesting features of the authors implemented half-heartedly. Each enemy has a weak point, hit which causes critical damage. What would you think? Absolutely all of it is on the back. And after all such potential for search of weak places at each new opponent… And if to capture the enemy in a sight and to come for a back, the hero will always shoot at it. How well here would fit the system of the latest license Grand Theft Auto, when the default character shoots at the body of the enemy but a slight deviation of the stick can be aimed to hit the limbs…

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Finally in the balance there is a clear bias to shotguns and sniper rifles. When it is possible to carry two main weapons at the same time the character turns into a real killing machine. Of course, the hero dies still very quickly and from any mistake but the machine guns and submachine guns outright lose to the above pair.

Dark Souls combat system is good because it does not have a single winning tactics. In Immortal: Unchained, the obvious option is always before your eyes: take the best automatic shotgun go behind the enemy’s back and thrust the clip. Repeat until victory effective against any monster and boss. Bosses by the way – another missed opportunity. After all what is the interest to fight with them if all the battles flow exactly the same?


Toadman Interactive surprisingly accurately captured the essence of Dark Souls: a mystical atmosphere constant tension and a sense of the discoverer. However the game was controversial. From Immortal: Unchained it is possible to have fun but you have to close your eyes to a lot of problems.

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