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Ten years ago, it seemed that Beenox groped the right approach to the game incarnation of spider-Man. Spider — man: Shattered Dimensions was surprisingly pleasant action-with fascinating battles excellent history and memorable bosses. What is really there it was the best game of Spiderman for many years. Then rolled down the slope: Edge of Time and the Amazing Spider-Man were not bad and the Amazing Spider-Man 2 turned into a failure on all fronts. In General the time Activision ended the rights to the character, and it is unknown what would happen next. A new vision of the hero introduced Insomniac Games, and it is so pleased with the leadership of Sony that she decided to make Marvel’s Spider-Man loud exclusive for the PlayStation 4.

Паучок, у тебя что-то на плечах… кажется, это груз ответственности

Another day in new York

Spider-man from Insomniac Games is not associated with any other work of the famous superhero, whether comics, movies or other games (however, in the fall of this Spider will be introduced into the comic Canon). To the early Marvel’s Spider-Man Peter Parker already eight years as wears red-blue a suit. The bite of a radioactive spider, the death of uncle Ben, life with aunt may-all this was, but the writers spared us and did not make the hundredth time to watch the events that we know by heart.

Peter has long realized that great power imposes great responsibility, and successfully stands guard over the tranquility of new York. A bunch of supervillains he had already managed to hide in prison, and soon will save the city from Wilson” Kingpin ” Fisk. But you understand that the final credits will not go at once and our head still showered with problems.

Insomniac Games went the same route as Telltale with the series about Batman-key events and iconic stories about Spider characters on the spot, but something has been rethought. In the first half an hour we learn that Peter works as a research assistant at Otto Octavius and moreover, they almost as the father with the son. However, some things remain the same in any universe: money troubles a difficult relationship with Mary Jane Watson and the burden of responsibility on the shoulders of Parker.

The game tells the story of not only a superhero, but also an ordinary person with household problems. Of course, the second is not given such a big role as the battles with the villains, but in the center of the story are simple emotions. Screenwriters don’t try to expose a Spider in a bad light, but constantly force to think: Yes it saved all but maybe Peter didn’t get the forces, to rescue anybody and it wouldn’t be necessary? Insomniac caught on perfectly, making spider-Man such an interesting character, and neatly reproduced it in the game. Despite his many years of experience, he has doubts and is not ready to exchange even one life for a hundred. However, despite the pain can make the right decision.

As in any game with an open world Marvel’s Spider-Man offers to look for a lot of collectibles. But this is not Sobieski for sobieszek — they tried to write the history. Most of all will have to chase the old backpacks, stash, which Peter hung around the city during his studies. Each find complements the picture of our hero’s past. Familiar with the comics of spider-Man will find in the game dozens, if not hundreds of references to different adventures of the hero.

Chasing old things just want to once again fly on the web over the streets of Manhattan. We have at our disposal several areas with relevant attractions, both real, like the well — known Central Park, and purely marvellous-the Avengers tower and the Sanctum Santorum building of Dr. Strange.

Жизнь в городе порой кипит

Feel like a hero

Insomniac Games managed the main thing-to convey what it means to be spider-Man. At one time, Beenox managed to make exciting flights on the web, but the new game is head and shoulders above all previous projects about Spider. Racing between skyscrapers, flying stone down to literally a meter to the asphalt to catch up on the web and fly through the traffic flow on a busy highway, jump from wall to wall, dressing in the course of a beautiful somersault — Marvel’s Spider-Man gives unforgettable emotions. You can quickly teleport to certain points on the map, but do not want to. Need to the opposite end of town? And great, let’s do it with a breeze!

Open world is arranged in a template, with a standard set of secondary activities: crimes, tests of agility and speed, base bandits. But thanks to the attention to detail, even the prevention of a simple robbery looks interesting: you really fly on the web to the store, throwing thieves around and under the gratitude of the seller with a sense of accomplishment rush on. Accustomed to the role of a Spider, you will be able to detain criminals almost on the go.

Combat system at first glance simple, but fraught with many possibilities. Combos do not exist, there is only a set of movements that are allowed to execute in any order and from any position (even standing on the wall): kick, Dodge, jump and pulling up the web. Just to hammer enemies with fists it will turn out, but it is far not the most effective and effective way — where it is better to move actively on a battlefield, to tighten opponents to itself in air, to throw them at each other and to paste to walls.

We have a range of gadgets at our disposal, from electric charges to personal drone-defender. The game encourages experimentation and combining features. Throw a bunch of thugs in the air with a gravity inverter and then throw a Cabinet at them? Not bad! Blow up a spider-web grenade in the crowd and throw up the shackled criminals on walls by means of a shock wave? The result will surprise you!

A special pleasure of the fight to bring high complexity, when Peter can quite quickly put on the blades and so you have to act to the best of abilities. Watch to see with what grace the hero doing all the acrobatic somersaults — a real pleasure. And remember: armed with guns and bazookas guys will not wait until you are done with fans of hand-to-hand combat.

For the sake of fighting, you can endure the boring and statement of additional jobs. It is seen that they were given a minimum of attention and probably sculpted in the end, “on the surrender.” But they once again make you feel incredibly clever and strong. If you want to buy all the costumes and pump each gadget to the maximum, will have to clean up all areas of Manhattan. Believe me, to perform the perfect taskmaster (who in the Russian version became a Foreman) — a real test. But you want clothes in the style of the cult animated series 94 years?

Contrary to some fan theories, The new canonical spider costume does not make much sense. It’s just that the old one broke up, and Peter decided to experiment a little with the design. In General, you can choose from a dozen options — wardrobe will please all fans of the character. There are even such exotic options as a Ghost Spider or a punk Spider.

Картинки по запросу Marvel’s Spider-Man

Like in the movies

Of course, we do not play in the schedule, but Marvel’s Spider-Man technology has only benefited. After all, it is much more pleasant to fly through a detailed and diverse city, and not between the same gray boxes. And in the Windows you can see even the apartments and office space.

The project looks great. And although some managed to draw a conclusion about the quality of the product by the number of puddles in the frame, I want to assure you that Marvel’s Spider-Man — one of the most beautiful games of the generation. The only thing you can complain about — not detalizirovannoi residents. However, there are hundreds of them, and they behave much more diverse extras from previous games about spider-Man.

The game is full of bright and spectacular moments with inventive action, in which the screensavers smoothly flow into the gameplay. In the battles with the bosses and does have the feeling that got into an expensive blockbuster. Especially good fight with several members of the Sinister Six at once: setting invariably impressive ingenuity and spectacular scenes. Of course, the Spider would not be myself if I hadn’t jumped aside directly in the heat of battle. Over many phrases you are sure to laugh. Or at least you’ll smile.

Sometimes it is necessary to remove the superhero outfit-Peter, being a scientist, and benefits in a white coat. Sometimes we do take control of other characters, and then the game turns into a kind of stealth action. Hide and seek, of course, quite superficial, but not without interesting ideas. Even nonlinearity is — separate sites can be passed in different ways. These episodes are great variety of gameplay.

Картинки по запросу Marvel’s Spider-Man

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